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I looked down at the cliffs below me, the water roughly crashing against the rocks. The wind blew the back of my hair, sending a shiver down my spine.

Was this me?

Was I really going to do this?

For Edward, because of him?

I took a deep breath, taking a step forward, His voice echoing in my head.

"I don't want you."

"You don't want me?"


I closed my eyes letting go, falling into the darkness. Just like that, I was gone.

"Bella, it's time to get up." A manly voice spoke.

"What?" I questioned through closed eyes, surprised I wasn't in pain or wet.

"You're going to be late, come on." The same voice from before demanded.

I slowly opened my eyes shocked at who I saw.


He began to laugh at my surprise.

"Yeah, who else, you alright there kiddo?"

I slowly sat up looking around confused, noticing I was back in my bedroom.

"What day is it?" I asked curiously.

Charlie looked at me amused.

"Monday, the first day of school, which you're going to miss if you don't hurry up."

I looked at Charlie in utter shock.

No it can't be, could it?

"Give me a minute." I said holding up a finger.

Charlie sighed frustrated but did as asked leaving my room.

"I'll be downstairs." He announced before shutting the door behind him.

I can't believe it, am I really back?

Did I go back in time or is this a dream?

Maybe Edward is the dream and this is reality?

I shook my head in disagreement.

No Edward is real; the pain hurts too much to not be real.

After convincing myself that this must be some kind of dream, I got dress heading down stairs. Feeling the pressure of making it to school on time, I picked up my pace practically sprinting out the front door.

"Have a good day Bells!" I heard Charlie shout out as I made my exit.


Even if this is just a dream I don't need to get a bad reputation.

I drove up to my usually parking spot, glad to see there were still kids outside.

At least I'm not the only one late.

I noticed Tyler as one of the kids outside. I looked in his direction not sure if I should greet him or not.

"Nice ride." I heard him call out.

I couldn't help but feel a tinge of déjà vu. Well to be honest it was déjà vu. I scratched my head feeling awkward.

"Thanks." I replied heading inside.

Though a lot seemed familiar they were some differences. I didn't need a sheet to find my classes. I already knew where everything was, which helped considering I was late.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Eric. I automatically smiled.

"Hey." I greeted.

"Hi, I'm Eric. You need any help getting to your class?" he asked eager.

It felt so weird knowing what everyone was going to say before they actually said it, almost as though I had the upper hand. In that brief moment I could relate to Edward with his mind reading abilities. I shivered at the thought.


I forgot about him.

I wonder if he exists in this world.

What would I do if I saw him?

"Hello, are you okay?"

I snapped out of my thoughts seeing Eric's strange facial expression.

"Oh yeah, sorry, I think I can manage, thanks though." I said trying to give an assuring smile.

Eric weakly smiled back in response.


I sighed in relief heading to class.

At lunch time everything was the same. Mike, Jessica, Tyler, Eric and Angela were all sitting at my table or was it their table? I could have sat by myself but I didn't want to hurt their feelings. I sat down, bored as they began to talk about the school paper.

Suddenly all their talk went out the door. I turned around curious as to what had caught their attention. I instantly froze seeing the Cullen's heading inside the cafeteria. My heart pounded as I watched them come in one after another. Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice. I gulped feeling nervous.

I didn't think it was going to hurt so much to see them again.

It felt like just yesterday we were celebrating my birthday.

My stupid birthday!

"Those are the Cullen's." Jessica said as she noticed my stares.

I stopped listening as she described each one. I caught a glimpse of Edward rounding the corner, my heart stopped; my stomach began to flip flop.

I can't see him like this, not yet.

Just as he was about to open the door I jumped from my seat, everyone at the table looked at my panic face in wonder.

"I got to go." I blurted out.

"You okay?" Jessica asked.

"Yeah, you don't look so good." Angela added.

"No, I'm fine, I just forgot a book I need next class." I lied.

The door to the cafeteria slowly opened.

"See ya!" I said practically running down the hall.

I stopped toward the end trying to catch my breath.

They probably think I'm nuts.

I heard the girls giggle as Edward walked in. I couldn't help but peek around the corner. Edward's back was to me as he heading over to his siblings.

If Edward sees me, I know he will remember me and I can deal with that right now.

Then again, what if I 'm wrong, what if he doesn't remember me, what if I'm merely a stranger to him?

I shuddered at the thought as the bell for next class rang. My thoughts were so scrambled.

What is next?

I gasped as I remember my next class.


Edward, partner.

I groaned heading towards my fate.

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