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Strawberries and Milk


There are days where I wonder if I'm a masochist.

Why do I think that, you ask? Well, you already know my life story- how the girl I love is in love with my broter, who's in love with the girl whose in love with me. To make things more complicated, I decided to volunteer to tutor Akane and Najika in French.

It wasn't really a conscious thing… I was walking by their class to deliver forms to someone in their class, and she and Najika were talking to their teacher about it. It surprised me a bit, Akane having trouble with French, since she's been studying it for a long time because of her dreams of modeling in Paris.

I didn't even really think about my answer. It just… fell out.

"Why are you following us, Daichi?" I asked, spotting a figure with dark hair out of the corner of my eye. I could feel both Najika and Akane, who were walking slightly behind me jump a bit as my brother turned a faint pink.

"I… we… I came to… to… I'm just coming, okay!"

He was so predictable.

"Fine, be my guest." I shrugged as I kept walking. Daichi, no longer needing an excuse to walk behind us, walked so he was on Akane's right side, pushing her into the middle of him and Najika. She looked back and forth at the both of them, looking as awkward as the two on either side of her felt. She shot me a hesitant look before walking quicker to catch up with me, not saying a word.

"So then, three teas and one strawberry milk then?" I asked as everyone dropped their things in the living room. Akane looked up at me, slightly confused, but gave me a nod all the same as she opened her bag. I walked over to the kitchen and put water in the kettle.

"Sora-senpai." Najika motioned her way over to me. "Shall I help you with the drinks?"

I laughed a little at that. I didn't think I was that bad at cooking. "I can boil water, Najika-chan. And you're my guest, none the less. You can go back to the living room. I'll be out in a bit."

"Sora? I'm home." A voice from the door called as I heard keys rattling the lock. Daichi froze, not sure how to bolt for it. The door opened and my step-mom walked in, setting her purse on the hanger before looking up and spotting Daichi. If anything crossed her mind, she didn't say it.

"Oh, Akane-chan, it's good to see you." She smiled politely as Akane stood up and made a little bow in return. "You're as pretty as ever. And you must be Kazami-san, Sora's talked about you."

"He has?" She blushed.

Step-mom shot me a knowing glance before turning back to Najika and nodding.

"Yup, he has. And how are you, Daichi-san?"

Daichi was having a staring contest with the floor and determinedly did not answer her. His hands was shaking, something every one in the room noticed and step-mom, realizing it was still a lost cause, made her way towards the stairs.

"Akane-chan, Kazami-san, Daichi-san, the three of you make yourselves at home, all right?" She said before disappearing at the top. Daichi shoved his things into his bag, shooting me a glare, as if the confrontation were my fault before storming out the door. Akane made a hesitant move to follow him, but Najika was the one who made any sort of progress.

"I don't know my way back to the dorms." She said apologetically. "Sorry, Sora-senpai, Akane."

She left too and it was just me and Akane left. Akane sat back on the floor, looking back at her work. I peered over her shoulder and saw her neat cursive across the page, in if not perfect, extremely passable French.

"Akane, est-ce que vous avez besoin d'aide dans la classe de francais?" I asked. She flushed a little, shaking her head.

"Najika was nervous about asking the teacher." She muttered under her breath. "So I told her I needed help too, so she wouldn't feel as weird about it."

"You're so selfless, Akane."

She looked up at me, eyes blank. "If I was selfless, I'd be able to get past Daichi. I know he likes her, and I think somewhere, she likes him back, but I keep on forcing myself to be the third wheel because I still like him. Sometimes I wish I could just cut out the part of my heart that loves him and move on, you know?"