Grasping Gaby's head tightly, his lips crashed down onto hers, deliberately bruising in their force. His other arm wrapped around her hips, pulling her so tightly to him, he could lock one leg behind hers, preventing her escape.

She tore her lips away, anger burning in her eyes, yet Artemis was a creature that Dino knew well and he knew how to inflame her desire. "Long time no see babe, did you miss me?" His voice growled in her ear as his hands tightened in her hair. Pulling her head back, Dino kissed up her throat, nipping at the skin, hearing the sharp intake of breath at his action.

He felt the adrenaline burning through his body, the challenge exciting him as he knew it would. His reaction would cause a similar one in Gaby, but he hoped it would help him to gain power, gain control over the woman he loved.

Dino knew he had to be careful. While Artemis was a fighter, Gaby was not and any forceful treatment would cause her to retreat, giving her alter ego more power. Finding the line was not going to be easy. He winced as a pair of nails dug into his forearm. Artemis was still the one in charge.

A pair of burning lips met his own, inviting him to take things to the next level. If it was just Gaby, he would have done so, but he was not only dealing with her, Artemis was a control freak and she had to make the first move. He responded to the kiss and began to massage the base of her spine, yet did nothing more.

Kisses moved along his jaw, making him close his eyes in anticipation as they reached his ear. "C'mon Dino, thought you wanted to play?"

He pushed his fingers into the muscles at the base of her spine, causing her to lean into him, "I am playing…"


A wicked chuckle reached his ears as she began to kiss him once more, her tongue teasing his lips, but entering no further. She broke off the kiss, looking at him through lowered lashes, a look that both excited him, but warned him that Artemis was in total control.

He played the next move, dropping suddenly to the floor, bringing her down next to him. Kissing the exposed neck he whispered into her ear, "Is this what you had in mind?"

"Not exactly," Gaby rolled him to his back and Dino chuckled as she leant on him, relief flowing through his body. Artemis was no longer interested in leaving. She misinterpreted the sigh and her lip curled in satisfaction before she dropped her head, teasing him with kisses that promised but did not quite deliver.

Dino continued his massage, slowly but surely easing her top out of her trousers, from the look in her eyes, he knew she was aware of the move, but not threatened by it. He flicked an eyebrow suggestively upwards and smiled when Gaby's mouth twisted into an amused grin.

The next moment the top came free of the trousers and his fingers touched smooth skin, slowly he closed his eyes, letting his hands drift around her back and ribs. The light contact intoxicated him and he needed to regain control of himself. Though he adored Gaby's persona, he had to admit that he liked the way Artemis challenged him, abruptly, a thought came to his mind, had he triggered Artemis' return in some way?

His hesitation caused Gaby to chuckle and she moved to straddle his waist, sliding her hands under his shirt, caressing the skin on his chest. Finding a nipple, she pinched it slightly, causing Dino to sit up in reaction. Pulling off his shirt, he used the movement to wrap his arms around her and pull her close, his lips meeting hers, tongue exploring gently.

He felt Gaby's hand slide through his hair and allowed himself a little satisfaction, knowing he had her full attention. He changed tactics slightly, Artemis would want him to be strong, tough, challenging, but he knew Gaby loved his strength delivered in a more tender way.

He pulled off her top, but instead of challenging her by dropping to the floor and turning her on her back, he floated a line of kisses along her shoulder and up her throat. A shiver rippled across Gaby's skin as she hissed softly at the unexpected move.

Reaching out, Dino caught hold of his sleeping bag and pulled it behind him before lying back, drawing Gaby slowly with him. Her eyes gleamed in the dim light, curious as to his course of action. He chuckled softly, "Don't you remember our first night together…?"

A sensual smile spread across Gaby's mouth as she dropped her head to whisper in his ear, "Of course, how could I ever forget…"

As their lips met once more Dino could sense the change in his partner, the anger was gone, replaced by something much more manageable – and much more intense. His lips pulled at hers and he could feel her fingers kneading the muscles across his shoulders.

Rolling over, his lips began a slow journey down her body, inch by inch, knowing it would fuel Artemis' desire, but also awaken the soft sensuality Gaby had. A soft moan reached his ears as he reached her stomach, so he paused there a little, leaving a few moist kisses before blowing gently across the skin.

Gaby shivered. Dino was taking his time and she loved it. Her Artemis self writhed within her, wanting more, but the old memory had triggered something that made her stay quiet. Dino chuckled, continuing his soft slow exploration.

The next moment Gaby had pulled his head back to her face, eyes flashing. "Stop fooling around Dino…"

He cursed inside, Artemis was back, he trailed his lips along her jaw, "you're the one who wanted to play…"

She was about to answer him, when he caressed a nipple through the fabric of her bra, feeling it harden instantly under his touch. Carefully he eased the soft flesh out from the material that held it and began to suckle, seeing her eyes close in pleasure. His hands quickly found and undid the clasp at the back, diverting her attention away from the conversation.

Trailing the very tip of his tongue from one nipple to the other, he heard the sigh whisper from her mouth, felt her hands kneading his back and fought himself to take his time, though he wanted to take things to the next level.

Gaby's mind screamed for more, though her emotional state was completely unstable, not knowing whether to encourage Dino to continue, or fight him for control. She was alternately loving and hating what he was doing though both sides were in agreement on one thing – they did not want him to stop.

For a moment, her calmer quieter self would be in control, her fingers caressing Dino's back lightly, then Artemis would take over, her back arching into Dino's body, challenging him to do more. She slid her hands slowly down his back, under the waistband of his trousers, hearing the catch in his breath.

For a moment Gaby paused, it was rare that she would take the lead, preferring Dino to make the moves. She shared her love with him of course, but at first she would just wait and see what he would do, loving the way he made her feel.

She could feel Artemis' cold strength flowing through her, and, contrastingly, the burning passion that her alter ego also had. She felt pity for that alter ego, without Dino's help, she would have remained a cold loveless shadow, receiving only physical relief without the emotional bond.

She slowly slid her hands around to the front of his trousers, undoing the clasp and then the zip. Dino shivered at her touch and she realized just how much he had been holding back. Sliding the trousers over his hips, she chuckled when she remembered he'd not been able to find any underwear at the camp, and gently began to stroke the tender flesh that fell into her hand.

Dino lifted off her body almost immediately in reaction to her move and she took full advantage, pushing him over on to his back. Lying partially on his chest, she began to devour him with soft slow kisses. First along the jaw and down the throat past his Adam's apple, though she played with it for a moment.

Arriving at the centre of his chest, she hesitated, feeling Dino's fingers opening her own trousers and reaching inside. She continued slowly, noticing that he waited, increasing her own anticipation. Reaching her destination, she began to kiss softly, feeling an equally soft contact in her own intimate place.

Dino shivered again, her move had surprised him a little, so like Artemis in its passion, yet with Gaby's tender touch, he found it difficult to concentrate. As Gaby increased the intensity, so did he, feeling the heat in her body rising.

Gaby enveloped him slowly, her tongue massaging the ridge where he was most sensitive. Dino gasped and returned the touch, causing her to swallow, pulling him more deeply into her mouth. His whole body shuddered with the need to be part of her, to share himself with her.

Removing his hand, he sat up, twisting his body to bring Gaby back down beside him. "Playtime's over…" He dropped his lips to hers, distracting her attention with hot kisses that invited her to join him as his hands pushed the trousers past the hips at the same time using his feet to finish undressing himself.

Once free of the clothing, he eased himself into her body, at the same time burying his head into her neck, gently sucking on the skin. Gaby arched into him, hands pulling at his ass, her breathing deep. She hissed as he withdrew slightly before pushing deeper, his arms wrapped tightly around her.

Locking his legs around hers, he rolled to his back and then pushed himself upright into a sitting position, feeling Gaby slide her legs behind his back. He grinned at her, seeing the returning blush on her cheeks, the Lotus was one of their favourites, able to share kisses, caresses, whatever they wished, sharing their love completely.

As they rocked together Gaby shuddered, she had barely slept and was running on pure adrenaline. Her nerves, already on edge, were now being attacked from a completely different direction. Dino, weak from lack of food as well as sleep was not much better, but their love for each other lent them strength and energy.

Gaby arched back a little as the sensations attacked her body, gasping at the same time. The change in position affected Dino too, and the way her head had dropped back had exposed her throat, an invitation he was unable to resist.

Kissing her neck and under her jaw, he felt Gaby react again, pushing into him a little more forcefully, a moan coming from her throat. He hissed as his own body began to shudder in reply and knew that neither of them could last much longer.

Gently he rolled the two of them over 'til Gaby was on her back, he smiled at her, staring into a pair of deep blue eyes that threatened to drown him. Moving his hips a little more, he gasped when she tightened against him, locking her legs behind his thighs. The eyes began to burn with the intensity that Gaby was feeling and the next moment he felt her nails in his back, causing him to cry out, partly in pleasure, partly in pain.

Dino could not wait any longer, whether it was the exhaustion, or the battle of wills, he knew he could not resist Gaby's Artemis self any longer. He shuddered, hearing her wicked chuckle, "Got You…"

He could not deny that she was right, the next moment feeling the unique pain that also came with pleasure, a release no less explosive for its gratification. He was not going to let her win though, keeping his rhythm, he drove as deeply as he could again and again, feeling her shaking underneath him, hearing her gasping his name out loud.

He caught her as she came up into his arms, but did not stop pushing, holding her tightly to his body, determined to share this moment with her. His body shook with the effort he was demanding and perspiration ran down his back when suddenly he felt Gaby lifting underneath him, tears pouring out of her eyes in her own final moment of ecstasy.

He paused, resting lightly on her body, their foreheads touching and dropped a tender kiss to her lips. Lifting slightly, he glanced down and grinned, the eyes no longer burning with intensity, but soft and happy. It may have been Artemis who caught him, but it was Gaby he held in this moment.

Carefully he withdrew, his muscles screaming at the abuse he had just inflicted on them. Glancing around, he spotted the other sleeping bag and pulled it towards him before flicking it over the two of them. Lying on his back, he drew Gaby close, loving the way she curled into him, her head on his chest.

Tenderly he caressed her arm, the movement soothing for both of them, each remaining silent. Within seconds, exhaustion claimed them.