I had this idea in the shower this morning, and decided to write about it.

Inside I'm Soaring: Chapter 1

"Rosemarie Hathaway." Headmistress Kriova called, and I stood up. "Congratulations, you are assigned to guard Vasilisa Dragomir." Surprise, surprise, I thought as she handed me my diploma and shook my hand. Alberta then stepped forward and handed me a shiny silver stake. Sure it was simple, but it was mine, and I was proud just holding it. I gripped my stake harder as Stan tattooed the promise mark onto the back of my neck. He bandaged it up, and Kirova finished calling the guardians.

"Vasilisa Dragomir." She finally called. Lissa stood and stepped forward to receive her diploma. "Congratulations Princess, you will be guarded by Rosemarie Hathaway and Eddie Castile." Dimitri had resigned from his position as her guardian, and had been assigned to someone at the court. We still didn't know who it was, but we were hoping for the best. We would all leave for the court tomorrow.

Once they had finished calling all the moroi, the ceremony was over. My high school education was over.

* * * * *

Lissa smiled as she handed me a short dark red dress. It was strapless and complimented my skin tone perfectly. I slipped it on, and pulled on the black heels I had that matched it really well I looked at us both in the mirror. Me, in dark red and black, with my dark skin and hair, was the dark side of the reflection. She on the other hand, was wearing a light purple halter dress. Her light skin and hair was in complete contrast to my dark image. But we both looked stunning. As she did my makeup, I thought about the importance of this night. Tonight was the night I would celebrate my graduation, but tonight I would also tell everyone about Dimitri and me.

"Done." She said, putting on the last tough of lip-gloss. "You look wonderful darling." She said, hugging me.

"So do you. But Liss, I have to tell you something. I want you to know before I tell everyone else tonight."

"What is it?" I led her to sit down on my bed.

"Liss… Dimitri and I are together." A flash of shock came through the bond.

"Together, together?"

"Yeah." I looked up at her. She seemed slightly dazed.

"Its been going on for a long time hasn't it?"

"Since right after we met." I told her.

"I think I knew it, subconsciously. I'm happy for you."

"Thanks Liss." I could tell she meant it.

She took my hand. "I'm glad you told me, but why not before?"

"I was scared of what you'd think."

She paused, then asked, "That's why he resigned, isn't it?" her voice was soft.

"Yeah. We can't keep you safe together." She smiled and pulled me from the bed and out the door to the party.

Halfway there, Dimitri and Christian met up with us. Apparently Dimitri had filled Christian in, so I didn't have to worry about his shock when Dimitri kissed me. "Congratulations Roza." He said for like the 200th time today.

"Come on." I said, pulling away and grabbing his hand. "Lets get going."

We easily caught up with Christian and Lissa, and we talked until we got to the celebration. Dimitri let go of my hand, "We'll tell them later." He whispered into my ear, "I have some business to attend to." He finished, and we parted.

We all had fun until I heard something. A really loud crack. Now, being me, I had to investigate. I pulled Eddie from the crowd and we ran towards the gym. We looked inside one of the practice rooms, just to see my mother knock out the guy I'm in love with.