Okie dokie, so I screwed up. Badly. Yes, the dog's name is Maverick, not Bandit. I got confused with real life.

So yeah, my friend Pi (you may know her as 3.1415927) is forcing me to update. So, even though the REAL Logan has decided that I'm a creeper and he hates me (I TRIED to leave him alone, but people ridicule us whenever we're anywhere near each other) I've decided to suck it up and deal with writing! YAY!

It was my last day of volunteer hours. Tomorrow, the huge Ceremonies of December would start, and my Assignment had been decided.

I decided to go to the Nurturing Center, to help calm some of my nerves with little children. They always take my cares away.

The Head Nurturer told me to work with one of the oldest children, Number 2, a female. I was holding up blocks and trying to help her learn her colors.

"Here, Number 2. These are red" I pointed at the red one, "and blue. Now can you tell me which one is red?"

The child stared at me blankly. I didn't get it. Usually she understood things like this in a flash because she was such an advanced age compared to the other newchildren.

"Well, which one's blue?"

Once again, I received a blank stare.

"Baby girl, can you even see colors?" I muttered, mostly to myself.

Nearby was a trainee nurturer. He was tall, so I thought that maybe he would know what was going on.

I walked over to him and was about to poke him on the shoulder until I remembered the new rule.

It had come over the Speaker's announcements that morning.

"Physical contact outside of family units is now strictly forbidden." I had sighed inwardly. Forbidden. I was sick of hearing that word over the Speaker.

Anyway, instead of tapping the Nurturer's shoulder, I said, "Um, excuse me. Does this baby have a problem?"

He turned around. It was Logan.

When did he get so tall?

They had made another rule that strictly regulated the schedules of the citizens in the community, and yet another that made sneaking out of the dwelling at night an offense punishable by release. Therefore, neither of us had wanted to risk it, and hadn't seen each other alone since they'd eradicated the animals, almost a year previously. I hadn't noticed how much he'd changed. He'd had to get glasses, and they made him look so much older. He was always training, so I never saw him. Now, however, his face broke out in a big smile. "Elliana!" and pulled me into a huge hug. "I can't get in trouble for that. We're practically family." He grinned even more, but then his smile faded. "The children, though...I think they did something genetic to them to make them like this, where they can't see colors...everything used to be so amazing about this community, about the fact that there's no crime and everything, but ever since that vote...everything's getting to be the same now."

I had no answer to that, I only held him tighter.

Yay for the unnecessary drama quota! Lala byebye for now.