Super Mario Sketch Show Episode 13

All characters are owned by Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo,

but the show is created by Stephen Paget.

Warning: This fanfic contains some strong language

Mario: Hey! Everybody! It's the Super Mario Sketch show!

Luigi: We're just like Super Mario Bros Super show but less cheesier, and isn't full of shit that makes no sense.

Sketch 1 – Yoshi's dream

One day in Yoshi's home which you see in Super Mario World. Yoshi was lying against a tree having a dream. He is dreaming that Mario is his pet and he was the master.

Yoshi is holding a stick, while Mario is on his hands and knees like a dog.

Yoshi (throwing stick) : Go get it Mario! That's a good boy!

Mario brings the wrong branch

Yoshi: No Mario! That's the wrong stick! Bad boy!

Mario looks down in shame.

Yoshi: Oh don't be that way. It's just a game. I need to go pick up some groceries.

Yoshi then gets on Mario's back. And then rides him the same way Mario rides Yoshi in Super Mario World. While riding to the store. Yoshi sees a goomba.

Yoshi: Goomba! Go eat it Mario!

Mario then sticks out a long tongue and eats the goomba. Yoshi then hears Mario's voice.

Mario: Hey Yoshi! Wake up!

Yoshi wakes up to see Mario holding a saw.

Mario: C'mon Yoshi. You promised you'd help be with some woodwork today!

Mario walks away leaving Yoshi to wake himself up.

Yoshi: Yos Yoshi! (Translation: Ahhh…shit!)

Sketch 2 : The Mario Golf courses. Mario is playing golf with Luigi.

Mario (looking at a score chart on a piece of paper): Oh…..I'm gonna win! I've got the least amount of swings more than any other player! Oh I am so great! I am so great! I am so great! Nothing could go wrong!

Mario swings his golf club and hits the ball. The ball end up hitting the golf course manager on the top of the head.

Golf manager: OWW! Whoever did that will be disqualified!

Luigi (shouting to golf manager): He did it! (points to Mario)

Golf Manager: You're outta here!

Luigi (Turning to Mario and smiling) : You were saying?

Mario: Shut up.

Sketch 3 – The Wicked Brothers random thought of the day.

Announcer: And now it's the Wicked Brothers random thought of the day! Although Luigi's sore throat is better, he insisted that because they did such a great job they'd get some more sketches.

Wario: A gold coin for your thoughts Waluigi!

Waluigi: According to Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. Not only do green mushrooms give you extra lives but they bring you back from the dead. If nobody can die then the Mushroom Kingdom must be seriously overpopulated!

Wario: What happens if you use the green mushrooms on people who die of old age? Do they just remain alive for 30 seconds before they die again from their heart problems?

Waluigi: I guess that's the only way people really die in the mushroom kingdom.

Wario: There should be laws somewhere about how mushroom people should not be allowed to have babies if there's a limit.

Waluigi: As much as you and I don't care for the law. That rule I would actually obey.

Wario: Same here. (hands Waluigi a gold coin)