Title: The One Who Left

Summary: Drabble! Tom thinks about Sarah, and the whole Harry Warden incident. TomxSarah, faint AxelxSarah in the end

Genre: Tragedy, Romance

Rating: T, just in case


Silent Knight: I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!

The One Who Left


Tom had loved Sarah when they had been dating. In fact, the day when they were to go into the mines after the "incident" - when Harry Warden had attacked Tom - the blond had to go back to get the promise ring he wanted to give to her. So, quickly deciding what to do, Tom made up an excuse - "You know what? forgot the beer in the truck. I'll meet you inside."- and left to get the promise ring and, to make it look real, the beer that was left neglected in the truck. What he didn't know was what would've happened next.

After Harry Warden had pursed Tom in the mines, Tom was left, dazed and scared. For two days, he stayed at home, no contacts whatsoever. All he did was twirl the promise ring he wanted to give to Sarah around and around with his fingers. He never ate, and didn't sleep for those two days either. Although, one time, when he went to take a shower, he saw Harry Warden in the mirror. His father was visiting Hanniger Mines, meaning that he was all alone. Screaming loudly, he punched the mirror, and shards seeped into his skin. That was when he decided to get away, leaving Sarah behind. He didn't want to leave her behind: the two had already shared their "I love yous," all that was left was the ring, but he had to. He was starting to see Harry Warden everywhere, and his brain couldn't take it anymore.

And that was why Tom decided to have a new start, his heart heavy for leaving his one true love behind. Who knows how she was holding up. Finally, finding a good enough neighbourhood, Tom took some of his dad's money that he had stashed in his safe and bought a house. But then, people started to notice all the screaming inside the house, and were scared as to what happened in there, although, they never checked for themselves. One day, a curious little boy heard the screaming and peered into the window. What he saw shocked him, and he started screaming as well. That caused the whole neighbourhood to look out and see young little Billy crying, which then made a crowd forming around Tom's house. And so, for years, he had gotten admitted into a hospital when people around his new neighbourhood started to think he was crazy.

Finally, when he ran away - although he remembered to take his medicine that helps him with seeing Harry Warden everywhere - Tom lived here and there, and never lived in one place for too long. He knew what would happen to him if he did, and he didn't enjoy all those shock therapies one bit. After a few years, Tom decided to face his fears and headed back to his city when news got out his father died. His heart ached to see his Sarah again, and maybe rekindle the relationship they once had had. Tom still had that promise ring, and wondered if it would still fit her. But when he saw that Sarah was now married to Axel and now had a child, his heart broke.

It was hard to see his Sarah with him, but there was nothing he could do. He was the one who left, and Axel was the one who stayed.