Invisible Notes

Sitting in the great hall with all of the other students, Hermione knew that they were talking, knew they were laughing and joking, but Hermione didn't hear any of it as all that she could think about was how close Remus and her had been to kissing. "Damn it all, he probably thinks I'm a whore now because I just broke up with Ron and already am falling into his arms. I love Harry like a brother but damn him for interrupting us. Sigh I should talk to him apologize for being a… whore towards him." She looked up at the staff table and her eyes fell immediately on the werewolf who she was quickly falling for, whether she knew it or not. She saw him staring at the table, apparently deep in thought.

Sitting at the staff table Remus kept replaying how close Hermione and him were to kissing. He absent mindedly ran his hand over his cheek where she had kissed him. "Damn it old man give it up, it will never happen. She deserves a hell of a lot better then you, a filthy old werewolf with no money." Remus sighed as he tried to let it sink in that what he wanted, more than anything in the entire world, was Hermione, and that he would never have her for she would never, ever want him. No matter how in love he was with her. He glanced up right at her and instantly their eyes met hers flashed with desire, his flashed from Moony wanting to mark her there and then, in front of anyone if he had to. He glanced at her hand and saw she had a folded up piece of parchment and her wand. Watching her lips move as she muttered a charm, the parchment disappeared. He saw her lift her wand higher and higher then slowly move It toward him. He looked at her and she motioned for him to hold out his hand, so he did. He then felt something light land in his hands. He saw her mutter something and he looked at his hand he saw the parchment. Unfolding it he saw it only read, "Can we talk? After lunch, in your office? Send it back the charm is non evidensis the counter charm is exori. –H" Looking back at her he saw her studying him carefully. He simply wrote back "Yes, when get up and leave I will follow a few seconds later and meet you at my office. –R" Murmuring the enchantment for the charm he sent it back to her, after she looked at it he knew she had her mind on something. He nodded and she got up and left the great hall. Second later he followed. If only the two of the knew what was going to happen because of their talk.