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The firm handshake almost left Tsuna's young hands bruised. The strong grip from the Italian man definitely suited his tall physique and broad chest though. "I am glad to have the chance to work together with the Vongola clan," the man stated.

"Ah, yes, me too. It is an honour, sir," Tsuna replied, not quite calmly, secretly hoping he would cease the handshake now.

Reborn, perched on Tsuna's narrow shoulder, discreetly raised his hand and plucked a strand of Tsuna's hair for punishment, resulting in a sudden yelp from the Tenth Vongola.

"Anything the matter?" the other boss asked, a little curious.

"Ah, no-nothing!" Tsuna shook his head and waved his hands to emphasize his point. Then his lips curled up in an unsightly--but thankfully microscopic--manner, hissing, "what was that for, Reborn!"

"Speak properly. The way you are doing it nobody will treat you seriously and think that you are a pushover. Do you have the resolve to carry the burden of the downfall of the Vongola your ancestors worked so hard to build on your shoulders?"

Tsuna gave a long, silent sigh. Reborn had arranged for this so-called meeting of goodwill with the family in Italy to build up good relations, and although Tsuna was thrilled to be able to take an aeroplane, it was still a dreadful procedure. He had tons of scripts to memorise and had to research endlessly on the clan's background and had to learn some basic Italian greetings from Reborn as well. Plus, it wasn't exactly pleasant to be stuck on the other side of the world with a hitman who threatens to shoot you every second of the day.

"Ah yes," the man said suddenly, breaking Tsuna out of his recollections. "I would like you to meet my son. He should be around the same age as you, Sawada-san."

Tsuna's gaze followed to where the other boss's hands were pointed towards. As if on cue, a boy with a mob of silver hair tied up neatly in a ponytail strode out of the room facing the stairs. The bespectacled boy's eyes seemed glued on a book in front of him, as he fluidly closed the door behind him without any sound. He collectedly walked down the flight of stairs, pushing up his glasses and flipping the page with much interest. It was then that he realised the people in the guest room were staring at him, and he paused and looked up.

"Hayato!" his father called out. "Come here and greet our guests."

The said boy quickly carefully slid a bookmark into the book and shut it delicately. He marched down the remaining steps with an air of elegance, and finally over to where the people are seated. A light but polite smile shone on his lips as he gave a deep bow, from what he had read from Japanese culture books, greeting, "pleased to meet you, sirs."

"Pleased to meet you too, Gokudera Hayato," Reborn replied effortlessly, while Tsuna fumbled with the same sentence in a more hurried manner, and eventually receiving another hair-plucking torture from the Arcobaleno.

The proud man gave his son a good pat on the back, introducing, "These are our guests from the Vongola family, Hayato. The gentleman here is the tenth boss of Vongola."

"I see," Gokudera positioned his glasses again. "I have heard a lot about you, Sawada Tsunayoshi-san." The smile remained etched on his lips as he shook hands with Tsuna. Tsuna realised that the son's grip was surprisingly more relaxed than the father's.

Gokudera's father gave a deep, throaty laugh. He continued, "well then, Sawada-san. For our first collaboration, I would like Hayato here to understand about Japan's culture."

"Ah, s-sure! I will gladly tell him about how life's like in Japan and stuff-"

"Hahaha..." the man interrrupted Tsuna's sentence with another rather refined laughter. "I was meaning to say, that Hayato be sent to Japan for a period to study your respected country's culture."

From the corner of his eyes, Tsuna noticed Gokudera's lips twitched, just a little. But with Reborn by his side, and his tiny fingers ready at the back of his head, he was in no position to reject the request either.

And so, a weird story about an exchange student in Japan began.

"Woah, an Italian?" Yamamoto exclaimed.

"No, Yamamoto. Actually, Gokudera-kun's half Italian and half Japanese," Tsuna corrected him for the fifth time that morning.

Yamamoto's eyes were wide with excitement. "Why is he coming here?" he enquired.

Tsuna looked around suspiciously, before whispering in a hushed voice, "Because, the boss of that family in Italy wants his son to come here for some cultural exchange."

"Then what is he like?" Yamamoto's eyes were practically shining with delight.

Tsuna thought for a while, recalling. "Hm, he looks like the kind who reads a lot of books and intensively, but he is also very polite and courteous. I think people will like him," his shoulders then dropped. "Although I doubt we will be able to keep up with his intelligence."

"Hahaha!" Yamamoto laughed, a little louder than usual today. He patted his friend's shoulders for comforting. "Cheer up, Tsuna! Look on the bright side!"

Tsuna looked at Yamamoto's jovial expression and smiled. "Thanks, Yamamoto. You're right, maybe Italy's education and Japan's are different, right?" he suggested, delusionising himself.

Yamamoto's eyebrows lifted up and his mouth formed an 'O' shape. "Woah, an Italian?"

Tsuna's head slammed onto the table in defeat. Maybe he should just give up already.

The teacher's formidable presence was sensed by the trained students of the class when he walked in and everybody, including Yamamoto, scurried back to their seats. After the customary greetings, the teacher finally introduced the new exchange student.

"This is Gokudera Hayato. He is from Italy, and will be your new classmate from now on," the teacher announced, nodding at Gokudera to make a brief introduction.

Gokudera gave a deep bow. He straightened up and had the same mild but awfully polite smile on his face, speaking with clear articulation, "pleased to meet you. I am Gokudera Hayato. Please guide me along the way."

The boy, now without his glasses and having his hair let down, faced the sudden gust of ear-piercing shrieks of the girls in the class with unbelievable composure and kept that persistent, tight-lipped smile in place.

"He's so gentlemanly, how wonderful!"

"Wow we have an English student in our class! And a hot one too!"

"Hey is Italy even in England? Kyaa he's so moe~!"

"......Who cares? He's hot!"

Gokudera concluded that this phenomenon must be the notorious fangirls known exclusively to Japan's culture.

"Well then," the teacher started, picking his ears to make sure they're still intact and working, "Gokudera-kun, you can take the place behind Yamamoto. Morita-san, and the row behind, would you mind shifting one seat back to accomodate Gokudera-kun?"

Gokudera bowed once more and thanked the teacher and his classmates with such civility everybody couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of Italians' upbringing. Once Gokudera took his place Yamamoto immediately whipped his head around to face him. "Nice to meet you, I'm Yamamoto Takeshi," he grinned.

The second Yamamoto's eyes fell on the boy, he noticed he couldn't quite take his eyes off him. There was something strongly charming about him that Yamamoto could not quite grasp. It was as if his gaze was glued onto him. Watching him move with every step was a pleasure for Yamamoto, a relaxing feeling that soothed him. Of course, he was overjoyed when Gokudera was assigned to sit behind him. So this is how it feels like to have foreign friends!

Gokudera flashed a smile that reached his eyes, a display of his sincerity. "Good morning, Yamamoto-san. Nice to meet you," he stuck out his pale hand.

Yamamoto beamed and grabbed the hand in the name of basic courtesy, and found himself unable to tear away from the skin. The boy's hand was so smooth and tender it seemed as if it breaks very easily, like a delicate china. His hand was a piece of art as well. He had such long and slender fingers Yamamoto almost felt his heart skip a beat for no apparent reason. He couldn't quite take away his hand now.

"Um, Yamamoto-san. Yamamoto-san," collected words drifted into Yamamoto's consciousness. Having regained normality, he immediately let go of the hand, uttering a sheepish apology.

"It's okay, Yamamoto-san. I look forward to being your classmate," Gokudera gave a quick bow before proceeding to retrieve his stationery from his exquisite leather bag.

"Ah, it's alright. You can just call me Yamamoto!" Yamamoto informed, grinning his megawatt smile at him.

Gokudera made sure to make eye contact with his new classmate, and replied, "oh, I believe that would be rude of me, Yamamoto-san. I can't-"

"It's alright! I don't mind! Hahaha!" Yamamoto chuckled, scratching the back of his head. "Everybody I know calls me that! There's no need for formalities here!"

Despite being slightly put off by him for interrupting, an assured smile still formed on Gokudera's face. "Well, then, if you wish, Yamamoto-s- I mean, Yamamoto." He chuckled slightly at the blunder, hoping the other party would find that interesting too.

In accordance, Yamamoto sniggered. "So, what club activities are you intending to join?"

Gokudera's eyes darted towards the blackboard, where the teacher begun writing formulas for the lesson that was starting. "Club activities? What are those?" he enquired in a soft voice, careful not to garner unnecessary attention.

"Ah, they are just clubs and societies of where people who like the same thing gather and-"

By then the teacher had already started the lesson proper, requesting students to flip to specific pages of the textbook. And truth be told, as much as Gokudera tried to, the sensible part of his brain censored everything Yamamoto was babbling about right now, while Gokudera nodded discreetly to fake interest. It was a very uncivilised thing to do, but he had no choice.

"So do you have any in mind?" Yamamoto finally ended his speech which no one was listening to.

"Well," Gokudera whispered, putting on his glasses and peering through the lens at the Japanese. "I've not decided yet. Which one are you in, Yamamoto? Oh, and Yamamoto, the class has started-"

"Oh, I'm in baseball," Yamamoto continued. "I love baseball you see, so I-" Obviously the last sentence was ignored, whether on purpose or due to stupidity it was unknown.

Gokudera found himself sighing mentally. Don't Japanese notice hints? He really wished to pay attention to the lesson and solve algebraic problems, not listen to a baseballer talk about his life story, although he didn't mean any offense. But of course, it would be impolite to not attempt to carry on a conversation. So the only thing he could do with at the mean time was ask questions that would generate short answers, but apparently, it was futile in this case. As he had deduced earlier on, and his deductions were always spot-on, this respected fellow classmate was a sports person, and therefore, gathering from most of the books he had read, belonged to a group termed 'idiots'. But then again, idiots are still people of the world, no matter how primitive, and it would be only right to treat them politely as well. Afterall, idiots still have their dignity.

And so, the lesson carried on, with Yamamoto chattering on and on and miraculously going undetected by the teacher, while Gokudera was nodding at intervals to feign interest but unknowingly spewing mental acidic insults at him. Observing all these from the side, Tsuna was glad that they were getting along well.

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