An Emerald

Chapter 18

By: The New Girl of Lycanthropy

Once we got inside, I could tell Marie was trying to sort out various feelings. I did not want to make her feel anything extra; for all I knew, she was rethinking helping us in general.

And then she surprised me.

"Niko," she turned to me, putting her hands on my shoulder. "I really like you."

I blinked, then tried to respond to such a blunt statement. "Well … I hope so Marie."

Normally she might have laughed at my no-shit answer; but she kept looking me in the eyes. "When I touch you, I get that sweet feeling when …"

I knew what she meant. She would have wanted to finish her own sentence, considering at an important description. But I finished it anyways.

"When you're just thinking how great it feels to touch them?" I finished. It was her turn to blink, and then she nodded her head.

"I know we've talked about it." She recounted. "But really. I've had doubts about people in my past before." She swallowed, nervous. "Somehow though, I find myself with very, very few doubts about you."

Her face was mature. She knew what she was talking about.

Suddenly, I knew what she must have been feeling. She didn't want assurance, at least not of the verbal kind. She didn't want me to explain what I had seen outside that had made me rush her in, or who the women were. In fact, she probably least wanted to know who the women were. Marie wanted something comforting, for once.

I had no problem with what she wanted.

"This is how you deal with nervousness?" I questioned. The question may have sounded vague, but between the two of us, it was finally understood.

"Well, it is a good release, don't you think?" She wasn't smiling. Yet.

I pondered this. Marie was a lot of things. She was nervous. Ambitious. Smart, Beautiful. But one thing that always surprised me, for the rest of our lives, was how absolutely sexual she was. Which was fine with me. I was right up there with her.

"You know, Marie," slowly, I slid my arms around her hips, reaching for her backside. "I thought American girls were either complete whores or too conservative." Marie raised an eyebrow. "You, however, are neither."

"You got it wrong." she stated. Her hands went from my shoulders to my sides, sliding up and down, until she got to the bottom of my shirt. I felt cool nail go under it and smooth their way across my bare skin. "We're just that human."

"Then why are most of them not like you?"

We were teasing each other. I usually did not tease my women before having sex with them. But something about the entire day made me and Marie turn into creatures that we only became every once in a while. This time, we were not clouded by alcohol.

It made it better.

"Because we're an endangered species." she whispered, leaning forward to speak in my ear. "I'm one of the last, real American girls."

After that, neither of us could help ourselves.

I pulled her against me quickly. I kissed. She licked. We both thrust our hips together. It was like some sort of energy had suddenly taken over.

Near the end, when our clothes were strewn on the floor, and it was near the highest point of ecstasy, we both said each others names. It wasn't like before, in my other apartment; that had been good, yes, but it was more animal. This was as well, but there was some connection to it. A connection too deep for either of us to touch, but we knew it was there.

When she wasn't drunk, Marie's voice octaves went high and low.

Later, I slung my arm across her chest. This seemed to be a comfortable position for us both. She moved closer to me, making it easy to be warm. It was April, but every once in a while a cold night would hit. Tonight was one of those nights.

After sleeping for so long, I woke up to a good morning. The sunlight looked different.

I blinked, and lifted my back up slightly from the bed. What was so different? I didn't feel intimidated by my surroundings at all. I just wanted to know.

There's a shuffle in the sheets beside me, as Marie wakes. I turn and watch her, her hand crawling up to the pillow where my head should be. Finding it empty, I see her eyes open in confusion.

"Mmm," she groans, and almost gets up, until I decided to let her know where I am.

"Hello, Marie." I lay back down on her hand. Feeling my head, she smiles and moves her hand, caressing my face.

"Hmm, hi." She giggles. Even I smile a bit. This morning is happy.

But I turn back to look at the sun streaming in. Everything still seems so similar to any other day. I slip my hand around Marie's waist, pulling her a little closer.

Seeing my eyes look away, she traces my line of sight to the window. "What is it?" she questions.

"I'm not sure." I reply. It's something that would make me feel uncomfortable- telling someone there was something different about the sunlight. I must be going a bit crazy.

Her hair rustles as she turns her head from me, to the window, and back to me. "Tell me." It's not a demand, but she expects cooperation. Sighing, I try to explain, figuring putting it simply would be best. "The sun looks different."There is a pause between us, and I can feel Marie stop still for a minute. The, she blurts

"The sun?"

"Yes." I almost roll my eyes; I knew it would be odd.

"Whataya mean the sun?"

"It just looks different." Now, I feel ridiculous. I turn towards her face, and I notice the sunlight in question hit her at just the right angle; brunette curls are now glowing with a couple gold strands. "Better, I just don't know why."

Twisting her lips, Marie lays her head down on my chest. After a couple minutes, she bends her chin up towards me. "Maybe you're just noticing it in a different way." I look back down at her, and she seems completely serious. "You know, enjoying the sight."

She turns away, and nestles her head comfortably on my chest once again, while I sit swimming in confusion. Enjoying sunlight? How do you in enjoy sunlight?

As soon I ask myself the question, I realize that was what I had been doing. Enjoying the sunlight.

I'm not sure what it means, or if it means anything at all. Maybe just that something had changed, or perhaps it was just me and Marie, waking up, that made me notice it.

The last few mornings, waking up with Marie, I had felt general ease. Nothing like the last few months, waking up with nothing but frustration at the depression of my life. I had thought of too many things to be comfortable even remembering them; I was, honestly, a bit happier now.

Though my track record with hookers wasn't great; and I wasn't a man to believe in fairytales; which this certainly wasn't. The fast pace of our relationship was not expected. I had a woman living with me now. It made me wonder how it would have been if me and Kate had ever gotten the opportunity to go through with our chance. It could be similar or completely different, but I would never know.

I smoothed out Marie's hair, and it made me feel a little better.