Can I just say that I have never wanted to throw something hard at someone more than I do now?

Okay so let me back up. I thought that the new episode would air on January 10th, so I tell my parents we must be home before 8 last Sunday to see if they showed any new promos for the episode.

Disney didn't even put on a Sonny with a Chance episode last Sunday! It was all about Hannah Montana, and guess what…

Out of the three new episodes Disney showed in the promo for Sunday nights in 2010, the Hannah Montana and JONAS ones will premier next Sunday… but not the SWAC one.

They decide to "go back to where it all started" and play the first episode of the series! The first episode (and Chad isn't even in it!).

Gosh, now I figured out how obsessed I am with this series. It's sad, actually.


Now to my story. Thank you for those of you how told me I was spelling sequel wrong. I obviously have issues there.

I can't believe the overwhelming number of reviews that said I should continue and so…. I will!

Yes, and they will not be going camping again. I actually am going to have them do something else. You ready for this?

Skydiving. ;)

Yup, the story will be called Sonny with a Chance of Skydiving and will pick up where this story left off.

Please post story ideas, because I am still in the planning stages, and I have 3 notebook pages filled with ideas on how the story should go.

I have a feeling it will be up soon, and just keep checking back for it. (Obviously it won't be up for at least a week or so).

Thanks again, please comment on what I should put in the sequel. Trust me, I read every single review I get!