Chibi was anxious. He was hoping today would be the day he would be paired with someone else. He had hoped that everyday sence he had lost his powers. He missed Reiji, but it had been several years sence those events. Reiji never played anymore. Little did Chibi know that today would be the day he was paired with another person.

In the underground Dragon Drive center...

"So" said Sean. "this is the underground center?"

"Yeah" Responded Sean's friend, Alex.

"Where do we get paired up?" Asked Sean.

"Go over there" said Alex pointing at the regestration desk. "and give them our name"

"Ok" Sean ran over to the regestration desk and gave his name.

"Alright come up when we call your name" A few minutes later they called Sean up in a few minutes. And he sat in the chair where the call out your dragon.

"Ok Sean will be paired with...Chibi!!" Said the Dragon Drive staff member into the microphone.

Sean recived his card and cell phone from the recpitionest. Sean walked over to the Virtual Reality chair and logged in. (Now anyone can just walk up and log in for as log as you want)

Alex and his dragon, Kiltar were waiting for them

"Hey Sean let's have a battle to see how much talent you have for Dragon Drive!" Said Alex.

"You've been playing for months you're gonna waste me" Said Sean. "And I haven't even met Chibi yet."

Chibi walked up to Sean and started licking him.

"So you must be Chibi" Said Sean.
"Yeah" Responded Chibi.

"So you ready Sean?" Asked Alex.

"Sure you ready Chibi?"

"Yeah lets do our best!" Said Chibi.

Alex and Kiltar instantly flew into the air while Sean and Chibi were left on the ground.

"Lets see...Kiltar's type" Said Sean checking Kiltar on the cell phone he got.

"Ok let's fight these guys! said Chibi.
"Right" Said Sean.