AN: So, yes. Gai and Lee. They are the beasts. I'll be adding to these little drabbles, so keep track and maybe something good will come out of it.

And NO, this is not yaoi. Put your tongues back in your heads, ladies.

I have only one request of you, because I love you so much and because you have destroyed me.

When the sun is fading, blood-red streaked with cheerful orange where the sky begins each day, come and find me. You found me that day, and I have never been the same; I have a will now, a freedom nursed by right and wrong needs and wants and fears, the right to chase assassins with all my life.

Come to the fields and find me, in however many pieces I am in. I might be asleep, dead or better off so, broken and bruised; I might be screaming in agony, my blood pumping with infection or I could just be fine. I could be savoring the kiss of grass blades against my face, watching the world with glazed-over rabbit eyes. Find my tiny heartbeat amidst the great, pulsing horrors of your day. This is all I ask.

Loving you is a balance between loving myself and building my own destiny. I will never, ever blame you; these coal-colored eyes only follow you with admiration, an affection and admiration of the purest kind. I don't need to be your blood son; you are already closer than any father could be, the one I don't talk about. You are my mentor, my saving grace, my deliverer and my dearest heart; you are Gai-sensei, and I owe you the debt of a hundred lifetimes. But I still need favors.

Pick me up, gently if you will. Gather me against your strong chest, like I'm a little Genin who's worked himself to exhaustion again by midafternoon; let me feel protected, because that's what I want to be able to do for you someday, Sensei. Gather up my good intentions, and don't let them scatter to the wind.

Carry me home, Gai-sensei. Bring me back from the places I train and force myself into, and remind me why I do it. Just be there. Carry me home when I've gone too far, and face the setting sun with me.