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The rain had just finished showering from the cloudy sky, now creating a light mist in the air and only a few droplets here and there that decided to fall out of the gray clouds. These kind of days were the days that Aerith would just despise, because she would always be alone; alone in her small cottage, cold and no one to be with, to talk with or just simply to be with. It saddened the young woman to the core whenever she would look out her windows into the small town that day and see all of the other people socializing with their family and friends, laughing and looking very happy.

Aerith sighed gently and sat down on the window seal that overlooked the small French village, just on the edge of a magnificent forest that went on for miles and miles. Some people had said that the forest was enchanted and had mythical creatures that lived among the trees. Aerith liked to believe that wonderful creatures such as fairies existsed out there, but she wasn't sure she did believe it or not. The thought sounded lovely, especially for a young woman who lived alone for so long, wanting nothing more than someone to spend her time with. A friend.

Ever since she had lost her fiancée, Aerith had never been able to bring that beautiful and lively spirit out of her again. For that spirit to return she needed to be with somebody for it to ever happen, and Aerith had long decided that she was going to find someone to live with her if it was the last thing she did. And whoever they were they would be the perfect friend for Aerith- they'd be nice, compassionate, full of energy, and overall sweet, and their sole purpose would be to live with Aerith, spending their days together living by the massive forest on the country side, talk and read together, and just everything that Aerith loved to do this person would love it just the same...

Aerith had heard of there being some sort of witch in the town. She had never seen this witch before, but Aerith had decided that a witch could somehow help her in finding a companion, and Aerith believed in the impossible.

That misty afternoon, Aerith had just finished watering the lovely roses she had planted in pots all in her home, the slender young woman stepping out of her small cottage and out onto the streets. The witch supposedly lived just on the edge of the forest in a cottage much like Aerith's, except a tad bit bigger and much darker looking. Aerith had asked around some of the townsfolk that day about which exact way to go to get to the witch's cottage, and everyone's reply was exactly the same. Aerith had quickly located the witch's cottage.

Aerith stood a few feet away from the cottage's front door, the brown-haired woman looking behind herself for a moment where she could see the village down a dirt path and through some trees. Aerith paused a moment, sighed and looked down at the basket she had been holding in her right hand. Inside the basket was an assortment of different things. Aerith had heard of many situations where people have visited the witch and whatever they asked for the payment would be different. Aerith had heard the usual payment method of gold coins, to the most delicious tasting breads and fruits, to something as lovely as a simple type of flower that blossomed around here.

Aerith wanted to make sure that she had brought the exact right thing, so she had brought one of all of those things: Gold coins, bread, fruit, and one of her most beautiful roses.

Aerith finally puckered up enough courage to step up the stone steps that lead to the front door, the young brunette tapping on the wooden door timidly. Aerith waited nervously and straightened out her faded pink dress and stared at the ground. Finally, after what seemed like eons, the door slowly opened, there standing a very tall woman with mean looking eyes.

Aerith looked instantly afraid, swallowing nervously as she saw the look of aggravation in the witch's eyes.

"Can I help you, young miss?" came the witch with a surprisingly gentle voice.

"Oh, y-yes, m'am," Aerith stammered and bowed her head. "I need y-your help with something...and I was h-hoping you would b-be able to help me?"

The witch paused a moment and nodded, gesturing for Aerith to step inside. Aerith slowly moved into the cottage, her blue eyes looking around at the interior of the cottage, which was one, spacious open room, filled with books stacked upon one another, to shelves holding things that Aerith had never seen before. The witch walked past Aerith and took a seat in padded wooden chair, looking up at Aerith and actually offering a friendly looking smile. Aerith suddenly felt better when the witch smiled.

"So," the witch began, gesturing for Aerith to take a seat as well in the other padded wooden chair, "how can I help you, dear?"

Aerith practically ran to the other chair, setting her basket of payment in her lap and watching as the witch helped herself to some tea.

"Well," Aerith began, trying to find some appropriate words. "You see...I have been alone for six years, and I have become exceedingly lonely. There is no one who I can spend my time with. There's no one that I can talk with and call them my friend." Aerith paused a moment and gave a shuddering sigh. She felt pressured to pour her heart out to this witch, but Aerith felt like she shouldn't, but simply to stay calm. She swallowed thickly before continuing.

"I just want a friend, m'am. Anyone! I don't care who they are, just as long as they're nice to me and wish nothing more than to spend their time with me and love me as much as I will love them..."

Aerith gave a great, but silent, sigh and looked up at the witch. She was staring at Aerith with almost upmost interest, and she looked like she actually knew what to do to cure this loneliness that Aerith was having. The witch slowly rose to her feet and strode across the room, going towards a shelf that had an assortment of particularly random items on it. It ranged from jars of things, to some large, single objects - Aerith even saw a large green crystal that seemed to have little creatures moving around inside of it.

The witch had been staring at this one certain shelf for about three minutes until she had finally located what she was looking for, and it appeared to be a simple, round little...something. Aerith tilted her head to the side when the witch returned to Aerith, standing in front of her and gesturing for Aerith to hold out her hand. The brown-haired woman swallowed and nervously held open her palm.

The witch reached out with seemingly rough hands - which were actually quite smooth - and placed the small round thing in her hands. She then closed Aerith's hand and smiled at her. Aerith looked very confused and looked back up at the witch, seeing her smile and Aerith's heart skipped lightly.

"It is a seed," the witch explained finally. "Take this seed and plant it. Water it every day, and when the moon is full it will sprout and you will be greeted with your everlasting friend."

Aerith slowly opened her palm, looking down at the little golden seed in her hand. She felt her heart flutter in wonder and surprise at what would happen when the seed would finally sprout. Just what would it create?

"D-Do you need payment?" Aerith stuttered, still looking nervous.

"No, dear," said the witch. "I understand. Go home and plant that seed right this instant."

Aerith blinked and decided to take the witch's word before she gave the witch a very polite and kind thank you before hurrying out of the cottage and back to her own house. Once she reached there, Aerith had a very happy smile on her face. She had located the nicest of her flower pots, filled it with the richest, thickest soil she had before placing it by the window seal that overlooked the country side instead of the village - Aerith didn't want any children accidentally knocking it over.

Aerith carefully reached into her pocket of her dress and held the seed in her palm. Aerith smiled at it and kissed it lightly before pushing it into the soil, covering it up with her palm and shortly adding some water to the soil. Aerith gave another small sigh and a smile, looking out at the country side, resting her cheeks into her palms and allowing her eyes to close. "I can't wait to see you, precious one..."

Every day, Aerith would water her seed, waiting anxiously for the day when the seed would sprout into a flower, and until then, Aerith would wonder and wonder what would happen after the flower would sprout. But it would pain Aerith every night to look out her window at the sky and see the moon, but it would never be full. The days were long and cruel, and the moon refused to ever become full. But Aerith didn't give up hope. She just continued to water her seed and imagine the day when it would sprout.

But this day, Aerith had been out in the village, buying a few ingredients she needed for a stew, overhearing a few of the villagers saying that there was going to be a full moon that night and to be careful for anyone who had livestock because the wolves would be out.

Instantly when hearing this, Aerith got a sudden rush of excitement and she hurried back to her cottage and cooked her stew with utter happiness, wishing the day would go by faster and the night would arrive. Aerith soon realized she needed to get her mind off of the seed that would sprout that night because she knew if she forgot about it then the day would go by quicker and it would be time for the seed to grow and Aerith would be twice as excited. So she occupied herself by eating her thick and scrumptious stew, sewing a new dress for herself, and reading a fairytale about a prince and a princess.

Soon enough, darkness had come over the village and the moon was starting to rise over the forest. Sudden excitement filled Aerith and she rushed over to the window seal where her precious little friend was, buried deep in the soil and would rise any moment. Aerith looked out at the sky and saw the moon, white as a ghost and completely full. The brunette smiled brightly and looked back down at the pot full of soil. Nothing was happening yet, and Aerith told herself to be patient and that it may take a few moments for something to happen.

And something did happen.

The soil began to shift slightly, Aerith's heart skipping, and then, rising from the soil, grew a tall red, red rose; the most beautiful rose that Aerith had ever seen. It outshined all of her gorgeous roses and blossoms, because it was practically glowing and sparkling. The bud was tight shut and it had yet to open yet, and Aerith was getting anxious for something else to happen. Where was her new friend? The witch wasn't just talking about the rose, was she? How was she supposed to talk and laugh and read with a rose?

Aerith was starting to get particularly scared now, but all was forgotten when the rose bud began to unfurl... Aerith's breath stopped a moment when the rose completely opened up and Aerith saw what was inside the rose, and Aerith was breathless and speechless.

Inside the rose was possibly the tiniest little creature Aerith had ever seen. It was a little boy, a little boy with golden blond hair that spiked up in certain directions. He looked so very delicate, the way he was curled up on the bud, sleeping peacefully, and all Aerith could say was, "Beautiful..."

And when that word came out of Aerith's mouth, the little golden-haired boy stirred from his slumber and slowly opened his eyes, revealing big, beautiful, innocent blue orbs. Aerith was blown away by how absolutely gorgeous this small boy was, and she was hiding her urge to jump with joy. The blond boy looked up at Aerith, eyes wide and curious. Aerith felt a tingle run up her back and she offered the boy a very nice smile, "Hello."

"Hello..." responded the flower boy.

Aerith was almost giddy with excitement. She licked her lips and smiled very widely, kneeling down so she didn't look so huge to this small boy.

"Who're you?" asked the boy.

"My name is Aerith," said Aerith, outstretching her hand for the boy to step into it. "And...who're you?"

The boy didn't reply immediately, but he did slowly stand up and step into Aerith's open palm. "I think I'm your new friend, aren't I, Aerith?"

Aerith gasped very softly when she heard him say this, lifting her palm up slowly and closer to her face so she could see his features better up close. He was so beautiful that Aerith almost felt herself become jealous by how lovely he was, but she shook her head and just smiled even wider at the pretty little boy in her palms and nodded to his question.

"Yes... Oh, yes, you're my new friend," Aerith gasped with happiness.

The boy stared up at Aerith and gave a very sweet little smile, and Aerith actually felt her eyes become a little moist when she saw the gorgeous little smile on his face.

"I'm so glad I have a friend like you, Aerith," said the boy.

Aerith nodded a little enthusiastically, and took a moment to simply realize how absolutely tiny this boy was. He was no bigger than her thumb, and he was actually leaning against it, still smiling up at Aerith with that pretty little smile that Aerith couldn't get enough of.

"Do...do you have a name?" Aerith asked gently, waiting patiently for the boy's reply.

He paused a moment and then looked back up at Aerith, shaking his head innocently before scratching his head. "Not that...I can remember. Shouldn't you name me, Aerith?"

Aerith hesitated a moment, wondering what sort of name she could name her new friend. She didn't want to give him any ordinary name, but she didn't want to give him a name that even he wouldn't be able to remember or pronounce. But then, without even starting with the letter A yet, Aerith suddenly got a name. A perfect name. A name that fit this boy like how a name should fit a person. The brunette gave another smile and nodded.

"Roxas," she said. "Your name is Roxas. Do...you like it?"

The blond paused for a few seconds, thinking about his new name and he smiled widely, realizing that he really did like it. "I like it a lot! Thank you, Aerith!"

Roxas smiled again, reaching out to wrap his little tiny arms around Aerith's thumb, squeezing it as tightly as he could - which wasn't very tight at all - and opened one of his bright blue eyes up at her and giggled softly. Aerith laughed very gently herself, lifting her hands up carefully with Roxas in the middle of both of them, and then, she began to slowly spin around, keeping her eyes directly on Roxas's small, lovely face, both of them laughing happily and freely to each other. Finally, Aerith stopped when she realized she was getting too tired and sat down in one of her comfortable chairs by the fireplace.

"I'm going to need to make you some clothes," Aerith said. "What colors do you like, Roxas?"

"Oh that's easy," Roxas smiled, sitting down in Aerith's hand. "Blue is my favorite color."

Aerith smiled again, "Blue is a perfect color for you! I personally like pink, but blue suits you like how pink suits me. I'll make you something right now." Aerith stood up and walked over to her bed, placing Roxas down onto her pillow, the blond boy stumbling slightly at how soft the landing was and he toppled over onto his rear end.

While Aerith sat near the fireplace sewing Roxas's new clothes, Roxas stared around at the inside of the cottage, seeing the beautiful flowers that Aerith had planted in different sized pots all around her house, with a different a flower in each one of them. All of the flowers looked uniquely and individually beautiful to Roxas, the blond giggling softly to himself at how lovely they all looked to him. He wondered if their could possibly be any other types of flowers, more than just these.

Roxas was snapped out of his daze of finding all of these flowers so beautiful when Aerith said she had finished Roxas's outfit. The brunette walked back over to Roxas and sat down on the bed next to him, holding in her hands the perfect sized little blue suit. It was a pair of navy blue pants that stopped just above the knee, along with a white, long-sleeved shirt that's sleeves were very long and billowed out, with a finishing touch, a bright, sky blue waistcoat.

Roxas had fit it perfectly onto his body, Aerith picking him up and taking him over to her hand mirror, where Roxas stepped down onto it and saw his reflection from below. It was good enough for him. Roxas smiled widely, finding his cheeks actually reddening at how good he thought he looked in these clothes.

"Oh, Aerith, I think they're wonderful!" Roxas exclaimed, doing a little spin of joy.

Aerith clapped her hands together in joy herself, copying what Roxas did and spinning on her feet like a ballerina. She was giggling happily and crying out words of absolute wondrous cheer as she picked up Roxas in her hands again and brought the boy close up to her face. Aerith then, as gently as she could, placed a little kiss on top of Roxas's fluffy, blond head.

Roxas blinked when Aerith did this, but nevertheless smiled, reaching up himself to kiss the tip of Aerith's nose, feeling the rose-petal soft lips that Roxas had, the brunette smiling even wider at how perfect her new little friend was.

"Your my precious little Roxas..." Aerith whispered. "I love you so much..."

Roxas grinned from ear to ear, nearly hopping up and down with happiness himself, "I love you, Aerith."

Aerith actually blushed very darkly, crying out in joy as she savored the moment of Roxas saying he loved Aerith. Roxas caught how happy this made Aerith feel and proceeded to say he loved her again, Aerith practically squealing with an overload of joy, Roxas finding this far too amusing and saying it over and over, Aerith finally having to stop giggling to actually breathe before she plunked herself onto her bed, setting Roxas on her bedside table.

"I don't think I'll ever stop loving you, Aerith," Roxas smiled widely.

"And neither will I," Aerith replied back. "It's very late, Roxas, are you sleepy?"

Roxas reached up and rubbed at his eyes with his tiny little knuckles, realizing that he indeed was very tired. All that he went through today was enough to make him tired- a whole new world was waiting for him tomorrow and he had met his new friend who he was going to love and spend his life with. Roxas looked up at Aerith and nodded, "Yes, I never actually realized how sleepy I was."

"I'll make a bed for you," Aerith said. "Tomorrow I'll make an actual bed for you, one that's like mine. But for now, I'll just have to lay out some blankets."

Aerith stood up and searched for just the right type of little bed she could make for little Roxas. After a while, she had found a small bit of cotton soft cloth she used for sewing bed sheets, cut it into just the right size for Roxas with a pair of scissors, and made a perfect, comfortable little bed for Roxas. When she had completely made it up for him, the blond had immediately gone to it and got under the little tiny sheets that Aerith had made and snuggled down into the soft fabric.

He opened his bright blue eyes one more time to look up at Aerith, smiling that beautiful smile that Aerith thought was just as beautiful as one of her flowers, possibly even more beautiful.

"Good night, Aerith," Roxas said before yawning.

"Good night, my precious Roxas," Aerith responded, watching Roxas until he closed his eyes and she had known he had fallen asleep. Aerith smiled and got into her own bed, pulling the covers over herself and looking up at where Roxas was sound asleep, and Aerith fell asleep after staring at her new friend for what felt like hours...

Many, many days had passed since Roxas had been born into this world from a most glorious rose. Aerith was very pleased with her new companion, and she couldn't ask for a better friend. Roxas was absolutely perfect, there was nothing wrong with him, he had no flaws, and the boy was just so cute, too, being that tiny size! Every day, Aerith would tend to her flowers and tend to Roxas- but the blond was more than happy to just follow Aerith around the cottage and watch what she was doing when she would water her flowers.

They would talk all the time, about so many different things, too. They talked about what they liked, what didn't like, what they dreamed of, and what they wondered. They asked each other questions, they told each other jokes and every evening, Aerith would read Roxas a story from one of her many fairytale books.

Now, not every moment was full of laughter and fun. Aerith told Roxas to never go outside. The boy was far too vulnerable to go out into the wilderness like that. Aerith would tell Roxas that he could get into serious danger if he went outside, being the size that he was. Roxas would do as Aerith said, and whenever Aerith would have to leave the house to go into the village, Roxas would become very lonely and sad, wishing he could go outside and explore the beautiful forest and country side from where he would sit on the window seal.

Roxas sighed gently as he sat there where he always would sit whenever Aerith would go into the village, looking out at the magnificent country side that looked far enormous for Roxas. The tall green grass looking inviting, and the trees looking so tall and so wonderful and it was times like this when Roxas wished he could fly. He would be safe if he could fly because then he could just go out for a little fly when Aerith was gone and come back before she came home. And then there was that forest that looked absolutely gargantuan to Roxas, and to normal sized people it was huge.

But Roxas wouldn't disobey Aerith. He just wouldn't, because he loved her too much and he knew just how much Aerith loved him and he didn't want to leave her alone and have her lonely and sad and missing Roxas. But, oh, how Roxas saw the world before his eyes, calling for him to go and explore and just live his life out there. He wondered, what could be so dangerous for Roxas to come across per say if he did go out there?

Roxas gave a soft sigh again, resting his cheek in one of his hands as he continued to stare blankly out at the open space, loving the way the sun sprayed against the green grass and whenever the breeze would blow it would create a pretty ripple in the grass, reminding Roxas of water. But suddenly, Roxas thought he saw something just now. Something sparkling just out in the tall grass, something shining. It was there one moment and then gone the next.

Roxas looked alert, staring out at the country side and wondering what that was he just saw. It looked like...a tiny person with wings. Roxas blinked in surprise when he saw the same shining sparkle go by again, and Roxas caught a color. Red.

Roxas's heart actually gave a little jump when he saw it again, and he was very certain that whatever that was that it was a small little person like him, except it had wings. The corner of Roxas's mouth curled up slightly, but he flinched when he heard the front door of Aerith's cottage open and then close. Roxas looked up and saw Aerith set down her basket which was filled with different assortments of fruit.

"Hello, Roxas," Aerith smiled, untying the pink ribbon of her sun hat off from under her chin and setting it on the table nearby.

"Hello," Roxas smiled. He quickly returned his attention back to the open country side, hoping he would see that little humanoid creature he saw before, but he stared and stared- stared for probably about five more minutes and he didn't see it again.

"Are you hungry, Roxas?" came Aerith from nearby, snapping Roxas out of his alert watching.

"Um, n-no, not yet," Roxas replied, barely glancing over his shoulder and intently watching the grassy country side in front of him.

Aerith noticed Roxas wasn't exactly paying much attention to her, and the brunette didn't really like that very much, so she slowly walked over to where Roxas was still watching the outside very carefully. Aerith managed a giggle at how Roxas's eyes were wide and staring outside.

"What're you looking at?" asked Aerith, resting her elbows on the window seal where Roxas stood.

"I thought I saw a little person...kind of like me a minute ago," Roxas replied instantly. "I saw red, but that's all..."

Aerith raised her eyebrows and hummed gently, smiling slightly when she heard Roxas sigh in frustration, wishing he could see whatever that was come back again.

"Well, it's getting a bit chilly," Aerith said. "I'm going to close the window." Aerith reached up and pulled the window down, an instant glass shield covering Roxas from whatever was out there that had Roxas's attention like a cat watching it's prey.

But Roxas soon forgot about whatever was out in the grass when Aerith began cooking and telling Roxas about what happened out in the village. The two happily shared their stories about what happened and enjoyed an apple pie that Aerith baked, Roxas having to eat a very, very small slice that was just the right size for him. By the time they had finished eating and talking, it was night time and Roxas always demanded to hear one of those lovely fairytale stories that Aerith would read to him every night.

"Okay, okay," Aerith laughed as Roxas begged for a story.

"A really good one, alright?" Roxas said firmly as he got himself comfortable in his perfect sized bed by the window seal.

"Okay, I'll read you this one," Aerith said, stepping over to the window seal and sitting down in a chair, placing one book in her lap.

Roxas leaned over to get a good look at the cover. It had two people on the front. A man and a woman, both were beautiful and they looked like they were far in love with each other. It was a romance fairytale, Roxas could tell, and he didn't know why but he really liked the romantic stories.

It was about a princess, and a prince who had a spell cast upon him by the evil wizard so that every time the princess would see the prince she would see somebody else but never her love who she wished to marry. Roxas thought marriage sounded wonderful- two people who loved each other very much spending the rest of their lives together in loving and romantic way? Roxas would always sigh at the thought.

Once the story had finished - the prince, of course, got the spell taken off him and he had defeated the evil wizard and married the princess - Roxas sighed in happiness at the good ending and sat up more in his bed.

"Aerith?" Roxas asked softly.

"Yes?" Aerith replied back, turning her attention fully to the blond boy by the window seal.

"Have you ever been in love before?"

Aerith's eyes widened when she heard Roxas say this. Roxas had never asked if Aerith had been in love before, when indeed she had.

"Well, yes, Roxas," Aerith said with a slight smile. "In fact, me and him were betrothed. We couldn't wait to get married. We wanted to have children and grow a perfect, wonderful family together out here in the country."

Roxas was smiling with nearly every word, loving the way this real story sounded to him.

"Where is he now?" Roxas asked, still smiling.

Aerith wasn't smiling, and Roxas wondered why. Aerith sighed gently and shook her head.

"He passed away," she said. "He had...a horrible disease that slowed his heart and eventually killed him... I had hoped that we would be married before he passed, but it never happened. I've never been a bride before, and I've always dreamed of being married."

Aerith looked away from Roxas, feeling her eyes become watery and she reached up to wipe at her eyes with the back of her hand. Roxas sat up a bit more, his own eyes compassionate and concerned. He went to stand up and go to her, but Aerith had already risen.

"But, it doesn't matter anymore, Roxas," Aerith said, her voice somewhat shuddering. "Because I have you now, and you'll always be with me."

Aerith smiled a small smile and it still made Roxas think that she missed her fiancée. The blond nodded and smiled a little himself.

"Aerith, I'm sorry..."

Aerith paused a moment and shook her head, "You don't have to apologize; you did nothing wrong. You're perfect, Roxas." Aerith turned and smiled at Roxas again. "Go ahead and go to sleep, I'm sure you're tired."

Aerith reached for the book she had read to Roxas and was going to put it away, when Roxas called for her to wait. Aerith blinked and turned around to look at Roxas.

"Um...could you leave it here? I kind of want to look at the pictures again..."

Aerith chuckled quietly and nodded, placing the book on the window seal and opening it up to the first page so Roxas could easily turn it if he wanted to so he could see the other pages. Roxas looked up at Aerith and smiled happily and nodded. "Thanks!"

"I'll leave a candle lit so you can see the pictures, but don't stay up too long, okay?" Aerith said, receiving a cheery okay in reply.

After Aerith had closed her eyes and gone to sleep, Roxas had gotten out of his bed and went straight over to the large romance book, with all his strength pushing up the next page where he saw the handsome prince on the first page. Roxas sighed and knelt down on the page, looking at the nice drawing of the prince and Roxas felt his heart flutter as he thought he saw the prince was looking at him from the book.

"I wonder what it'd be like to love somebody," Roxas asked himself quietly so Aerith wouldn't wake. "Or...for somebody to love me." Roxas was now laying on his back on top of the book, with his hands behind his head, eyes settling on the starry sky that he could see throught he glass of the window.

He knew he had the love of Aerith and he love he gave her, but...it wasn't the same. Roxas had heard story after story of these romance tales of a couple falling in love and getting married, and Roxas just had the great wonder of ever falling in love with someone...especially a handsome prince...

Roxas felt his eyes become heavy as he continued watching the dark sky that was lit with stars. It was so relaxing and peaceful with these thoughts that ran through his head. But then his eyes widened when he saw something bright red and glowing fly right through his vision in the sky.

Roxas blinked and sat up, hurriedly jumping to his feet and running towards the glass of the window and staring out, looking around for that red gleam again that he saw earlier.

"What are you?" Roxas almost sang to himself, looking around desperately for that red glow again.

And he saw it again, and it was getting closer and closer. Roxas stepped back away from the window when he saw the red glow become brighter and brighter and Roxas actually gasped out in surprise when he saw the red glow stop right in front of the window, Roxas squeaking in surprise and falling over.

There, standing just outside the window, was a young man with fiery red hair, so fiery that it looked like it actually might be hot to the touch. That wasn't what was making Roxas's eyes wide however. It was the fact that this young man was small, just like Roxas. He was emitting little red sparkles that fell from him every time the transparent wings that were coming out of his back would flutter.

Roxas looked at his face finally, and his heart actually fluttered a bit when he saw his face, and just how handsome he was, truly. His eyes were piercing, but a lovely, emerald green, and just underneath each eye was a little tattoo that looked like a droplet of water. Roxas was lost in the redhead's eyes and he just couldn't seem to stand back up.

"Are you okay?"

Roxas blinked when he heard the red-haired fairy talk to him suddenly, and Roxas jumped in surprise, seeing him lean in close and press his hands over the glass of the window and peering inside. Roxas didn't say anything still, but he did actually stand up this time. He glanced over at Aerith, sound asleep in her bed, and wondered what he should do right now. He had a young, handsome fairy standing on the window seal in front of him, and he was the exact same size as Roxas, and he was staring right at Roxas, a little smile playing at his lips, eyes wide and looking very interested in Roxas.

"Well, I guess you're okay then, because you're standing," the red-haired fairy laughed gently.

Roxas still said nothing, but he wished he could, very badly, but he didn't know what to say!

"Can you come outside?" he asked, smiling gently.

Roxas actually did something and he shook his head, obeying Aerith's rules by not going outside.

"Oh come on," said the redhead. "Why can't you? It's so nice this time of night. Oh, I bet I know why. You can't open the window. Here, I'll open it--"

"No!" Roxas spoke out suddenly.

"So you can talk!" the redhead smiled, very relieved that this boy could make noise. "Oh thank goodness, I'm so glad you can!"

"Don't open the window..." Roxas whispered desperately.

The redhead blinked his green orbs in curious wonder as of why not, "How come, huh?"

"I'm...not allowed to go outside..." Roxas replied slowly, nervously shuffling his feet.

The redhead actually smiled and laughed a bit, obviously finding this rule to be absolutely ridiculous as he leaned in as close to the window as possible. Roxas stepped closer to the window, leaning forward himself, seeing how close they were together and that the glass was their only obstacle to closing the gap in between them.

"Do you honestly want to stay inside your whole life?" the redhead asked, staring directly into Roxas's beautiful blue eyes.

Roxas had one of his hands pressed against the glass of the window, blinking when he saw the fairy press his hand right against where Roxas's hand was, wishing he could intertwine their fingers together. Roxas gave a soft little shudder, swearing he actually felt the heat of the fairy's hand against his own palm.

"No...I don't..." Roxas admitted aloud, shaking his head slightly. "Who...are you?"

"Me?" asked the redhead. "I'm Prince Axel- prince of all the fairies."

"You're a prince!?" Roxas cried, jutting forward slightly so that his forehead bonked against the glass slightly. Roxas winced and pressed his fingers to where the glass had his forehead, rubbing it to soothe the slight pain that was there.

Axel chuckled gently when he heard Roxas whimper gently at the pain that was created from that little bitty bonk, "Hee, you're really cute, you know?"

Roxas blinked and looked back at Axel when he said this, his heart banging hard against his ribcage and he stepped back slightly, his cheeks staining a very pretty pink. Axel noticed Roxas's flushed expression and proudly crossed his arms and smiled.

Roxas continued to simply stare at Axel through the glass of the window, and he couldn't take his eyes away from the handsome face of this fairy, who was a prince. Maybe...this was the person Roxas had been waiting for. He was a prince, and he had just called Roxas cute. Maybe this young man would be Roxas's prince, his prince, like all of the heroic, handsome ones from the fairytales Aerith always read to him. For the first time, Roxas smiled that gorgeous smile of his, showing his white teeth and giggling sweetly.

Axel's eyes actually widened the slightest bit when he saw Roxas's smile, his own heart fluttering high, cheeks feeling warm, neither of them able to take their eyes off each other. Axel found himself falling for this little blond beauty standing before him, and he couldn't stop staring at that cute little face Roxas had, and how he wished to kiss those deep, soft looking lips Roxas had.

"And...who are you?" asked Axel, wishing to know this boy's name.

"M-My name is...Roxas..." the blond replied back to Axel, a smile catching his lips again.

Axel grinned widely, loving the boy's name already. It was beautiful, and it fit Roxas so well he couldn't comprehend it. Axel repeated it again and again, Roxas blushing darkly nearly every time Axel would say it. Axel couldn't stop saying Roxas's name, it was just so beautiful and perfect...

"I love it..." Axel said, leaning in towards the glass again, smiling charmingly.

Roxas felt a tingle go up his spine and he swallowed thickly. He gave another pretty smile and said a timid sounding thank you before having to advert his eyes elsewhere, too nervous to stare at Axel anymore.

"You're not a fairy, are you?" Axel asked, tilting his head to the side.

Roxas fiddled with his fingers together and shook his head, "I don't...think I'm a fairy. I don't have any wings, so how could I be?"

"Okay, you're right," Axel chuckled, scratching the back of his fiery head. "But it does make me wonder. Hm, it doesn't really matter... Can't you come outside, Roxas?"

The blond looked down and swallowed thickly, looking back at Aerith again, wondering if he should or not, obey Aerith's rule of not going outside or disobey it and go outside with the prince of Roxas's dreams. Roxas sighed and shook his head, "No. I can't."

Axel's face softened, but in a sad, disappointed sort of way, and he sighed, shaking his head himself. "That's totally unfair. Keeping a pretty thing like you locked up inside all the time. Roxas...you're missing so much out here..."

Roxas's eyebrows rose a tad bit and he swallowed more, fiddling with the hem of his shirt and feeling his heart practically crack in half when he realized he really couldn't go outside. But...what if Aerith was right? Right that there was so many dangers out there that wished to harm poor, little, innocent Roxas. What if...Prince Axel was one of those dangers?

"It's okay..." Axel suddenly said, leaning more against the glass again and peering inside. "I won't make you come outside if you can't--"

"No, no, I want to..." Roxas disagreed instantly. "I...want to more than anything in the world. I've always wanted to know what it was like to go outside. It's just...that I would be breaking a promise to someone I care deeply for..."

"Care deeply for?" Axel repeated, sounding instantly jealous by this. "Who are they?"

"My best friend, Aerith," Roxas replied. "I've known her for such a long time it seems and I don't want to lose her. She said that it's dangerous to go outside, and I trust Aerith...she's all I've known."

"Well...you know me now," Axel said, staring at Roxas with those amazing emerald eyes.

"Y-Yes..." Roxas said, blushing lightly. "And...I want to go outside with you very badly, but...I can't...I just can't."

Axel sighed again, crossing his arms and looking away from Roxas, thinking for a moment of how to solve this without Roxas getting in trouble. He wanted Roxas to come outside probably more than the blond wanted to go outside. Axel wanted to touch the boy's hands and push their fingers together. He wanted to gain the trust from the beautiful little boy and hold him in his arms, pick him up and fly over the meadows and watch Roxas's excitement of being up so high. He wanted to see Roxas's face, asking and needing for physical love and attention. He wanted to say that this pretty blond boy was his. Axel wanted this boy, and he wanted him so very badly.

"Don't worry," Axel said with a determined expression. "I'll come visit you. Every night, okay?"

Roxas looked up with a hopeful expression when he heard this, eyes wide and smiling, soon his lips grinning brightly again, "Okay."

Axel smiled widely himself, very happy he could come back and talk to this gorgeous young boy again and again. Axel hoped that, eventually, he would be able to get Roxas to come outside, and without feeling bad about disobeying Aerith's orders.

The two were thinking the exact same thing as they continued to share their lives with one another, and that thought was how much they wanted to be together and to touch each other's hands, able to feel their presence there right next to them. It was such a strong want that Axel was afraid he might have to kidnap this little boy, but he didn't want to scare Roxas, he wanted Roxas to love Axel as much as Axel loved Roxas, and Axel was in luck, because Roxas was falling for Axel as well.

"Oh shoot," Axel said, standing up after he had been sitting down and talking with Roxas. "It's really late... I need to get back home, my parents aren't gonna be happy."

"Wait, Axel, don't leave!" Roxas gasped, standing up quickly and pressing himself up against the glass again.

Axel turned and smiled at Roxas, pressing his hand against the glass where Roxas's hand was like before, and he even pressed his forehead against the glass where Roxas's forehead was pressed there.

"I'll be back, Roxas," Axel smiled sweetly. "Don't you worry. I'll be back first thing tomorrow night..."

Roxas smiled when he heard this, nodding his head and sighing happily, "Okay, Axel. I can't wait..."

Axel grinned widely when he heard Roxas say this and he nodded, rising fully and turning away from the beautiful blond he had just fallen for, "Don't go anywhere, Roxas." And then, Axel took off into the night air, red sparkles fluttering off his wings, the red glow fading further and further away, Roxas standing on his tip-toes to try and watch Axel for as long as he could until he was completely gone from his sight.

Roxas gave a happy sounding giggle, holding his hands together and blushing as he remembered Axel, and how charming and handsome and sweet he was, and how much he wanted to spend time with Roxas and never leave him. Roxas wished he could go outside and be with Axel out in the open where he felt free, where he could press himself against Axel and nuzzle him and hear words of love whispered in his ear. Roxas fell onto his bed by the window seal, wrapping his arms around his pillow and squeezing it tightly, giggling foolishly into the pillow as he continued to remember his and Axel's time together. But then, Roxas wondered why he had fallen for Axel so very soon like this? He had only known him for a short while...and yet, it felt like an eternity to Roxas, and he wished so badly to go outside and live with Axel forever and ever.

Roxas sighed happily at the thought, anxiously waiting for tomorrow night to come so he could see Axel again and have more and more conversations with him, and to just see his handsome face. Oh, Roxas couldn't wait. Roxas soon fell asleep with these wonderful thoughts of Axel in his head, dreaming of what it would be like to go outside and live with the fairy prince...

Sure enough, every night, Axel, the fairy prince, would come and visit Roxas, and the two would stay up and talk for hours, much like how Roxas would talk with Aerith for a long time, but now, it was truly different. Roxas was talking with someone he was in love with, someone who was exactly like him... Axel was perfect for Roxas and the blond knew it, and so did Axel. They would talk through the glass of the window and every time Axel would ask if Roxas would come outside with him, and as much as Roxas craved this, as much as he wished and dreamed and prayed and wanted more than anything in the world, he would always have to say no. And every time Axel would fly away from Roxas's window, Roxas would feel his heart ache for Axel to come back and hear those words that made Roxas nearly cry every time he heard them...

I love you...Roxas...

So this was what it was like to be in love? Just like how Roxas had heard from all of those stories. Roxas was no princess or anything, but Axel was really a prince, and he was a fairy! This meant something to Roxas, and the blond knew it was destiny and he wanted so badly to go outside and just hug Axel and nuzzle him and hear those beautiful words Axel would say every time he'd come and visit him. Roxas hadn't told Aerith about Axel's visits at all, and he wondered if he should. He felt like he was doing something wrong by keeping this secret from the first person he ever truly loved. Roxas just acted like that all he loved was Aerith, but now Roxas loved Axel and he couldn't help but to just want to be with Axel more than he did with Aerith. Roxas hadn't feeling that way because he loved Aerith so much, too.

It was currently night time, and Aerith had just finished reading Roxas a story, Aerith was noticing that Roxas was demanding a frequent amount of love stories every time they'd read together, and Aerith wondered about that. Roxas was perched by the window seal, eyes wide and looking around for Axel to come that night. Aerith was just about to go to sleep when she noticed Roxas wasn't already asleep in his bed and she tilted her head to the side curiously.

"Roxas? Are you okay?" Aerith asked.

"Oh, yes, I'm fine," Roxas replied, giving a reasurring smile to Aerith. "I just want to stare at the stars for a while, is all."

Aerith understood and smiled, laying down and quickly falling asleep, and shortly after, there was Prince Axel again, landing gracefully at the outside edge of the window seal, pressing his hand against the glass and smiling in at Roxas, that charming smile that made Roxas blush.

"Hey, Roxas..." Axel spoke gently through the glass.

"Axel, I'm so glad you're here," Roxas said happily, stepping over to the glass and pressing his hand where Axel's hand was. "I missed you..."

"I missed you like crazy..." Axel chuckled, fingers tightening over the glass that held his beautiful Roxas away from him.

Axel had been coming to see Roxas for up to three weeks now, and it was truly obvious that the two were deeply in love with each other. Most of the time, they would just sit there and stare at each other, with their hands pressed against the glass, saying a few loving words every moment or so. Roxas's heart ached to go outside, and he felt like his heart was going to absolutely burst.

"Roxas..." Axel breathed through the glass. "Come outside...won't you? Please?"

Roxas sighed, looking into Axel's pleading green gaze and he felt his head shake again and he looked down in sadness, his heart ripping in two. "I'm sorry... I just...can't."

Axel moved closer to the window, trying to get as close to Roxas as possible, hand pressed firmly against the glass, "Roxas. Roxas, look at me."

Roxas lifted his head to look at Axel, and to Axel's horrible and painful surprise he saw tears in Roxas's beautiful eyes. His heart broke as well to see Roxas look so saddened and it was times like this when he wished he could just reach out and wipe away those tears that would spill down his lovely cheeks.

"Roxas..." Axel breathed, utter passion in his voice. "Roxas, Roxas...oh, Roxas..."

Roxas smiled slightly and he closed his eyes, sighing and feeling weightless. He imagined him and Axel outside together, and Roxas had wings and both of them were flying together over the meadows in loving harmony, their hands held tightly together in a loving lock.

"Yes..." Roxas spoke gently as Axel repeated his name over and over.

"Roxas...I love you..."

Roxas opened his eyes and felt more tears rush down his face, and his heart was hurting to the point of pure pain. Roxas couldn't stand it anymore... He couldn't take this aching pain in his chest any longer, he needed to be with Axel. He needed to be. Roxas reached up and wiped at his eyes and gave Axel that beautiful smile that Axel would always sigh over.

"I...I'll come outside..."

Axel was extremely shocked to hear Roxas say this, in fact, he blinked over and over, staring at Roxas, his face easily saying "are you serious?" Roxas simply nodded, waiting for Axel to do something. The redhead grinned and stood up, nodding his head, his own green eyes slightly damp. The redhead jumped up, wings fluttering as he reached for the edge of the window seal, and, with strength that Roxas thought Axel didn't have, was slowly lifting the window up off the ledge, an opening becoming wider and wider at the bottom.

Roxas watched as then Axel had successfully lifted the window all the way up, creating plenty of room for Roxas to step out into the open. Roxas felt the breeze blow over him and he shuddered, closing his eyes, the sleeves of his shirt billowing out in the gentle wind.


Roxas opened his eyes and looked up, seeing Axel standing right in front of him. Roxas gave a silent gasp, seeing Axel standing there, and Roxas could reach out and touch him if he wanted to. Roxas looked up at Axel's face, seeing the emerald orbs glinting with much relief that he had Roxas outside now and that he could pull him into his arms at any moment. But before Axel could move, Roxas had moved and he was clinging to Axel very suddenly. Axel felt his cheeks heat up when his beautiful Roxas did this, wrapping his arms tightly around Axel's thin waist and nuzzling into his stomach, Axel felt chills run up his back.

"Roxas..." Axel whispered, wrapping his own protective arms around the blond.

They had waited what seemed like years to touch each other like this, and boy was it absolutely amazing. Each of them felt like they were going to heaven, it was so wonderful, neither of them could stand it. After a very long moment, Roxas had finally pulled away, looking up at Axel with that cute, beautiful little smile that made Axel sigh deeply. Why hadn't he found this gorgeous boy before? And why did it have to be so long until he could embrace him like this? It was paradise.

"Roxas..." Axel spoke gently. "Let me be your wings."

Roxas blushed and smiled, nodding his head, "Yes. I want to have an amazing adventure with you, Axel."

Axel chuckled softly, "Haha, good, then." The redhead suddenly leaned down to scoop Roxas into his arms so quickly Roxas barely had time to think and wonder what just happened, squeaking in surprise as Axel held him so carefully in his arms, like a newborn baby Axel held Roxas so delicately he would never drop him. Roxas was blushing so darkly he could feel it, and Roxas watched with a leaping heart as Axel flew out into the night sky, his red glow sparkling beautifully behind him.

Roxas gasped as Axel soared higher and higher into the air, Roxas's eyes wide with a smile on his face of much excitement as Axel continued to fly higher and hold Roxas in his arms.

"Axel, this is amazing!" Roxas cried out as he looked below him. He saw the village below him and his house growing smaller and smaller, and now they were flying over the beautiful meadow and forest, the wind blowing through Roxas's hair, sending shivers running all over Roxas's body. He felt like a bird this was so amazing.

"Axel, this is wonderful..." Roxas spoke gently, resting his head against Axel's side. The redhead laughed gently, holding his Roxas very protectively against his frame.

"Oh, Roxas, I'm just so glad to have you in my arms..." Axel sighed, pressing his nose into Roxas's hair and pausing a moment to press his lips against the top of Roxas's head. Roxas felt this and his eyes widened just a bit, his cheeks so very dark.

They had flown so very high, and now they were hovering in front of the giant moon, Roxas looking up at Axel with practically sparkling eyes. Both of them got lost in each other's eyes again, and soon Axel had to say something, or do something in this case. He needed to close that gap, finally close it between both of their needing lips.

"Roxas..." Axel whispered gently. "I love you so much... I'll never let you go."

Roxas shuddered and smiled up at Axel, and he too soon realized that this glass window that had blocked them from each other was free and open, and the gap could be closed with their lips pressing together. Both of them knew that was what needed to happen, and so Axel began to lean down, planning to capture Roxas's lips in the most passionate kiss he had ever given in his life...

Before they could share their first kiss together, something horrible had happened. Something huge and silver had gripped Axel's arms and was jerking him back and away from Roxas, causing Axel to yell out in pain and accidentally drop Roxas.

"AXEL!" Roxas screamed out as Axel dropped Roxas.

What had grabbed Axel was much older man than Axel, his long silver hair matching with the silver of his bat wings that were stretched out wide under his arms, it's piercing orange eyes looking down at Roxas. But far before Axel could fly after Roxas, the silver-haired man had dived after Roxas, flying quickly down after him and grabbing one of the blond's flailing arms and throwing Roxas roughly over one shoulder.

"A-Axel! Help! Please, Axel!"

Axel quickly heard Roxas's cries and searched frantically for where that silver-haired man with the wings under his arms had gone to. His shoulders were bleeding from where the man had grabbed him with his claw like feet. Axel then spotted them, flying quickly towards the dark forest. Axel swiftly caught up with them, reaching under his tunic to pull out a sharp looking dagger, reaching the bat man up close.

"Let him go! Now!" shouted Axel, holding out his dagger. "Or I will stick this in your heart!"

However, what Axel got was not the response he expected. In fact, he merely chuckled and glanced back at Axel, stopping in mid-flight to turn around and looking at Axel, "You can have anyone you desire, Prince Axel, now let me have the one wingless fairy to myself."

"Not a chance!" Axel roared. "Put Roxas down, NOW!"

Roxas was panicking. This must've been what Aerith was talking about. Dangers like this, where he would be taken away from his beloved Axel by some stranger.

The silver-haired man merely chuckled again, "Oh, you truly frighten me... If you wish to fight me all you need to do is say so. We must fight over who wins the beautiful boy."

Roxas struggled underneath the bat man's grip he had which was like a lock over his waist. He couldn't see Axel's face and he was wondering what Axel was going to do. He'd fight for him, wouldn't he?

"Fine," Axel growled. "Just put Roxas down where it's safe!"

"What? You don't think I'm stupid do you?" chuckled the silver-head. "Why on earth would I put him down?"

"Bastard! You expect me to fight you while you're holding Roxas?!" Axel shouted.

"Of course I don't," the silver-haired bat grinned, showing his fangs. "I expect you to give up..."

"Axel!" Roxas cried desperately. "I'm scared, please do something!"

Axel stared at the silver-haired bat, gripping the dagger in his hands very tightly, his knuckles turning a horrible pale. The redhead didn't know what to do. He wasn't going to let Roxas go. He had this already planned out, didn't he?

Axel gritted his teeth and suddenly lunged towards the silver-haired male, who chuckled, his orange eyes glinting cruelly. Axel yelled out with his dagger pointed forward, intent on stabbing him in the heart where he had mentioned earlier. But luck was not on Axel's side, as suddenly the silver-haired male had removed a long, much bigger sword from under his wing on his other arm, and this suddenly caused Axel's eyes to widen in shock as the sword was pushed straight through Axel's shoulder and out the other side, damaging one of the redhead's wings when it went out the back of his shoulder.

Axel cried out in pain as this happened, blood dripping much, much more than before when the bat man had grabbed his shoulders with his clawed feet. Drops of blood had dripped onto his wings and it was now running down the front of his chest and side.

Roxas happened to be struggling enough to look up and over his shoulder, eyes widening in absolute horror at what he saw. "AXEL! NO!"

Axel couldn't stay in the air, his wings were broken. The redhead was starting to fall, as much as he was trying to stay in the air, he could not. The silver-haired bat gave a low laugh as Axel began to fall to the ground, Roxas's eyes wide as he continued to scream out Axel's name, tears flooding out of his eyes as he watched Axel descend towards the ground.

"NO! AXEL!" Roxas screamed, struggling as hard as he could. "Please! Let me go! The fall will kill him! PLEASE!"

The silver-haired bat merely chuckled deeply and shrugged, "Fairies are stronger than you think, my precious. However, he seemed pretty out of it to me... I feel sorry for him... He couldn't protect you- he let you go. Some love that is."

Roxas couldn't see Axel anymore. His body was gone from his sight and was somewhere in the tall strands of grass below. Roxas sobbed loudly, still struggling very hard under the silver-haired bat's hold on him, Roxas's fingers gripping at the silver-head's back, clawing and fighting all he could to try and get away.

"Axel! Please, PLEASE! Don't be dead! You promised you wouldn't let me go! Axel! AXEL!"