Disclaimer: Have you read my other fanfictions? Yes? Then you know that I am not a Newberry author. Therefore, I do not own the Giver. Duh.

This is my first Giver fanfic. It confuses even me…

"Number 36," called the Chief Elder. "Logan."

I gripped the armrest. My best friend, who was a year older than me, had just been called to receive his Assignment, the job he would have until he entered the House of the Old.

"We all know and love Logan," said the Chief Elder. Somehow, I felt that she was looking directly at me when she said the "love" part. "He's always been a kind person, who fits in very well. He's playful and carefree." You forgot to mention how he's cute, has a little bit of attitude, and how he's always happy, I thought. The elders only ever seemed to care about fitting in. Personality never mattered.

I knew what job Logan dreamed of, so I cheered like everyone else when she said, "Logan has been assigned the job of Nurturer."

Logan visibly breathed a sigh of relief.

As an Eleven, my ceremony had been uninteresting. I couldn't wait until later, when we would sneak out of our Dwellings for a few stolen hours with each other.

Yeah, I know. It's short. It's only the prologue, though. The rest will (hopefully) be longer.