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Dancing with the Strong

Chapter 1

Hermione awoke from a restless sleep. Her whole head hurt and she had a big red hand print on the right side of her face. It took her a few seconds until flashbacks of her life, and how it had changed drastically after last night came back to her.

After the war everyone in her year decided to come back and redo their seventh year. She was very excited and so was Harry because that meant that Ginny would now be in their year, Harry was excited because they were dating. Ron took long hours of persuading to get him to agree to return which ended up being she had to start dating him to get him to come back. Another good thing about coming back was that Dumbledore had decided to bring Remus Lupin back to teach DADA again. Tonks had been asked to come and guard the castle in case of any last surviving death eaters, which Hermione guessed, made Remus happy seeing as they were dating. Hermione had been chosen for head girl and as luck would turn out Harry was head boy. Everything in there last year had been fine till last night.

Ron had wanted to take their relationship to the next level, but she never wanted to do that while in school and went back to reading her book. Ron, getting angry stood up, ripped the book out of his hands, and threw it across the room destroying the ancient book. "Ron what the fu-," "Shut up Im going to have you wether you are willing or not!" with that Ron threw her to the ground and climbed on top of her. Ever since the war Ron had been a changed man. This isn't the Ron I know Hermione thought as she tried to reach her wand. He noticed what she was doing and became enraged and slapped her hard across the face. While he was busy taking off her shirt she took her chance. She finally got her wand and cried "STUPEFY!!!" Harry walked in just as Ron flew off of her. "What the hell is going on here???" "He tried to force himself on me." Hermione said tears filling her eyes as she realized that she didn't have a shirt on and that Ron had almost stole something that she could have never gotten back. Without thinking Harry grabbed Ron and threw him out in the hallway. He walked back in and Hermione was sat on the couch crying. He gave her a hug and she cried harder. When she finally stopped she looked up and it was then that he noticed the welt forming on her face. He gave her some ice and then she finally spoke, "Im going to um… head to bed Im sorry." And with that she walked up to her room.

Reliving this, she was in tears again but she had to get up and get ready she just thanked merlin that it was Saturday. Once she was done she felt much better, she was putting her hair in a pony tail when there was a knock on her door. She went and opened the door and Harry was standing there. He gave her a sympathetic smile and then said, "Um, Dumbledore is here and wants to talk to us."

Confused Hermione replied, "Ok Ill be right down." She finished getting ready and went downstairs and there sat the old headmaster in blue robes. When he turned towards her she smiled and greeted him.

"Good morning miss. Granger if you would please have a seat I have something to tell you and Harry." When they were sat he began, "Well I decided that with the war not letting most of your year like the children you all are at heart I decided to organize an event to let you become those children again." Harry and Hermione looked at each other with a confused look but then Dumbledore went on, "Ive decided to host an event for the whole school where the seventh years would be paired up with a professor and together they will choreograph 2 dances and 1 group dance and it will be called dancing with the strong, after a famous muggle show called Dancing with the Stars. Well children what do you think?" Dumbledore asked Harry and Hermione, his eyes full of his all known twinkle.