Based on Speed Racer

Trixie Racer picked up her 3 month old daughter . She looks like me except has her father's eyes she thought. You are my world, my darling. What a wonderful I see. You are the song I'm singing. You're my beautiful, Kaylie.Trixe sung to her daughter. Speed came in and kiss his wife, then looked down at his daughter who was smiling up at them. Everbody was here to celebrate the birth of Kaylie Trixie Racer.

"They're all here and want to see her" Speed wispered to his wife.

"Let's go then" Trixie said while looking at Kaylie who was playing with toes.

"Here she is" Speed said while Trixie let them all hold her.

"She looks like her mother, but has her father's eyes" Mom Racer stated.

"She's gonna be a great race car driver like her dad" Trixie said.

"I know she will, aren't you Kaylie" Speed asked her?

Kaylie giggled and beginned to play with her toes.

"I'll take that as a yes" Trixie said while putting Kaylie into Spritle arms.

"She looking at me like an ediot" Spritle said.

"She sure is, that must means she's my daughter" Speed added

Later That Night

Speed was already asleep and Trixie was putting Kaylie to bed. This is your world, my darling. One world the land and sea. My hope for you for always is that your heart will apart of me Trixie sung and looked down and saw that Kaylie was asleep.