You know you're obsessed with BBC Merlin when…

A/N- you've probably seen this done in other fandoms. So here's one for our favourite young warlock. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy!

1. the knowledge that Merlin is on helps you get through your week

2. you start screaming at the characters on screen in the genuine belief that they can hear you and will react to your cries

3. If Uther nearly causes Merlin's death one more time you will thump him

4. you own or have rented the series one DVD

5. you didn't know it was out on DVD and are now trawling through the internet to find it

6. you watch the episodes back on the iplayer- just in case you missed anything

7. you have cleared out the library's supply of books on Merlin and King Arthur so that you can try and work out what will happen next

8. Merlin fanfiction is one of your top five most visited pages

9. your friends know not to call you when Merlin is on, for fear of you killing them

10. you wish you had Arthur's broadsword skills (damn he's good!)

11. you hum the theme tune at random intervals

12. you and your friends have developed a bunch of crazy theories about what will happen next (don't trust Morgause- she's in cahoots with…I can't tell you; it will spoil it)

13. you have started to stock pile tissues for the season finally- I don't know if it's going to be sad but *sobs* I'm going to miss you Merlin!

14. you have dreamt you're in the Merlin cast

15. you plan to write a strongly worded letter to the BBC if series three is not commissioned

16. you want to hug Merlin (and slap Arthur for not doing so)

17. you've started to notice character traits in your friends/ family (ie I have teachers as stubborn as Uther, my best friend has moments when he sounds EXACTLY like Arthur)

18. you have the urge to play the trumpet every time Lancelot enters shot (come on, the bloke needs a fanfare!)

19. you've started to find an Irish accent strangely attractive because you've been watching too many 'behind the scenes' features

20. you really hope that series two will be released on DVD in time for Christmas

A/N- so are you guilty of any or all of the above? Got any more suggestions? You know what to do...