-1Lea rolled over in bed, blinking his eyes open from where he had been sleeping very deeply and peacefully. Slowly, Lea sat up, rubbing at his tired eyes and then stretching. He felt like he had slept a good long time, but it also didn't seem quite right.

Lea glanced towards the window and saw that the sun was very high in the sky, bright and warm. Lea blinked and threw the covers off himself and hurried out of his room, quite angered now that Ienzo let him sleep so late. He rushed to the lab where Ienzo usually was, but he didn't seem to be there. Lea figured that Ienzo was out somewhere, but...where was Kairi?

Lea scratched the back of his head in wonder and decided just to wait.

And wait he did... All day he waited for Ienzo and Kairi to return but they never did. Lea was getting worried as to where the two of them were and why they hadn't returned to the study yet. Lea contemplated for a long while whether he should go out or not and nodded his head and dressed quickly to go out into the town.

As Lea walked through the small town, he realized how quiet it was, it was way quieter than usual. It never got this quiet here. And when Lea reached the shops in the town he saw there were no people there. Lea coughed and called out a moment to see if anyone was around.

What was going on? Was Lea the...only one here? But how could that be? Many people lived in Hollow Bastion. That's when the wind suddenly stopped blowing, making even the tiniest of noises go silent. Lea felt a tingle run up his spine in anxious fear of what was happening to him.

"Hello!" Lea called again. "Is there ANYBODY here?"

Still no one responded. But that was when Lea felt eyes on him and the redhead whipped around and came face to face with something he had never seen before. It was a small black creature with antennae and yellow glowing eyes. It was twitching erratically and running straight towards Lea.

Lea blinked and turned to run but gasped out in surprise when he saw the entire town filled with shops was now completely black with the black shadowy creatures. Lea's eyes grew very wide in horror as he watched the little creatures begin to morph together, in a big, black wave of small glowing yellow eyes.

Lea began to step back in the opposite direction again but suddenly stopped himself. He felt very hot suddenly. Lea growled and reached up to throw his scarf off himself, feeling sweat trickle down his neck and he slowly turned around, prepared to face whatever was behind him.

It was massive, completely on fire and it had hooves. The shape of the monster was just humongous with very big hooves, and where it stepped the ground would turn black, large crackling flames spiraling off into the air and then disappearing.

"You're the Heartless...aren't you?" Lea breathed, eyes narrowed.

The enormous fire beast in front of Lea proceeded to open it's mouth, which seemed to not even be there before, and gave a shrieking roar, long and distorted teeth stuck with thick strands of saliva. Lea's clothes and hair billowed back from the swift wind of the Heartless's roar, but Lea stood his ground.

"What did you do with my friends?" growled Lea. "What did you do with them?!"

The monster roared again, stepping closer to Lea before it halted completely- Lea could feel the heat of the flames.

"What did you do with Even!? Ienzo!? What did you do with Kairi!?"

That's when Lea suddenly felt little hands suddenly grab him from all different angles, pulling him down hard and back so his body arched and angled itself up towards the fire beast. The shadow Heartless behind him had grabbed Lea and were holding his arms and legs back, holding him up as if they were presenting Lea to the fire beast.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Lea shrieked, kicking out his long legs and trying to free himself.

The sound of the pounding hooves against the pavement came again and Lea jerked his head up to watch as the fire beast stepped much closer to Lea until it stopped right in front of Lea. Lea had never felt more hot in his entire life, flinching gently when he felt sparks graze his face.

The fire beast opened it's enormous mouth, and Lea could see the never-ending darkness of the inside of it's mouth. Lea snarled ferociously and struggled hard against the Heartless holding him back. He snapped angrily at the fire beast.

The fire beast actually laughed, a deep and rumbling laugh which then turned into a high-pitched echoing laugh. It seemed amused by Lea's actions and stepped closer.

"You cannot hurt me!" Lea yelled. "I am NOT afraid of you!"

The fire beast released it's shrieking, echoing laugh again.

"You may take my body from me, but my heart will always stay alive!"

The fire beast was very close and that was when something bright appeared and Lea had to close his eyes to block out the piercing light. And then an overwhelming jerking, tugging pain directly from his chest caused him to scream out in pure pain. And after that, a very abnormal feeling washed over him. It felt like a mixture of emptiness and bravery.

And then nothing. Everything went black.

Lea felt like something very important was leaving him, and he found himself floating in nothing but darkness. He could see a distant little glow very far from him, but it drifted further and further away. Lea shuddered and closed his eyes.

I'll find my heart again... got it memorized?

Let me tell you something. That was it. Lea...my Somebody...was gone, forever. Not every bit of me was gone though...my heart was still out there. And Even and Ienzo were correct: my heart was powerful, and that meant if I was taken by the Heartless then there was a chance that I my heart could be strong enough to make the Heartless disappear.

That is the case, and my heart was still very much out there. However, my body...Lea, wasn't. But, somebody new was there! Bet you can't guess who arrived about four seconds after Lea lost his heart?

Yeah. That's right. Me. Lea's Nobody. The name is Axel, got it memorized?