Super Mario Sketch Show episode 14

Featuring another appearance of Doctor Smith the vet!

Sketch 1 – A vet's office

Luigi has gone to pick up Yoshi from the vet. Doctor Smith comes through to see Luigi, and is carrying Yoshi in his arms.

Doctor Smith: I'm afraid I have to put Yoshi down, Luigi.

Luigi (beginning to cry) : What!? Why?

Doctor Smith: Because he's too heavy. (Doctor Smith sets Yoshi on a table and smiles.) gotcha there didn't I?

Luigi's sadness then goes to anger.

Doctor Smith (seeing Luigi's red angry face) : Oh er…..hey…. tell you what, how about if you only pay half on this bill?

Sketch 2 – Coming soon! Super Luigi Ballet Dancing!

Scene – The Mario Brothers home. The mail comes through the door and Luigi goes to get it.

Luigi (sorting through mail) :Yes the check from the mail is here!

Mario: You got a check? What for?

Luigi: They gave me a new game where I teach ballet dancing.

Mario: You!? Ballet dancing!? Ha! Ha! Ha! What made you say "yes" to the idea!?

Luigi: I was running low on money and I couldn't find any coins to take.

Mario: That's no excuse! People will think you're gay!

Luigi: People already think I'm gay! Sheesh…….


Author's note: I just like to say, stay tuned for the last episode of Super Mario Sketch Show. I'm beginning to run out of ideas for Super Mario Sketch Show so episode 15 will probably be the last. But I'm not quitting fanfiction altogether. I just want to move onto other ideas.