A/N: The long awaited sequel to Line of Fire. *crickets chirp* Okay, so maybe not long awaited. If it was, let me know. But this will be a ten chapter story, excluding prologue and epilogue. Hope you guys enjoy; I'm about to turn seasons 1 and 2 on their ears.

Well, dammit all. If that didn't take the cake, he didn't know what did.

Apparently he'd put too much pressure on the Miller kid. The entire family was dead now, which, hey, made his job easier, but then the kid's last shred of a conscience had taken over, long enough to turn a gun towards his own brain and release a bullet from the chamber. It made work easy for the local law, sure, but he didn't care about those.

The only thing Azazel cared about were his own plans. He'd been doing the mambo from kid to kid for years, but he'd been so certain that the Miller kid was it. Max had been his last hope. And, unfortunately, his last chance had just literally been shot out of commission.

For the millionth time since he'd made the pact with the Winchesters, he found himself regretting it. He'd gotten cocky, too cocky, and hey, he'd be the first to admit it. He was full of all sorts of sins, no harm in admitting that. He was pretty sure his tiny show of humility just earned some angel its wings, but whatever. He'd just pluck them off like a bug in the future: it would give him something to do.

God but Sam would've been perfect.

He glanced through the window of the small apartment. The kid hadn't quite made the apartment home, but it was a living space. So that didn't technically fall within the parameters of the agreement.

Azazel found himself frowning. Stupid damn agreement. He'd sworn to leave the Winchester pups alone. A truce on his side and John's: Johnny boy had burned all his work on Azazel, and Azazel in turn had sworn to leave him and his little family unit alone. Wherever they called home, even: their homestead was safe from him.

So there was a little wiggle room. The apartment Sam Winchester was renting for himself at school wasn't home. Even if he'd owned the place, it still wasn't home. No, home was now a little place near Chicago. A sweet little place that made Azazel want to gag. He'd graciously given the hunter retirement, and what had John done with it? Planted a garden for hell's sake.

Some people you just couldn't help.

A bustling little blonde hurried through the doorway with a bag in each hand, a smile and warm embrace for Sammy. Oh, how sweet. Sam welcomed her with a bright smile of his own, and Azazel was going to be sick or turn into a diabetic. This much happiness and sweetness was too much for him.

Still...there was something to be said about that much innocence and happiness. It was easy to twist, easy to mangle, easy to break.

Easy to destroy.

"Hello Sammy," Azazel whispered, yellow eyes catching the light from the room. Sam paused as he followed his girlfriend, eyes darting towards the window, and Azazel's smile broadened, even though Sam couldn't see him. Oh yes, Sam was doing just fine. Sam would be perfect.

Perhaps that little promise he'd made John wouldn't turn out to be such a bad thing, after all. There was something relishing about having your prey come to you. Azazel wouldn't have to do too much, would still fit within the red tape confines of demonic law, and get exactly what he wanted.

Sam was back to traipsing after the cute blonde, and Azazel turned to leave. The salt at the window was starting to make him itch anyways. "We'll talk later, kiddo," he tossed over his shoulder. They'd talk later indeed.

He had a few game pieces to put into place. God but it felt good to get back into the game again. Everyone else had been easy to mold to his design, but the Winchesters? They'd always been a challenge. He hadn't even done anything yet and already he was having to sit and think about how to get what he wanted. Couldn't just snap his fingers and have it appear at his command.

And that was the fun part.

He slid fast into the night, the wind picking up hard and fierce at his sudden disappearance.

I'm the night, I'm the night
I'm the dark and the light
With eyes that see inside you
Come down with fire
Lift my spirit higher
Someone's screaming my name...
-"Man On The Silver Mountain" by Rainbow