His Last Breath
Chapter I

"You know what today is, right?"

"I can't believe how boring Mori Suna is..."

"Don't you wish to go somewhere other than here more than anything, Sai?"

"Don't continue to linger on things that don't exist, Lea..."

"All I want is to be away from here! Be away from you!"

"Mother! No! Don't leave me! I'm sorry!"

"Darkness... All I see is darkness!"

"What's happening!? Why can't I find the light?"

"My heart is...gone?"

"Axel... Do you remember what you were like?"

"Eh...same guy really."

I would always say that about myself, when really I wasn't the same as my Somebody. I continued to remember how I used to act; polite, kind and trusting. But now...I'm nothing like that.

Mori Suna. A world that was large, open-spaced and full of dense forests, babbling brooks and home to some people who lived in the local town. Some were rich, some were poor, but the majority were indeed poor, having to work hard every day to put good food on the table, because survival in this town meant everything.

But the rich were much different. They could afford pretty much anything they wanted in this town- delicious meals, hot bathes, education, and any other expensive things that could be for entertainment.

It was an early winter morning in Mori Suna, and all of the rich children were on their way to school. A tall and particularly skinny boy was walking slowly on the street, hands warm from the gloves he wore. He was wearing a very warm and cozy looking kimono, his hakama pants much thicker and heavier looking than his summer kimono. But overall, he looked like he was dressed in the perfect attire for winter in Mori Suna.

His jade eyes, however, looked sad and worried as he stared at the icy street he walked across. He continued to sigh, showing his breath in the air. He suddenly came to a stop, pressing a gloved hand to his forehead, his dark red strands falling on the back of his hand slightly.

"Why did you have to marry him, mother?"

"Lea! Lea!"

The red-haired boy, no older than fourteen, gasped gently and was instantly snapped out of his remembrance about earlier this morning. He turned around and saw a taller, slightly older male walking towards him. He was dressed in more winter clothes, not as nice as Lea's, but he still looked warm enough.

He held a slight smile on his face, his long black hair looking blue when the sun would shine just right on his black hair.

"Oh, morning, Sai," Lea said without smiling. "You coming to school today?"

Sai finally caught up to Lea, giving a very quiet chuckle as he stopped right next to him. He had to be about eighteen or so, and he was a few inches taller than Lea, his amber eyes glinting like a pair of wolf eyes. They always reminded Lea of a wild animal that looked ready to go berserk at any given moment.

"Ah, no," replied Sai. "Just felt like walking with you- I was bored."

"Hm." Lea responded, beginning to walk again.

"So, my father is joining the army soon," began Sai, glancing off towards the sunny sky. "He's an amazing samurai, you know. He said that when I turn twenty he'd let me join the dojo so I can start training to become a samurai."

Sai smiled proudly and glanced down at Lea. It seemed that Lea hadn't been listening. He was staring blankly at the street, only one thought on his mind as he walked, and it wasn't about Sai's desire to be a samurai just like his father.

"Mother, I'm going to school, I'll see you later!" called Lea, rushing down the staircase of his very expensive and nice looking home. He heard no response from where he stood at the bottom of the stairs. He blinked and looked around, waiting to hear a response from his mother from where she would be in the other room.

"Mother?" Lea called gently, walking forward towards another room. He reached out towards the sliding door, pulled it open just a hair, his eye widening in horror at what he saw.

A woman, with radiant red hair, was laying on the tatami floor, wincing and whimpering. There was a horrible red mark on her cheek and she was holding her side in pain. Above her, a tall man who had very sharp orange eyes was staring down at her with an angry expression.

"Don't ever talk back to me like that again, Mizuki! I am your husband and you will treat me with respect!"

Lea's breath caught in his throat and he stepped back, wishing he had the courage to pull open the door the rest of the way and stand up for his mother, but those terrifying orange eyes of his step father made him paralyzed with fear all the more, and he just couldn't pucker up the courage to defend his mother from this beast of a husband she married.

Lea placed a hand over his mouth to stifle a worried noise, his eyes becoming moist when he continued to watch his mother be brutally hurt by his step father. He shook his head and turned quickly, rushing out of the large house and by the time he was past the front gates, he was running, tears trickling down his face, whispering 'mother' over and over.

"Lea, is something wrong?" came the voice of Sai.

Lea blinked and came back to the realization moment and looked up at Sai. He shook his head, his short spiky red hair bouncing slightly at how determined he was with shaking his head and making Sai think that everything was alright.

"You sure? Cause...you can talk to me about anything, you know," said Sai, stopping a moment and reaching out to grasp Lea's shoulder. "I'm your friend, Lea."

Lea looked up at Sai, seeing the black-haired male give a friendly smile and Lea couldn't help but feel ultimately relaxed by this caring smile he had just received, so Lea smiled kindly back.

"Thanks, Sai, but really...nothing's wrong," Lea answered.

Sai released Lea's shoulder and nodded, "You're right. I won't bug you anymore, Lea."

Lea chuckled and rolled his jade eyes, "Thanks, Sai. You weren't really bugging me, though."

The two friends continued to walk until they reached the building where Lea went to school every day- he had the money to get a good education, unlike how Sai did because he wasn't as rich as Lea was.

"Remember, tomorrow is a good day, alright?" Sai said, winking his amber eye at Lea as he passed through the iron gates that lead to the school house.

Lea stopped on the stone and dirt road, looking over at Sai, about to ask what tomorrow was but Sai was gone from Lea's sight. The redhead blinked and shrugged, deciding he'd find out sooner or later and continued on towards the school.

Even though I'm a Nobody, I remember pretty much everything from when I was still Somebody... I can't believe we're actually the same person... We're just so...different...

Once school had let out and all of the wealthy teenagers were free to go home, Lea decided to go to the river before he went home. Although his mother was the top thing on his mind right now and he wondered if she was okay or not, he felt the need to just go by the riverside and watch as fishermen in their large boats and bring in delicious looking fish.

It hadn't started snowing yet, but Lea knew it would start soon because it was so cold. As he sat on the dock next to the river, he looked down at the surface of the water, seeing the very thin ice that was there, yet still fish were swimming beneath the ice and living their lives. Lea looked back up over the large river and towards the forest across from him. Lea always wondered what was on the other side of that forest. Lea also thought frequently about what would happen when he grew older? Would he just live in this boring old town for the rest of his life and never do anything extraordinary? He'd finish his school of course and then marry some girl and have a few kids, that would be what would happen.

Lea sighed unpleasantly at the thought and looked back down at the icy water. What was tomorrow? Lea thought to himself, reminded of what Sai had mentioned earlier before school. Lea crossed his arms and pressed himself tighter against his body, feeling a little burst of heat run through him.

Lea flinched harshly when he heard a loud thunderclap come from the sky. The redhead looked up at the sky and saw that it had grown very overcast- a white gray sky was hovering above Mori Suna, and Lea blinked in surprise when he saw the very first snowflake fall from the sky and float down and land right on his cheek. Lea shuddered when he felt the cold, wet snowflake melt on his pale skin.

Lea decided he should go home, besides he wanted to see his mother again. Once he arrived back at his large and nice home, he stepped up to the front doors, sliding them open and slipping his shoes off before closing the door, and quickly because he heard more thunder, snow beginning to pile on the ground.

It was very warm in his home, and Lea sighed when he smelled the sweet aroma of something being prepared in the kitchen. He loved it when his mother would cook instead of the maid, because it was truly made with love and Lea couldn't help but just to find that so wonderful.

The redhead moved more into his home, turning the corner where the meals for the household were made and there he saw his mother and she was preparing dinner, and Lea smiled happily because his mother rarely cooked anything.

"Mother," Lea said gently. "I'm home."

His mother quickly turned when she heard Lea's voice, smiling happily and showing her young, beautiful face that made Lea feel so warm inside. But his smiled soon faded when he saw a large bruise next to her mouth along with a small cut near her temple.

"Mother, you're..."

"Oh, don't worry- it's just a bruise," his mother smiled, walking over to her tall and skinny son and hugging him quickly. "I don't want you to worry about me, sweet-heart, I'll be okay."

Lea's face softened when his mother embraced him like this and he smiled against her shoulder, wrapping his long arms around his mother quickly and squeezing her for a moment.

Lea was the first to pull away, looking up into his mother's pretty face, both of their green eyes meeting together.

"So how was school today?" asked his mother, going back to work preparing dinner.

"Average," Lea replied. "Sai walked with me to school again today."

"You're still talking with him, Lea?" his mother asked, almost sternly.

"W-Well yes," Lea responded, sitting down on a nearby stool.

His mother gave a little hum of a noise and continued stirring something in a large pot.

"He's really the only friend I have," Lea admitted. "Nobody else talks to me, like at school? It's because I'm too quiet and I don't talk much..."

Lea blinked when he felt his mother's presence in front of him and he looked up at her. She had her arms crossed and she was smirking. "Lea... Don't worry about what other people think about you. You are a wonderful, compassionate boy and I love you dearly." She then placed a gentle kiss on Lea's head and returned to cooking.

Lea sighed and rested his cheek against his palm, glancing off to the side and gasping silently when he heard the sliding door open and close. His mother turned to look as well and she glanced down at Lea for a moment before swiftly returning to stirring whatever was in the pot cooking.

Turning the corner was Lea's step father, a tall and strong looking man with shaggy black hair and a bit of facial hair. Those orange eyes landed on Lea first before his mother, Lea gulped nervously and felt himself tense when he stepped closer towards him.

"Hey, Lea," came his step father, offering a fake smile.

Lea didn't say anything, he didn't do anything, just stared up at him with an angry glare. His step father cocked an eyebrow for a moment before stepping over to Lea's mother, wrapping an arm around her waist and whispering something in her ear that Lea couldn't tell what was.

He had pulled away after saying something to Lea's mother, sighing greatly, "Horrible storm is coming. From what I've heard is that it's going to last a few days and an even bigger storm will be coming then."

Lea tilted his head to the side and wondered what this storm was and how bad it could be. And he still wondered what tomorrow was. The curiosity was overwhelming Lea and he wanted to know what Sai was talking about more than anything.

Lea looked back up at his step father and noticed he was looking at his mother with a furious look on his face, but then those terrifying orange eyes turned to stare at Lea. A horrifying shiver raced up Lea's spine and he swallowed, adverting his jade orbs somewhere other than his step father's scary ones.

Little did I know was that my step father would be with me for far longer than my mother was. He may not have truly been my step father, but it was horrible enough for him to be my step father. I wished I had savored the time with my mother while it lasted because the next time I saw her...it was the wrong way to act before she disappeared...