WE HAVE REACHED THE EPILOGUE! *Gasp!* I'm thinking of writing about 3 omake one-shots for this, 'cause I love how all the charries interact in this story. I might post them here, or make an entirely new story for them, if I ever write them, that is XD! I also plan on drawing manga-style "chapter covers" for each chapter of DEM and putting it up on my DeviantART, that'll be sooooo fun to draw! I got alot of illustration ideas for this fanfic! So even though it's ended, I will be working on extra stuff like omake, color art, and chapter covers ^.^

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The travelers found themselves in a world where it was currently winter. Snow was falling as they were approaching a nearby village.

"Now aren't you happy that Madison gave you that scarf, Kuro-pu?" said Fai.

"Shut up..." Kurogane growled.

The princess had her arms around herself, shivering.

"Are you cold, Princess?" Syaoran asked.

"Just a little bit..."

Syaoran pulled his cloak open and then pulled her close, wrapping her up. She slightly blushed as they continued walking.

"Awwww...now isn't that cute?" said Fai, looking back at them.

"Mokona wants to be snug, too!" it jumped on Kurogane's shoulder and wrapped itself around his cloak.

"Hey, what the? Get out of there!"

"Huh? But why Sakura?" said Kero, after his current mistress explained to him what she was going to do.

"Because Kero, maybe if I put the cards away, maybe strange things will stop happening." she told him.

"Ohh...you just wanna get rid of me!"

"That's not it, Kero. And it's not like I'll keep you sealed in there forever, I won't forget you."

He sighed and slightly moaned. "Ohh...alright."

"Thanks, Kero." she smiled with closed eyes. "And try not to sleep on the job this time."

She put her hand in front of Kero, with eyes closed in concentration. "Keroberos, Guardian best of the Seal..."

Suddenly, her magic cirlce appeared. Kero and the book started to glow. "I, Sakura, command you to protect the Star Cards inside of this book!"

Kero then seeped into the Sakura Book and was out of sight. The cards then swirled around her and she smiled warmly, putting both her hands so they can form into a deck. "Don't worry; Kero will keep you all safe. I promise to come back for all of you someday."

She then placed all the cards in the book. Out of her pocket, she pulled out "The Memory", the card she had recently created. "Maybe we'll meet again someday..."

A/N: Well there you have it, it's finally completed! After a little over a year, it's finally done! After reading it all through, the travelers actually were only in the CC world for a week XD! If you liked this story, please read my other fanfic "Cardcaptor Ritsuka" which is the CC continuation of this story. As far as TRC's side, I'm working on that, keep your eyes open! ^.^'