AU: This is my first Hannah Montana fic and I don't really follow the show. Saw the movie yesterday and I got hooked; it's a really good movie. So this is my first try so if you have any advice or critic please leave a review.

The story sets place one year after the movie, and Miley and Travis are still together.

"Miley come on, you're going to be late, to your own show!" I sighed, it was three hours left and it would take like five minutes to go there. So I didn't actually see the rush, but I straightened the Hannah-wig and looked in the mirror. God I really wished that Travis was here, I hadn't seen him for almost two months, and this long-distance relationship was really hard.

"MILEY STEWART IF YOU DON'T COME TO THE DOOR RIGHT NOW, I WILL BREAK DOWN THAT DOOR!" I looked into the mirror once again then unlocked the door, when I got out my dad looked at me with the look that only dads can have. I knew that he also felt that long-distance relationships were hard, since he and Lorelai still were together.

"Alright, let's go, got a concert to attend to." I tried to smile, I don't think he bought it but he didn't say anything. We got to the limo but of course not without being tackled by thousands of fans. They all wanted to see the famous Hannah Montana, but sometimes I wished that they all could see Miley. But I learned one year ago that I would never be able to have a normal life, not if everyone knew. None of us said anything under the short drive to the arena, all except Lilly who were talking like crazy. The limo stopped and I got ready to be crowded by fans again, it took us almost five minutes to get to the door. We walked down the corridor slowly; it was just me and Lilly now.

"You miss him a lot don't you?" I couldn't do anything but nod since tears threatened to fall if I said anything, the truth was that I would do anything to have him here.

"Hey, it'll be okay, summer break is coming up soon, and then you can be there for the whole summer right?" SummerTour…. The whole summer without Travis….

"No I can't Hannah has this tour, so we can only be there for just a week, at the most" Now tears were falling down my cheek, but I wept them off as fast as I could. We were at the door to my loge; I opened the door and turned to Lilly.

"I haven't even heard from Travis for a more than a week, what if he got tired of me. What if he found a new girl, I mean why hasn't he called?" That's when I saw her smile, I just couldn't believe this, I was in a really bad mood and all she could do is to stand there smiling. She could be just too much sometimes.

"If I had found another girl, why would I be here?" I turned around to see the one person I didn't expected to see, TRAVIS! I jumped into his arms, and he just laughed, and I knew everything would be okay. The only thing I needed to know was that he never would leave me, and someday… Well who cares about someday, I care about right here and right now!


AU: Sorry for the bad ending, but I just couldn't come up with a good ending, please tell me if I should try to make this into a whole story or if it should stay as it is!