This is so frustrating! Carlisle has apparently got tired of me, Alice and Emmett arguing, but Alice keeps attacking Bella with clothes and Emmett is just being well…Emmett.

So because of this Carlisle has decided to make me, Alice and Emmett write the 25 things we can do to stop annoying our family. So here it is, first up Alice wanted to share hers. I had Bella sitting next to me while we listened to it.

25 things to stop annoying my family- by Alice Cullen.

I will try not to attack members of my family if they happen to be wearing mismatching clothes.

I will attempt not to kill Bella in my attempt to make her fashionable.

I wont steal ALL the nice cars I see, (Just most of them)

I wont burn out Carlisle's credit card out in one day.

I will not buy more that 100 items on a weekday, (unless for a good reason)

I will try not to scare Bella (though she says its impossible) when giving her makeovers.

I will try to reduce the hours I sped dressing up Bella, though it will never happen.

I will not do Bella's makeup for more than 5 hours at a time, if I do Edward will chase me all the way to Canada.

I wont kidnap Bella more than twice a week for shopping, unless she is in extremely unstylish clothes, and that is most the time.

I will not give into Edwards bribes…much.

I will restrain myself from taking a crowbar to Emmett's Jeep when I am mad at him.

I will not attack my brothers when they call me Freak, pixie, evil little pixie, annoying pixie, midget, or anything else mad or tiny related.

Though I think you cannot go over the to with parties I will calm down for Bella's sanity.

I wont tell people of future surprises I see in my visions, even if they are really good.

I will not massacre the entire werewolf population for having no fashion sense.

I will try not to pinch my nose when there are werewolves around- I think it insults them and that upsets Bella.

I will not go over 150mph when Bella is in the car.

I will not sneak into Bella's wardrobe in the dead of night, kidnap her clothes and replace them with pretty dresses.

I will go to therapy for my shopping "obsession"

I will not put Bella in revealing clothes for school, by order of Edward.

I will block my mind of visions of Edward and Bella doing… certain things.

I wont kidnap Bella's "shed on wheels" (truck) and replace it with a shiny red Ferrari.

I will not scratch Edwards Volvo because he is hogging Bella.

I wont sing annoying songs loudly in my head to annoy Edward.

And finally, I will not attempt to kill Carlisle for making me write this list when I could be giving Bella a makeover!

Well, interesting, I'm sure Bella didn't know most of these plans…looking at Bella I could tell that she hadn't. She looked terrified

"help me Edward!" she whispered. I shook my head.

"not even I can stop Alice"