Meanwhile with Kaylie

"So who is this person you're taking me too" I asked.

"His name is Royalton and he knew your father" she said.

"He will take to my father, won't he" I asked.

"Yes he will even if I have to take you. I grew up most of my life without a father" she said.

"Is that him" I asked curiously.

"Yes it is" she said.

"You must be Kaylie, I haven't seen you since you were a baby" he said.

"Not to be rude or anything, but can you take to me to my dad" I said.

"Why of course, dear. Right this way" he said. "But there's this one thing. You see a man stole something very important from me and I wondering could you get it back for me"

"If I did, will take me to my dad" I said.

"Of course" he said.

"Ok, what did he steal" I said.

"My design plans" he said.

"Where are the plans at?" I asked. Then he gave me a map. I knew that. It was the same one my mother had.

"Here, is where it should be located" he said.

"I know this track. People actually race on it." I said.

"Yes, people race on it. Who else would tell you otherwise" he said.

"My... My mother" I said while looking down.

"Well, I'm sure she didn't mean to be cruel and deceitful" he said.

"OK, I'll bring back your plans. You can count on me" I said then left.

"Be careful dear. Enjoy your time alive while you can" he said