Feels Like Home


They say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I always thought that the saying was futile. If you loved someone how could you and why would you stay away from them? But right now seeing how loving and accepting his family is being. I completely take back my thoughts.

The older version of him pulled back, smiling widely at his son before being pushed out of the way by his mother who crushed him into a loving embrace. Peppering his face with kisses she pulled away beaming like her husband.

While the happy couple was a joyous sight to see this wasn't what made me beam or feel perfectly at ease. It wasn't the huge crowd that were in the back yard with the sun shining on their smiling faces. It wasn't the love flowing through everyone. It was the fact that Edward, my love, my soul mate was back with his family. He turned his head from his family to me, a grin glued to his face, and extended his hand to me. Timidly I grasped it and he pulled me forward to him. With his arm wrapped securely around my waist and a kiss placed on my forehead, Edward turned to his family,

"Mom, Dad, everyone this is my Bella"

And on cue I blushed as they all turned their attention on me.

"I told you I had a good feeling when the sun came out" a woman with short black hair smiled.

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