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"Would you rather...eat a mouldy apple with a nice, juicy worm trapped inside or a rotten old sock that has suffered from Athlete's Foot?"

Cally wrinkled her nose.

"How can you eat a sock?"

Lori shrugged.

"I don't know!"

"Theoretically guys!" Jennifer reminded them before facing Cally. "Well?"

"The mouldy apple because that one doesn't have a disease in it."

"Athlete's Foot isn't a disease." Lori corrected.

"Well whatever it is, I don't want it"

Cally sniffed whilst Lori turned her bright blue eyes towards Jennifer.

"Your turn Jen. Would you rather..." Lori frowned. She couldn't think of anything so horrible, so disgusting and so revolting that would make even Simon Macey throw up. And that was saying something. Suddenly Lori started grinning wickedly. "Kiss Dr Frankenstein or ..."

"Or? Or what?!" Jennifer raised one of her eyebrows.


That single word made both Lori and Cally snigger uncontrollably at their victim's expression which soon changed into a hard stare.

"Shut up."

"C'mon Jen. It's only for fun. I mean it's not like you would do it physically. Unless... you wanted to..." Lori smiled evilly before mentally sending a message over to Cally with one meaningful glance. It was received and understood.

"But I'm sure a certain Jake wouldn't let you! Not to mention he would probably pound the-AAHH!" Cally screamed as a pillow collided with her face with such force that it caused her to topple backwards on to the hard floor. Jennifer feigned shock and sympathy.

"Oops. Sorry but it just slipped out of my hand!"

"Yeah right!"

"What was that?" Eddie asked as a short scream echoed throughout the dorm that he and the other male Bond Team members shared. Jake shrugged before slipping on a jacket.

" I bet it was only coming from the girls' dorm" Ben announced from the bathroom. Eddie began to smirk.

" We should go and check. After all that's what teammates do. They look out for each other."

" Yeah they do but only when they need it and Eddie I am betting half my possesions that they don't need it right now." Jake grinned before he exited the dorm.

"Eddie he doesn't have much so -" Ben's muffled,because of his toothbrush, voice floated towards the room.

"He's gone Ben!" Eddie informed him before sliding into his warm bed and slowly slipping away from reality.

Sorry that the boys' little part was so sort. I could not think of what they would be doing at that time apart from sleeping. Who knows? Boys are really random ( no offence to male readers) take my brother and cousin for example but I don't want to bore you with pointless stories.... wait. That's what I am doing aren't I? = } Keep reading and reviewing!