Inspired by, but not written for .Pink's baby challenge (cos Rachel's not actually pregnant in this fic!)

I have no idea if this is legally correct!!... but so what, its fiction right!! …Also… I'm ignoring anything after wheels cos it messed up my idea!!... So Quinn's parents don't know about the baby.


"We have to talk" Rachel practically yelled at Quinn in the hallway, their first class of the day hadn't even started.

"About what?" Quinn rolled her eyes, hoping to get past the considerably eccentric midget in front of her. Admittedly she owed Rachel a lot at the moment, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't bring herself to like the girl.

I didn't seem that luck was on her side though, because Rachel grabbed her forcefully by the wrist and dragged her into the girls' bathroom next to their lockers. Quinn groaned as she watched Rachel check all the stalls to make sure no one else was in the bathroom but paid attention when she turned and spoke. "Your doctor" she spat furiously, "called my dad's" and there was a very evident whine of panic in her voice.

Quinn's eyes were as wide as saucers, she felt a wrench in her stomach as shock and nausea began spreading through her body, "what do you mean they called your dads?" the pitch of her voice practically a squeal, "called your dads and told them what?"

"That I'm pregnant" the shorter of the two yelled, nodding her head quickly as a look of disbelief spread across Quinn's face. "Because apparently, in the state of Ohio, doctor patient confidentially doesn't apply to pregnant minors, and they're allowed to inform the parents" her voice getting more shrill.

"Oh my god" Quinn uttered, before looking up quickly, "wait, so what happened? What did they say? What did you say?" she asked, she had never been this frightened in her life.

Rachel's hands flew up to her head, bracing themselves on either side as she tried to slow her thoughts enough to make sense, "I don't know" she admitted, "I panicked, I just sort of went with it." Her eyes bugging out as she tried to explain herself to Quinn, "they must have gotten the call while I was at school, because when I got home they were both there and they just yelled and yelled and yelled and I didn't say anything. I didn't know what would happen if I told the truth so I just said nothing and let them assume everything." She paused, reliving it in her head, grimacing as she gasped, "oh god, my dad cried, I've never seen him cry" she went on, revelling in guilt, "they were so upset, going on and on about how I had let them down and how I'd ruined my life." She stopped, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down, a tear escaping her eye and trickling down her cheek, she wiped it away furiously.

Quinn's heart ached a little for the girl who'd gone out on a limb for her, only to have the branch break. "So they just let you say nothing?" Quinn clarified; the shock seemed to have numbed her to what was happening.

"They ran out of things to yell at me about, and I wasn't saying anything so they just stormed out of the room" she took another deep breath, steadying herself. "They came and got me for dinner later, but they didn't sit at the table like usual, they took it and sat on the couch, and I didn't know what to do so I just stayed in the kitchen and ate there. They didn't say anything to me all morning."

She sounded so ashamed, and Quinn felt even guiltier, she shouldn't have dumped her pregnancy problems on Rachel, even though Rachel had offered, she should have known better. She sighed, realising that everything was only worse now, "look" she tried to sound sympathetic, "I'll go tell the doctors the truth, and they'll call your parents, and you won't have to worry about it anymore" she resigned herself to her fate.

Rachel looked up at her horrified, "you can't tell anyone what we did," Quinn tried to interject, but Rachel didn't give her the chance. "We committed insurance fraud, we are not confessing anything to anyone" she huffed. "Besides, do you have any idea how much madder my dad's would be if they found out now that I wasn't actually pregnant, or that I was a criminal" she pointed out.

"Yeah, but at some point they're going to figure it out," Quinn spoke as if it weren't obvious, "unless you're planning to actually go and get pregnant, you won't be able to fake it for more than a few months" she joked, although regretting it almost instantly as she wondered just how committed Rachel was to this ploy, after, the girl was crazy.

"So I'll fake it for a few months, and you can get a bit more use out of my insurance card, and when we go to regional's in two months and we're out of town you can help me fake a miscarriage or something" she paused while Quinn stared at her incredulously. "I couldn't sleep last night, so I planned instead; this seemed like the saner of the options I came up with." She explained, before adding sadly, "my dad's might live an alternative lifestyle, but teen pregnancy and health care rip off schemes are not in the same bracket. I can't tell them the truth about any of this, we're in it now, there's no going back."

Quinn even shocked herself when she leaned forwards and wrapped the smaller girl in a hug. As much as she didn't want to admit it, Rachel's decision to keep up the charade had pretty much saved her a huge amount of trouble. Releasing the girl quickly she uttered a quiet, "thankyou" before offering to help her with anything she could. Although she regretted it quickly when a look passed over Rachel's features that told her she would be heavily involved in this scam.

"I need a father" Rachel informed her hurriedly.

Quinn's eyebrows furrowed "you have two dads" she pointed out.

Rachel rolled her eyes, "no" she said, pointing at her stomach, "my baby needs a father" she corrected. "Somewhere between chastising me for wasting all of my talent just so I could end up living in a trailer park working a graveyard shift at a diner and living off food stamps they demanded to know who got me pregnant, only I was too busy crying to talk so they gave up, but they are going to want to know." Rachel sighed and looked almost embarrassed, "and I don't know anyone who is likely to want to become part of an insurance scam for me, except perhaps creepy Jacob, but even he'd just put it in his blog." She hesitated before saying the next part, "I thought that maybe you might be able to think of someone, who'd do it for you? Because no one's going to do it for me."

Quinn took a moment to think, trying to wrack her brain for anyone who enjoyed lying and cheating their way through things, but who also would be willing to do her and Rachel a favour. After a moment only one person came to mind, sadly she knew he really only filled one of the two criteria, but he was probably the best she could do and she doubted he'd dob them in if he wasn't game. She took a look at the emotionally exhausted girl standing in front of her, and sighed, "I've got an idea, meet me in the choir room after second period, ok? I need to think it through a bit first," before she turned on her heel and left to go to the class she was already 15 minutes late for.

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