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Chapter 5

The door suddenly banged open, jolting Byakuya out of his sleep. He shot up to a sitting position, looking wildly in the door's direction. Rukia was standing there with her hands attached to her hips, a big smile on her face.

"Wakie wakie, sleepyhead!" she enthusiastically shouted. "I don't let my husband sleep more than I do. A lazy man is a useless man," she quoted, wagging her finger at him.

Byakuya wondered if that was even a real saying. "You are supposed to knock before entering, Rukia," he said with irritation as he looked away, sweeping his fingers through his long hair.

Rukia walked forward towards the bed. "Well now, that would have made the whole surprise wake-up call pointless then, silly."

He looked back at her with annoyance. She was wearing a white robe, the color matching the one he was wearing. Her long hair was untied and falling freely down her back.

She flopped down on the bed, right next to where Byakuya was sitting. "Get up, we have a lot of work to do."

Byakuya shifted slightly away from her. "Get off the bed, Rukia," he quietly ordered her.

"Aww, my man sure is cwanky in the morning," she said in a baby voice. Bending over, she placed her hand in the space between his legs.

"Maybe he needs a kiss to feel better," she said, moving her face closer to his.

Byakuya instantly hastened away from her, moving her hand aside to move to the other side of the bed. He looked at her, appalled.

Rukia laughed at his reaction. "You sure move fast. Though, your sash got loosened."

Byakuya quickly looked down to find it actually loose, his robe open enough to display his entire chest.

He quickly pulled the sides together, looking at her coolly. "I suggest you stop doing that."

Rukia blinked innocently. "Doing what?"

"You already know," he coldly answered, eyes narrowing down at her.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," she said, laying down backwards on the bed, her hair splaying all over the sheets. Byakuya looked at her, wide-eyed, as she leisurely stretched, her back arching.

"This bed sure is cozy," she said, running her fingers through her hair. She turned her head upwards to look at him. "But my bed is much more comfortable, why didn't you sleep with me?"

Byakuya looked away from her. "That is out of the question."

"Afraid I'll take your virginity?"

He spun his head back at her, outraged. "I am n-"

He paused when he saw her mischievous expression, shutting his mouth. He would not let this woman get under his skin no matter what she said. He gritted his teeth to stop from snapping back when he heard her chuckle.

"I could make you feel good, you know," she said, her voice turning husky. She slid her hands slowly down her self, closing her eyes as she lifted her legs.

Byakuya watched as her robe slowly parted to let one knee though, the other one coming shortly after. The robe opened more to let her legs come up, their movement so captivating he couldn't look away.

Her hands finally reached her hips, moving to slide languorously up her smooth, white skin, her fingers turning inwards to travel up her inner thighs.

Byakuya tore his eyes away from here, his heart thudding uncontrollably in his chest. "Put some clothes on, Rukia," his words coming out strained.

"Now why would I do that?" he heard her say. "Oh! Is it because I don't have any clothes on underneath?"

He couldn't help it, he immediately looked back at her. She was sitting with her back faced to him, looking back with a single brow raised.


He looked away exasperated, sifting his hand through his unbound hair again. "Just leave me alone, Rukia." Would killing her kill the other Rukia as well? He would have to ask Abarai the next time they met.

"Haha, okay okay," she said, getting up. Her hair fell like a curtain down her back, catching his attention. Byakuya still found it strange to see her with such long hair, though he had to admit, it did not look bad on her.

"I've put out some clothes for you," she said, pointing to the clothes folded on chair next to the window. "Change and meet me in the dining hall for breakfast."

"Those are not my clothes," he intoned, looking at them.

"Actually they are," she said. "They're Byakuya's clothes." She picked his Kenseikan and white scarf off the side table.

"And I'm taking these with me, it would be a problem if someone else saw these and realized they were real."

Byakuya saw the sense in that, though he didn't like her touching his things at all. She stopped by the door and turned around.

"No chance of me getting to see you change, huh?" she asked, looking hopeful.

Byakuya blinked with surprise, getting angry the next second.


Rukia burst out laughing, leaving the room. "You are so a virgin!"

Byakuya entered the dining hall, observing that Rukia hadn't come yet. Looking around, he noticed that this room was different too. The table for one was smaller than the one he kept in his dimension; a round wooden table with four chairs. The table was set for two, with the food already placed on it. He sat down on one of the chairs, suddenly realizing how hungry he was. He hadn't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon; when this whole mess had begun.

"Ah, you're here," came her voice to his left.

Rukia walked into the room, Byakuya noted, wearing her uniform. She had her captain's haori on, a full-sleeved version. The white Kuchiki scarf was wrapped around her neck and her back hair were tied back into a high ponytail.

It was so unnerving to see her dressed like that, wearing his scarf and holding his titles. She probably owned a Kenseikan too, though she wasn't wearing it. And her hair kept throwing him off. She was Rukia but she didn't look that much like her.

"Why don't you wear the Kenseikan?" he found himself asking before he could stop himself.

She took the seat right next to him. "And ruin my hair? No way."

He chose to not say anything.

"Begin eating by all means," she waved her hand at the food on the table. "I know you must be hungry. There's oatmeal porridge too."

Byakuya looked at the bowl of steaming oatmeal next to his plate. It was his favorite food for breakfast. But how did she-

"Yeah, I know," she smiled. "It's your favorite."

The other Byakuya and him probably shared the same tastes. He looked at Rukia's choice of breakfast; scones with jam. It seemed that both Rukia's shared the same preferences as well.

"Anyways, we have a ton to talk about," she started to say, covering her scone with raspberry jam. Byakuya had already started with his food. "Since you'll be staying here indefinitely, or until the machine is fixed-whichever comes first-you'll need to know all that you can about everything that's going on here."

It was something he had thought of too. He quietly let her continue.

"So I've rounded up a couple of editions of the Seireitei Times, made notes on the squad members, captains, lieutenants, etc-that you can go through. You can spend the whole day reading them and familiarizing yourself with it."

"Is it not a working day?" he said, indicating at her uniform with his gaze.

"For me it is," she replied. "You're on sick leave so you'll be skipping work today."

"I do not take days off," he simply said.

"You do here," she laughed. "Besides, as your ranking officer you listen to what I say with a 'yes captain'."

He cursed the other Byakuya for letting himself become her lieutenant.

"And besides, it'll take a day to make another lieutenant's badge for you to wear," she explained, finishing her scone. She picked up her napkin. "Okay, so now we have to work on your look."

"Excuse me?"

"You, your look," she pointed her finger everywhere at him. "More specifically, your hair. It has to be chopped off."

"I am not cutting my hair," he said in a finalizing tone.

She looked exasperated. "Then you come up with an explanation on how your hair suddenly grew that much in one day."

"Though," Rukia bent forward. "It would be a shame to chop off all that lovely hair. I wonder if it's as soft as his are." She reached out to touch his hair.

Byakuya felt his heart skip a beat and quickly dodged his face away from her grasp. "Stop that."

She dropped her elbow on the table, resting her head on her hand. "Why?"

"Because you are my sister," he said it like it was obvious, picking a scone off a platter.

"Am I really?"

He looked back at her. She gazed back at him through half-lidded eyes, amused.

Something twisted low in his body on seeing that expression. It made him lose track of what he had wanted to say. He quietly watched her pick up one of the pastries placed in front of them, swiping her finger on the cream.

"So this Rukia back in your dimension, she's your adopted sister?" she asked, licking the cream off her finger, his gaze glued to her movements.

He took some time to reply, managing to talk only after she pulled her finger out of her mouth. "Yes."

"Hmm, well I pity this Rukia of yours," she said, making him look back at her face.

She half got up to bend in his direction. Byakuya sat frozen as he watched her come closer. She stopped, her mouth almost on top of his own.

"She doesn't get to enjoy you the way I do."

She looked up from his mouth to his eyes. He stared motionlessly back at her, stunned.

Suddenly she chuckled, moving away to get up. "Let's continue this when I get back," she happily said, walking towards the door. "You can't stay a virgin forever."

He snapped out of his trance, spinning his head around. "I am not a virgin!" he said, glaring at her.

She stopped, smiling lasciviously. His eyes widened at that smile, feeling that same gut-twisting feeling. He turned the other way, hearing her laugh her way out the door.

God, that woman was so problematic.

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