Roxas's trek back through the dark tunnels of Riku's home was not a pleasant journey. His dainty little hand had been gripped by Riku's much larger palm the entire way, his sharp claws digging slightly into Roxas's skin. Riku did not even seem to notice that, as they walked back, Roxas was silently crying. Roxas had just agreed to marry Riku - marrythe arrogant rat who he disliked greatly. The only reason Roxas said yes was simply he had given up on everything in his little life: his true love was dead; his friend, Aerith, was miles and miles away; and Riku would be able to treat Roxas greatly and give him a life of ease, luxury and great care. There was just one question floating around in Roxas's mind... When Riku told Roxas that he would be treated like royalty, did he mean like a queen or a servant who worked among the royals?

Finally, the two males had arrived back into the main hallway of Riku's home, the chandelier above completely doused. Riku, a little roughly, tugged Roxas into the room so he could turn right back around and close the large double-doors that lead out into the dark tunnels. Once he had closed them, Riku's pale hand disappeared into his inner jacket pocket to remove a small golden key which he inserted into the keyhole and locked it. Once Riku had stowed the key safely back into the small pocket inside his coat, he turned on his heel and looked back at Roxas, who looked a complete wreck I might add, and he smiled.

"Roxas," Riku breathed as he stepped right up behind him. The tall silver-head leaned down a little to wrap his arms around Roxas from behind, having to bend over quite a bit so he could place a kiss to Roxas's cheek. His hands slowly traveled up and down Roxas's chest and stomach, the blonde male shivering in disgust and anguish. Roxas closed his eyes tightly to hold back more tears which dared to creep past his eyelashes as he suddenly felt Riku press a clawed finger right against where one of his nipples would be against his shirt.

Riku withdrew after that and sighed, "Come. Let us sleep, my dear." Roxas looked up at Riku, hating the very thought of this, but he did not argue and agreed to what Riku said with a nod of his head. Riku's continuous smirk only grew wider. The wealthy rat took a few steps away from Roxas to locate a shining golden candelabra, all three candles already lit. Roxas took note in the fact that the candelabra had spider-webs all over it.

Riku gestured for Roxas to follow him up a staircase that was hidden by a gargantuan amount of jewels and Roxas hesitantly followed behind him. The tunnel that lead to Riku's chambers was much like the tunnels that lead to Riku's abundant amount of dead butterflies which were stuffed and pinned to the walls. Nonetheless, it was very spooky. After a few more moments of walking very silently down the tunnel, they arrived at a door that was painted red, and a golden doorknob which sparkled from the firelight.

Riku opened the door, which creaked loudly, and gestured for Roxas to head inside first. The blonde boy did, reluctantly, and turned right back around to watch Riku set down the candelabra, shut the door and then lock it. Roxas gulped.

"U-Um...might I have some...s-sleeping clothes, sir?" Roxas muttered.

Riku turned around and faced Roxas with an amused chuckle. "Sleeping clothes? With the clothes Icould provide for you? My love, you would drown in them. No, no, I've already long decided that you won't be sleeping in any clothes next to your future husband."

Roxas's cheeks flushed dark pink and he went to go and refuse what Riku said, but was too slow to speak before Riku had approached Roxas, swooped him up into his arms and stepped towards his bed. Roxas laid eyes on Riku's four-poster bed, a beautiful, snow-white bed sheet on top and gems embedded in the wood of the bed.

Riku gently placed Roxas down on his large bed, and Roxas, thinking that Riku was going to pull back the bed sheets, instead started to unbutton Roxas's shirt. Roxas's eyes grew wide in horror as Riku began to do this, revealing more and more of Roxas's skin along the way. Riku shuddered at the sight of Roxas's beautiful, creamy looking skin and slowly he pressed his hand against Roxas's chest, running his ice cold fingers along Roxas's torso, causing Roxas's skin to break out into goosebumps.

"" Roxas whimpered.

Riku's piercing eyes flickered up to stare deeply into Roxas's eyes. Roxas's cerulean eyes widened when he saw the expression laid deep in Riku's gaze: danger. Roxas did not speak again as Riku continued to caress Roxas's flawless flesh.

Roxas closed his eyes and shuddered unpleasantly, wishing more than anything he wasn't the victim here. What could he do but to let Riku do as he wished? There was nothing more left for him, he would be Riku's wife for the rest of his days, and he knew other things, far worse than this, would be happening to him no later than tomorrow.

"Aaah!" Roxas cried out, eyes flying open.

"Heh heh..." Riku chuckled darkly. Pulling back from Roxas's chest, the silver-haired rat grinned from ear to ear, "Your cries of pleasure really do delight me, my love..." Riku began to stand up again and to Roxas's horror watched as Riku began to press Roxas back on his bed and begin crawling on top of him.

Riku licked his lips as he stared down at Roxas, "You really should take a touchof what my delight feels like..." Riku's large hand reached out to take Roxas's, and, with a bit of trouble, managed to pull down Roxas's restraining arm right on top of his crotch. Roxas's face was even pinker as he touched a very hard something behind Riku's trousers, something very large pressing against the black fabric and daring to pop out of it.

"Now Roxas... I only ask of one favor of you tonight," Riku breathed. "I can't help it... Just seeing your upper body has caused me so much delight I can barely hold back...and...I don't think I will."

Roxas did not like the sound of that one bit. Too afraid to protest, Roxas trembled in fear as Riku placed an unloving kiss to Roxas's plush lips, kissing him deeply and making Roxas squirm uncomfortably. Riku's left hand reached down to press against Roxas's stomach to stop him from moving so much, and because of Riku's much larger size and much more strength, the rat had managed to stop making Roxas move from the force he was pressing on Roxas's abdomen.

Riku pulled away from Roxas's mouth with a sigh of lust, "Delicious... I think...I want to taste a different part of you now." Roxas was out of breath from all the kissing, trying his best to protect parts of his mouth from Riku's pointed fangs. Roxas had barely gotten his breath back when he felt Riku begin unhooking his pants and slowly bringing them down Roxas's slender legs.

"S-Sir...w-what're you-"

He wanted to scream for Riku to stop, he wanted to say no and that he didn't want this...

"Oh my..." Riku breathed, not hesitating as he pulled down Roxas's undergarments the rest of the way.

Roxas cried out softly and writhed on Riku's bed sheets, hands grabbing at the sheets, desperate for freedom. "Unbearable...isn't it, my sweet..."

Roxas's entire body spasmed a moment as a great pleasure ran through him and his eyes grew very wide. "A-Aaaagh!" Roxas felt tears rush down his cheeks, absolutely hating himself for getting aroused from this.

The rat marveled at Roxas's wonderful cries, whether they were happy or not. Nevertheless, Riku was enjoying the whole scenario.

Roxas looked as if he was about to have a heart attack with the way he was writhing and sobbing, hands clawing at the mattress and pitiful mewls sounding constantly.

Roxas collapsed back onto Riku's bed with a cry of shame, more tears making their way quickly down his cheeks.

Opening his blue eyes, Roxas was met with Riku clambering on top of him again, the blonde shivering in fear, feeling unbelievably violated and wishing he didn't exist. "Your juices taste like the sweetest cake; far better than any of the ones you've baked for me."

Roxas did not say anything, too speechless and paralyzed with fear to speak any words of disgust towards the rat. He waited, the blonde watching Riku as the larger male simply stared in awe at the boy's body beneath his own. Riku relished the sheer adorableness of Roxas's figure, wanting nothing more than to kiss and touch every inch of Roxas's flesh. More important to Riku was one thing however: this artistry below him was all his.

Aqua-marine orbs traveled back up to Roxas's scared face and Riku grinned, fangs looking as if they would penetrate Riku's own lips. "Tell me, my dear... Your...Prince Axel of the do know what kind of a person he was like, right?"

Roxas's stupefied form did not respond at all to Riku's question, instead his eyes were the only thing that seemed to have life and response in them. They twinkled with Roxas's tears and remembrance of his true love and only caused him more anguish as Riku continued talking.

"Why...all he wanted to do was have sex with you," Riku smiled, as if this was some kind of a joke to him. "But do not worry... While I am here...the only one who is going to be having sex with you...will be your husband..." Riku smiled wider still, a deep chuckle making it's way up Riku's chest and out of his mouth; a laugh that Roxas thought sounded completely wicked.

Riku slid off of Roxas and stood on his feet, tossing his silvery hair over his shoulder as his hands went straight for his own trousers, unbuttoning them and letting them drop to the floor. Roxas watched Riku, stunned and petrified with terror.

"'re going to look absolutely beautiful tomorrow...all dolled up for me for our wedding..." Roxas wasn't hearing any of Riku's words. All he heard was pounding in his ears and his own voice screaming loudly in his head, demanding that he do something as he stared at what Riku's hands were doing.

The voice in Roxas's mind shrieked as loud as it could and Roxas finally got his voice back.

"N-NO!" Roxas proclaimed out, sitting up and hurrying over to the opposite side of the bed. Wrapping his arms around one of the wooden poles on Riku's four-poster, Roxas glowered at Riku and whimpered gently. "I...I don't want to do this! You said th-that we weren't going to do this tonight! Th-That we'd wait until...o-our honeymoon!"

At first, Roxas actually thought Riku was leaning back down to pull his pants back on, but as he studied the rat he noticed that was quite the opposite. Riku had grasped his belt; thick, large and leather. Roxas's eyes widened and his body froze in fear as Riku approached him, gripped the belt in his hands tightly and before Roxas could even think about doing anything, Riku had slapped the belt as hard as he could across Roxas's back.

Roxas cried out in agony as a harsh red streak appeared on his back, but it wasn't over because Riku brought the belt back down on Roxas's skin again, all but destroying the flesh he was glorifying moments ago. Riku halted abruptly after one last lash and dropped the belt onto the floor, arms immediately petting the blonde's back and carefully placing Roxas back down onto his bed.

Riku joined him instantly, on top of the blonde at once and staring right into Roxas's tear-filled eyes. "I changed my mind, darling."

"" mewled the defeated blonde boy. Roxas whimpered and sniffled, tears swimming down his cheeks and causing his skin to burn. Why was this happening to him? What had Roxas done to deserve this kind of hell? Were all those days and nights of Roxas dreaming to go outside into the world such a sin? Or was Aerith really telling the truth about how dangerous and cruel the world was; especially to one as small as Roxas.

Roxas reprimanded himself over and over all the days he had been lost out in this big, big world, wishing he hadn't gone outside, wishing he had never met any of these creatures beyond his home, and wishing...that Axel had never landed on his window sill.

"Now," Riku breathed, bringing Roxas to reality again, "I think you owe me something..." Riku placed a few kisses here and there on Roxas's neck, dotting the boy's perfect skin with his lips from his shoulders all the way to his fingertips.

Roxas had a foreboding feeling of what Riku meant; and he was right.

Riku's clawed hands had gripped Roxas tightly around his midsection, his pointed fingernails digging themselves into Roxas's skin momentarily to turn him onto the boy's stomach.

By now, Roxas had decided that it was much too pointless to fight back. What wasthe point anyways? Riku was going to get his way no matter what; even if he took Roxas tonight or tomorrow night. There was absolutely no way out...

Just before Roxas's reprieve of what was about to occur began to come to a stop, Roxas opened his cerulean eyes, finding them drifting up towards the ceiling. He remembered, quite clearly, the look of excitement and sheer joy on Axel's face the moment Roxas had stepped foot out into the world...

With his face swimming in tears, Roxas actually smiled, a gentle gasp of happiness escaping past his pink lips as he recalled that moment. If there was anything that was worth stepping past that window sill, it was to be in Axel's arms...

It was in that very next moment that every single happy thought of Roxas's true love faded into darkness as Roxas felt the most physically painful thing he had ever felt in his entire life.

There was no holding back the pained shrieks of agony that erupted past Roxas's mouth. His cries reverberated around Riku's bedroom, ringing through the rat's ears.

His eyes shined with a kind of pride and a bit of power from his realization that he was the first to enter this perfection.

Soon enough, the sheets were soaked with a great deal of Roxas's blood.

Two minutes passed. Five. Ten. Fifteen minutes. Then a grand total of twenty-five minutes. Still, there was no stopping Riku. After a while, the pain decreased a little, but not enough to where Roxas could tolerate it and get through the rest of this torture. It was still enough to make him scream and sob.

Roxas looked up at Riku, cheeks burning and eyes overflowing with tears; Riku looked the happiest person Roxas had ever laid eyes on. He was wickedly happy...

Riku seemed to have the stamina of a hundred rats, and there was no stopping past one hour. Roxas's screams and cries echoed throughout the tunnels of Riku's home for the entirety of the night.

That night was the longest night Roxas had ever spent. He didn't sleep at all. He writhed in pain all night in Riku's bed, wishing he were dead. His life was over; he couldn't bear to live with someone of the likes of Riku for the rest of his days. He wished he had the courage to do something about this. He craved for the strength and ability to fight off Riku, and find his way home. But his most desperate desire to live in peace and harmony again with Aerith was just a dream. He was going to remain as Riku's beloved little wife for years to come.

Roxas had finally managed to fall asleep well past when Riku had fallen into his slumber, clinging to Roxas as if he thought the boy would escape in his sleep. Roxas's sleep lasted for all of about an hour, and he was woken by Tifa, a bit of a surprise. She didn't seem to notice the large stains of blood on Riku's bed, and didn't question why Roxas was naked beneath them. All she did was smile, her gleaming eyes all but in tears as she cried out, "Wedding!"

This dawned onto Roxas as he was taken back to Tifa's home, watching as Tifa began to make arrangements for the wedding that evening. Roxas watched as Tifa measured the length of a beautiful hand-stitched gown that Roxas was to wear later than night. He witnessed her ice an enormous wedding cake, decorated in blue and white icing. This seemed too good to be true for Tifa, but Roxas did nothing all day except lay in Tifa's bed, eyes staring blankly at the solid dirt wall.

"Sweet-heart, you should be happy!" Roxas heard Tifa say as she stepped through the door to her home. Closing the door with her foot, she smiled brightly as said, "It's your wedding day; this should be the happiest and most joyful day of your life."

Roxas had no response. His face was stoic, and his eyes were dead. His skin was snow white, and his heart tempo was slow. If it had been the happiest and most joyful day of his life, his perfect wedding would be outside in the sunlight. Riku would have Roxas on a skewer if he suggested such a thing.

"Come now, Roxas, what's wrong?" Tifa cooed as she began to add a few touches to Roxas's wedding dress. "You're about to marry one of the richest rats in this part of the country; all that money? And whatever you want? And you're just the saddest person ever! You're going to wear the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in the land and you're not even excited to try it on."

Tifa glanced over at Roxas, noticing he wasn't even moving. Tifa quirked an eyebrow and stepped over to the lounging blonde, placing a hand on his shoulder and gently shaking him. "There's going to be lots of people attending this wedding to see a sight like you, Roxas... Don't be depressed right now. You have a lot to be grateful for." Roxas pretended he didn't hear that.

"Come now, it's time for you to try your dress on. I have to make sure it fits you right."

As Roxas had been forced out of bed to try on the dress, he actually felt his mood lightened only by a bit as he gazed at himself in the full length mirror. Awed by the sight she saw, Tifa was brought to tears by the gracious beauty before her. A pure white dress hugged Roxas's body and showed off every curve of his waist and hips; long billowing sleeves made of lace and made with a sheer fabric showed the slender blonde's arms. As Tifa tied a ribbon in the front of Roxas's dress, now making Roxas appear as if he was a little present, Roxas sighed miserably and looked down.

"Not even a smile?" Tifa asked, appalled by Roxas's behavior. There was nothing Tifa could say or do that could even make Roxas speak. Roxas was too miserable to even notice the beauty in the dazzling dress he was wearing.

The day went on and on as Roxas waited around and watched as Tifa arranged the wedding ceremony to take place in the main hallway of Riku's home where the persons who would be arriving would be able to ooh and aah over the jewels and gold laying around everywhere. Roxas hadn't seen Riku since the previous night, secretly liking the idea of not seeing him ever again, but knowing that was a bust.

And at last, the time had come for the wedding to begin. The hallway was filled with friends and acquaintances of Riku and Tifa, a large number of other rats and mice who lived in the tunnels around here.

Roxas was just outside the entrance, wearing his wedding dress and holding a small bouquet of made from petals of flowers. He stared at the floor as a shivering breath of air left his mouth as he tried to gain the courage to face what was about to happen to him. Tifa had gestured for Roxas to get ready and that everybody was waiting for him. Roxas knew that there was no point in waiting around and that it was time to face the truth of his life now: marry Riku.

The doors decked with emeralds and rubies that lead to the hall filled with people opened and there stood Roxas, eyes sparkling like the jewels around him. Everyone's eyes rested on the exquisite form of Roxas as he began to step slowly down the aisle that had people on either side of it. Roxas caught sight of Riku standing at the front, waiting for him to arrive and stand next to him. He was wearing a white suit, a frosty look in his eyes as he stared at Roxas approaching him. Roxas shivered and looked back down at the ground, noticing several jewels and gems scattered on the edges of the aisle, sparkling and as clear as water. Roxas could see his reflection in them.

Tifa was sitting in the front row, looking a mess as she sniffled and dabbed at her eyes with a handkerchief. Roxas couldn't help but find Tifa's behavior as insulting, as she had only known Roxas for a short time. Nevertheless, Roxas continued his stride to the front, still looking at the ground and at the jewels he was passing.

One large green emerald caught his eye and it reminded him of the lovely shade of green that belonged to Axel's eyes. His heart fluttered as he swore he caught sight of Axel in the jewel. Saddened as he watched Axel's face fade away from the gem, Roxas shuddered in misery as he noticed he had finally made it to the front and was now looking upon the intimidating form of Riku. Roxas watched as Riku leaned down to grasp Roxas's hand and bring it to his lips, kissing his hand gently and hearing a collection of 'awws' from the crowd.

Roxas was now standing beside Riku, facing a very old looking rat, having hardly any hair and a very mean looking face. Roxas kept his eyes down and nearly closed. He tried to block out everything as he listened to the rat who was marrying them begin a speech about true love and matrimony.

Roxas felt sick as he stood there, his chest heaving mildly. No one seemed to notice Roxas's pain as the rat before him continued speaking, desperately not wanting to hear him ask that one question that would seal Roxas's fate.

But then he heard it that very next second; those words past the old rat's lips and question Riku. The tall rat chuckled quietly as he heard this, his aqua-marine eyes closing for a few moments as he was asked this. His eyes opened and looked down at Roxas, "I do."

Roxas opened his eyes as he question was now turned to him.

"And do you, Roxas, take this rat to be your lawfully wedded husband; through sickness and in health, 'til death do you part?"

Roxas's eyes were wide open, his whole body trembling in terrible fear. He opened his mouth and Riku raised an eyebrow, however no words passed the boy's fair lips. He made a few croaking sounds but Roxas made no words to speak. The crowd behind them began to murmur to each other, wondering if Roxas was alright. Riku growled softly as aggravation took over him. His hand snatched Roxas's arm and yanked him roughly to break him out of his paralyzed state.

Roxas gasped gently and looked up at Riku, cerulean eyes wide as saucers.

"Answer him, Roxas," Riku snapped.

Roxas shook terribly hard as Riku said this to him and Roxas couldn't seem to take his eyes away from Riku's, who's were glowering intensely at the blonde boy. Everybody seemed on edge to know what Roxas was going to say, as it seemed Roxas might decline.


Everyone hesitated for a moment, and Riku's glower faded away to become completely surprised to hear this from Roxas's mouth.

"I beg your pardon?" the rat marrying them spoke.

Roxas turned to the rat and shook his head, "I said no!" Jerking his arm out of Riku's grasp, the blonde threw down the bouquet of flower petals and turned to Riku, "I can't marry you! I do not love you! I love Prince Axel!"

Riku went from shocked to livid in a matter of seconds as this all crashed down upon him, the entire crowd gasping from alarm and surprise as Roxas spoke these words. "Now you listen here, you little ungrateful brat, you are going to marry me and NO ONE else!"

"NO MEANS NO!" Roxas screamed. Tears were now in his eyes as Roxas suddenly turned around and began to run for the exit. He picked up the material of his dress in hopes it would make him run faster.

"ROXAS!" roared Riku, eyes filled with rage. Everyone was on their feet, watching as Roxas rushed for the doors that lead out of the room. "STOP HIM! STOP HIM AT ONCE!" Roxas fell against the doors, striving to grab onto the handles and pull them open; he could hear people beginning to chase after him.

The door creaked open just enough for Roxas to squeeze through, and in his great attempt he ran through it and the door slammed loudly behind him right as the crowd of people arrived to it. Riku cursed loudly as he witnessed this and he snarled viciously. The hairs on the back of his neck rose and his ears lay flat down, the fur on his tail spiked straight up; Riku looked dangerous.

Suddenly, Riku darted forward, shoving the people aside as he hurried after Roxas, tackling the doors with all his might and throwing them open as if they were no obstacle. Riku ran at full speed down the tunnels, sprinting after Roxas, knowing he wasn't far.

"ROXAS!" roared the rat. He could smell the boy; he wasn't too far along the winding tunnels. "You can't ESCAPE!"

There was a turn ahead and right as Riku turned it he heard a high-pitched scream echo a little ways down from it. The scream belonged to Roxas. Riku charged down the tunnel and saw at once Roxas cornered and standing before him was a very tall figure, huge bat wings coming from his back. Xemnas grinned down at Roxas, chuckling heavily as he saw the blonde cowering before him.

"My beautiful Roxas, I have come back for you," Xemnas grinned wickedly. Roxas looked terrified and even more so when he watched as Riku appeared, tackling Xemnas and grappling him to the dirt.

Riku was snarling and Xemnas roared loudly as he was latched onto by this rat who was lashing out at him, throwing punch after punch at the powerful bat. Roxas took this moment as a clear opportunity to jump up and run for his life. He couldn't remain a coward any longer!

With his dress now ripped in several places and dirtied, Roxas stood to his feet and skittered around the two males fighting violently. It wasn't a few steps Roxas had taken before he was grabbed from behind.

"Aaah!" Roxas screamed in alarm. His wrists were yanked roughly back over and behind his head and he felt another hand wrap around his waist and bring him against somebody. He recognized a familiar odor as someone from behind pressed their nose against Roxas's neck and inhaled.

"Where do you think you'rerunnin' off to, eh?"

The red-haired beetle chuckled cruelly as Roxas struggled underneath Reno's grasp, begging for the redhead to release him. "Let me go! Let me GO!"

"Haha, you're not goin' anywhere, cutie!" Reno grinned. "You're coming with me to become our new little slave, heheheh..."

"NO! NEVER! PLEASE LET ME GO!" Roxas screamed desperately, kicking and squirming quite a bit.

Riku had suddenly bitten down immensely hard on Xemnas's wing, causing Xemnas to cry out in pain. Riku was now bloodied and scratched up and he gazed upon Roxas in Reno's arms.

"Release him at once, insect!" Riku snarled. "Or I shall stuff you and hang you on my walls!"

Reno flinched pathetically as he heard this, a look of fear in his eyes. The fear disappeared instantly in Reno's eyes as he witnessed Xemnas regain himself to suddenly punch Riku hard in the back of his skull, knocking him to the ground. But the powerful rat wasn't going to give up that easily, Riku's fangs elongating and a ferocious growl rumbled through Riku's body.

Roxas didn't want any three of them trying to have him, especially not Xemnas or Riku as they fought ferally for Roxas. The blonde was still struggling as hard as he could in Reno's arms, not having any idea of what was happening just a little ways back down the tunnel.

The dirt from above crumbled and huge piles of dirt piled down onto the ground, creating a bit of sunlight from the outside. Landing on their feet in a steady stance, the prince of the fairies fluttered his wings and dusted himself off. Prince Axel stood there, gazing around either tunnel in a goal to locate Roxas. This was where those two birds had lead him to, both of them explaining that Roxas was underground, being forced to marry a rat.

Axel went to begin running the opposite way of where Roxas actually was, but when he caught the distant sound of a scream ("LET ME GO! SOMEONE HELP ME!") Axel immediately halted and turned around. His emerald green eyes widened as he heard the sound of Roxas's voice which he hadn't heard in what seemed like eons. Dashing down the tunnel, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

"Let me GO, I say!" Roxas shrieked, suddenly getting an idea and thrusting his leg backwards right against Reno's crotch. The redhead cried out in sheer pain as his genitals were roughly hit and he instantly let go of Roxas, who scampered away immediately, and Reno fell to his knees.

"Fucking l-l-little-"

Axel had arrived at the scene, however Roxas was not even there. But that moment in time, Axel noticed at once that Xemnas was there, the first menace to disrupt Roxas's life and break apart both him and Axel. The other being he was brawling with appeared to be the rat that Namine and Sora were talking about. Riku, extremely powerfully, and with both fists, rammed them both against Xemnas's stomach and caused him to fall backwards, knocking the air out of the bat and causing him to stop moving. Riku didn't seem to be finished yet.

Riku dived at Xemnas and latched onto the bat's neck, biting down with all his force and causing blood to spurt forth from his neck as arteries were broken. Xemnas's body twitched violently as Riku bit down, ripping and tearing the flesh from Xemnas's neck apart and eliminating him.

Rising to his feet, Riku panted heavily and wiped at his mouth. "I see you arrived at the appropriate time..." Riku turned around and faced Axel, his once snow white suit now drenched in blood, "...Prince Axel."

Axel did not move however glowered at Riku, knowing he was the one who was forcing himself upon Roxas in marriage. "You're the rat, aren't you?"

"My name is Riku," Riku spoke back, his eyes deranged with fury. "And because you think you can waltz right into my home and take what it rightfully mine...I'm going to murder you, Prince Axel."

Axel stood his ground, scowling at the rat as he reached down and withdrew, not a dagger, but a long sword. The blade shined bright as Axel held it up and gripped the hilt tightly in either of his gloved hands.

"I think you've had enough murdering for one day," Axel said, eyes flickering over to Xemnas's body on the ground. "But I'm not going to take Roxas..." Riku seemed confused for a moment as Axel said this.

"Then what do you plan to do with the boy?" Riku questioned, keeping his high and mighty attitude.

Axel closed his eyes for a few seconds and then smiled, "I'm going to save him."

If only Roxas had known what was now behind him in that tunnel, he actually would've remained there. If Roxas had known that his true love was behind him, about to duel the rat who Roxas hated, then Roxas would have stayed to see every second of that epic battle, and pray that Axel would be the champion.

However, Roxas had no idea of this. Instead, he assumed that both Riku and Xemnas were still fighting furiously and Reno was still writhing on the ground, if perhaps even limping after Roxas. The blonde didn't ease up his vigorous running one bit; he was going to run until he either ran out of breath or his legs gave out on him.

Roxas felt tears trickle down his face as he rushed to find a way out of these never-ending tunnels. He came to many forks, and several dead ends and he always would hurriedly pick a new way to run or turn around as fast as he could to sprint the separate way. He just had to find a way out of here! He had to get out of this cramped underground, feel the sunlight on his face again and taste the pure clean air on his tongue and have it rush through his lungs.

Roxas's knees suddenly buckled and the blonde dropped down to them, his palms lay flat across the dirt floor, droplets of salty tears hitting the ground as well. Roxas, panting and trembling, began to crawl, still desperately trying to find an exit. He crept along the floor, getting his dress very filthy as he strived to see one ray of sunlight; anything that would have him regain his hope back.

But as he continued to grovel on, Roxas collapsed onto his belly, eyes shut and body twitching. He was so exhausted, from both all the running and what had happened to him the night before in Riku's bedroom. He no longer had the energy to trek on, let alone drag himself along the ground. All was hopeless...

"Nngh!" Axel grunted as he swung his blade at Riku. The silver-haired rat was skilled as he grabbed the blade with both of his hands, lines of blood appearing on his palms as he did so. Not seeming to care, Riku, with all his strength, pressed Axel's sword back against the fairy, causing the red-head to slide backwards, creating deep lines in the dirt.

"D-Damnit..." Axel groaned, pressing forward. Bringing up one leg, Axel managed to push Riku back some and the powerful lock was broken and Riku stumbled. The rat shot back instantly, moving so quickly that Axel barely had time to blink.

Axel whirled around as Riku appeared behind him, bringing up his arm, nails elongated into claws and bringing it down upon Axel's face. The redhead flew several feet backwards, his sword flying out of his hands and clattering against the ground. Three long claw marks bled into Axel's cheek and drops of blood trickled down his pale complexion.

"Haha," Riku chuckled as he strolled towards Axel. "You have no way of defeating me, prince! Your fight is hopeless." Riku stopped, foot pressed against the hilt of Axel's sword, the redhead gasping for air and wondering how on earth he was going to outmaneuver Riku.

"You're not going to saveRoxas from anything!" Riku smirked. "Roxas doesn't need saving; he is just fine where he is. We will soon be married, once I find him, and me and him will live happily ever after, and he'll never see you...ever."

"Not on your life!" Axel roared.

The redhead leapt to his feet abruptly, causing Riku to yell in alarm as the prince summoned energy to flutter his wings and send him in the air and torpedo himself towards the tall rat. With his left leg straight out, Axel had kicked Riku in the face with his foot, wiping out Riku momentarily to the ground.

Regaining his sword, Axel faced Riku and waited for Riku to rise to his feet. Once the rat had, he turned around to face Axel, moving his neck in circles and then hearing several cracks sound. Riku sighed as he stared at Axel, shaking his head and chuckling a bit.

"I know what you seek of him," Riku smiled. "His body, am I correct?"

"You have no idea what I desire from Roxas," Axel responded. "All I want is for Roxas to be happy and safe; never to be scorned from the world and the people who live in it ever again!"

"Haha!" Riku laughed heartily. "Now don't tell me you wouldn't enjoy having a piece of that boy, am I correct in saying this? He is quite the scrumptious little thing... His beauty is of something other-worldly..."

"Shut up!" Axel yelled. "I know he's beautiful; and because of YOU he is tainted and scarred!"

"Please..." Riku frowned. "If anything, he's become even more immaculate since last night..." A long and wicked smirk spread across Riku's lips as he said this and Axel seemed to have the life leave his eyes for a moment.

"Aah, indeed..." Riku grinned delightedly, but cruelly. "Me and him shared our love passionately last evening...he screamed...and moaned...and cried...all...night...long..."

Axel's eyes fluttered closed for a moment as he thought about this. He was unsure if Riku was lying or not... He wondered, by the way Riku had worded it, if the Roxas had actually enjoyed it.

"That can't be true..." Axel murmured.

"Every bit of it is true, Prince Axel!" Riku proclaimed. "I had sex with the beautiful mystery of the world! Roxas! He may have been screaming, but he wasn't screaming for you, Prince Axel! Ahahaha! He cried, and cried, awww boo-hoo! He wished his life was over, he begged for me to stop! But no...he was going to be mine; way one or another! And now Roxas is mine! His virginity was taken by the rich and well-looked upon rat, Riku! Hahaha-"

Blood sprayed out against the ground. Riku coughed and his body spasmed a moment. Looking down, Riku's eyes bulging as he saw Axel's sword embedded through his chest, and with a crack, out the rat's back. Riku had been so immersed in his own self-adoring that he hadn't even noticed that Axel was preparing to make his critical move on the rat. Riku couldn't believe his eyes as Axel stood there, looking right into Riku's face as he turned the sword around and caused more agonizing cracks to sound.

"Any person who hurts Roxas...anyone who does such evil and sadistic things to the one I love...will suffer for it..." Axel breathed coldly against Riku's cheeks.

Shuddering and coughing some more, Riku's body trembled as Axel jerked his sword out of the rat's body and Riku collapsed to the ground instantly. His white suit was soaked with blood, eyes wide open as a huge puddle of blood pooled around Riku's body and Axel sheathed his sword.

Axel walked past him at once and he caught sight of Reno peering around a dirt wall at them. Axel's pierced gaze sharply bore into Reno and the red-headed beetle scampered away in fear. Without wasting further time, Axel sprang forward, hurriedly going to find Roxas and hoping he was okay.

As Roxas laid in the dirt, he opened his eyes part-way and sighed gently. He lifted his head and looked up. Something warm hit his face and the blonde shuddered in surprise as he felt this. His eyebrows twitched in confusion as he looked closer. A little ways above him was a small hole, and through the opening Roxas could see sunshine. The golden glow from the small hole above splashed against the gemstones that lay beneath it, making them shine gloriously. Roxas, with the little bit of strength he had left, strained forward, desperate to get to that opening.

There was a large pile of gemstones before the opening that was a perfect way of climbing up and out of the exit. Roxas didn't hesitate; he began climbing up each and every jewel. Some of the gems toppled down to the dirt floor as Roxas climbed over it; Roxas seemed to no longer care of the beauty of these jewels, but instead of the pure and natural beauty of the sun.

Now Roxas could feel the sunlight spraying against his face, lighting up his eyes like a candle in the night. Just a little more and Roxas would be outside. Pressing his hands against the small hole, Roxas dug madly in an attempt to make it wider. He was successful. Chunks of dirt fell down on top of the blonde, but it wasn't enough to make him stop, he continued clawing at that hole until it was just the right size for him.

Now Roxas pushed his entire upper body against the opening and, at long last, was fully outside of the underground land. Gasping in delight, Roxas smiled so brightly, beaming like the sun itself outside. Roxas threw open his arms and twirled around, laughing loudly and letting the sun warm his skin and the wind blow through his hair.

The wintery outside world had gone; there was hardly any snow left. Granted there were a few icicles hanging from the trees, and a bit of molecules of frost on the leaves and blades of grass. Roxas didn't care; he was outside again! This was by far the happiest he had been in a long time.

"I see you!"

Roxas halted his twirling and dances of joy to look up at the sky. Big blue wings flapped lightly above him as Demyx grinned down at the blonde, "I see you, Roxas! Haha! You got out of there, didn't ya?"

"You bet I did!" Roxas smiled triumphantly. "And-a-and Demyx! It's...the sun! It's...i-it's!"

"You're speechless, Roxas," Demyx chuckled as he hovered a few feet from Roxas. "The sun is wonderful, is it not? That is why I always bask in it during the daytime..." Demyx paused and pressed a finger to his chin. "Or is it Namine who does that...? Oh, who cares now! Come on, Roxas! I need to show you something! Hop on my back."

Without further or due, Roxas hurried over to Demyx where he had landed and wrapped his arms around Demyx's neck and Demyx grasped the blonde's legs from behind and began flapping his wings. Soaring up into the air, Demyx whooped out as he launched himself as fast as his wings could carry him into the sky.

Roxas had never been happier. "So where're we going?" Called Roxas.

"Where do you think?" Demyx joked. "I found the Realm of the Fairies!"

Roxas' smile disappeared a moment as he looked at Demyx, "You what?"

Demyx had landed that very next moment, taking Roxas by surprise and was nearly flung over Demyx's shoulder without knowing about the impact landing.

"You heard me," Demyx smiled as he helped Roxas down. "We're here! Welcome to the Realm of the Fairies!" Demyx spread out his arms and wings widely, presenting the apparent location of the Realm of Fairies, but to Roxas it appeared as if they were standing in any old tree.

Roxas crossed his arms as he looked around, trying to spot anything that looked like the fairy palace Axel had told him about the many times he visited Roxas, the constant pixie dust that always hung in the air there, or just the over abundance of fairies in general! But there was no magical fairy life anywhere in sight.

Turning back to Demyx, Roxas frowned, "Demyx... This is not the Realm of the Fairies. This is a tree."

"A tree that is IN the Realm of the Fairies!" Demyx corrected, poking Roxas in the nose. The bluebird laughed at his own joke, continuing to smile as if he just knew he was right. Roxas shook his head, not believing for a second that this place was the Realm of the Fairies.

"Come out you guys!" Demyx called, putting a hand by his mouth to enhance the sound. "We are not predators but friends!"

"Quit talking to yourself, Demyx," Roxas said with a roll of his eyes. "Nobody is here!"

"No, no!" Demyx whispered softly. "But there is!" Demyx smiled and grabbed Roxas's hands, pulling him closer. "Don't close your eyes, Roxas... Just look around... Believe it's the Realm of the Fairies. There's no need to hide it... They're all right here, watching us. You just got to let them know you believe!"

Roxas stared deep into Demyx's eyes, feeling his heart flutter at the bird's words. Was this really the Realm of the Fairies? Or was Demyx a complete dunce? Turning away from Demyx once again, Roxas gazed around the environment and spoke quietly, "I...believe..."

"Come on, Roxas, you can do better than that!" Demyx urged, gently nudging Roxas.

"I b-believe," Roxas spoke louder. "I believe in the Realm of the Fairies! And I believe it's..." Roxas paused and looked down, feeling embarrassed.

"It's where...?" Demyx grinned expectantly.



That was not Demyx's voice. Roxas's eyes widened as he felt a hand on his chest from behind, his heart thundering against his chest. Whirling around faster than Roxas had ever moved before, he barely had time to think as arms wrapped around his waist and a pair of lips pressed against his own. Roxas was in the arms of Prince Axel...and he was kissing him!

Axel pulled away with a smack of his lips and smiled down at the blonde. Roxas looked petrified.


"Alive," Axel chortled. "I know. I can't believe it either."

"A-Axel..." Roxas choked, eyes filling with tears. "I j-just...can't..."

Axel looked a little worried. Roxas was crying, and notsmiling. This was not how he had imagined his reuniting with Roxas at all. But as quick as he thought that, everything fell into place as Roxas all but tackled Axel in an enormous embrace.

"You're alive!"

Axel laughed and threw his arms around the petite boy, picking him up and twirling him around and causing Roxas to squeal in delight. Demyx, Namine and Sora were all standing together behind Axel and Roxas, all smiling and laughing; Sora high-fived Demyx.

But then Roxas heard something he wasn't expecting to hear at all. It was the sound of many hands clapping, and as Axel set Roxas down, the blonde turned to look and saw to his surprise hundreds of fairies emerging from the leaves in the tree and the flowers on the ground.

They were cheering, looking pleased to see their prince with another person, in love.

"Are these...your people?" Roxas murmured.

"Yes," Axel smiled. "And they always applaud whenever a new fairy joins their kingdom."

Roxas quirked an eyebrow, looking to Axel with a confused look. "What do you mean?"

"Well, whenever a new fairy is introduced to the Realm of the Fairies, there's always a huge ceremony, and all the fairies come together to greet the newest member of the fairies," Axel explained. "Roxas...haven't you been wondering this whole time why you're so different? And why everyone was confused by you? That you were some kind of mystery? There is no creature ever to exist you lookslike a fairy with no wings..."

Roxas was still so confused. Axel was making it sound as if Roxas was a fairy!

"How can I be a fairy?" Roxas muttered. "I don't have any wings."

"You're just a late bloomer," Axel chuckled, ruffling Roxas's hair. "Any creature who is born from a flower IS a fairy. Come on, let's see those wings now..." Axel's transparent wings fluttered to lift him off the tree branch and effortlessly pick up Roxas into his arms, slowly floating down to the huge crowd of fairies below.

Roxas saw fairies of all ages, sizes and even color. There were so many fairies that Roxas wished he had extra eyes to look in several different directions. And sure enough there was that fairy dust Axel had mentioned, the little particles floating in the air around Roxas. Axel had landed on the ground, slowly placing Roxas safely on his feet. Roxas looked at Axel, noticing the redhead looked as if he was waiting on Roxas to do something.

"Let me see those beautiful wings, Roxas..."

Roxas felt his heart flutter again, the fluttering sensation reminding him of a bird, and how the tips of their wings flitted erratically in the air. Roxas sighed passionately and closed his eyes, and he suddenly felt this weightless feeling come over him. Roxas's eyes flew open and was surprised to see an extra amount of dusty sparkles burst forth from behind him.

Roxas was floating in the air, and Axel was definitely not holding him. Roxas looked over his shoulder, the breath leaving him at once as he saw two long transparent fairy wings fluttering on his back.

"W-Wings!" Roxas gasped in shock. "I...I have wings!"

Axel joined Roxas in the air, grasping the boy's hands and pulling him close in a little aerial waltz, "Yes, Roxas! You're a fairy!"

"I'm a fairy, Axel! I can fly with you now!"

"Of course you can, Roxas! All the time, everyday!"

Roxas didn't know what to say as he stared into Axel's eyes. Everything was all so wonderful at once, and he didn't know what to even do anymore besides take what he had at that moment and enjoy it. Intertwining his fingers with Axel's, the two fairies spiraled around in the air together, gold and red dust sparkles falling from their wings as they began to soar and fly all around, groups of the other fairies following behind.

There was only one thing that could make this moment better and complete Roxas's happiness. He had to see Aerith, the woman who had taken the time to raise Roxas and was the one who practically brought him into the world by buying a seed from a witch and planting it, thus creating the blonde fairy that was now.

Axel seemed to understand Roxas's deep desire to go and see Aerith again, and that Roxas wanted to tell her he loved her.

It was that same day as Axel escorted Roxas back to his home himself, and Roxas, in what seemed like forever, rested his eyes on the old cottage on the edge of the forest. His home, with Aerith.

Axel safely helped Roxas land on the window sill, the same one that Roxas would gaze out of every day and night, and the same one that he met Axel on.

"I'll wait right over here," Axel smiled, kissing Roxas's cheek. Roxas watched as Axel flitted away to a nearby rose bush, watching Roxas protectively. Roxas smiled and turned back to the window, peering inside to see if he could spot Aerith.

She was sitting at the table she always sat at whenever she'd read Roxas stories, bake or sew. She didn't look like she was doing anything, actually. She was just staring at the wall.

"Aerith!" Roxas called out loudly, tapping on the glass of the window. "It's me! Roxas! I'm back!"

Aerith didn't seem to hear Roxas at first, however she did turn and Roxas saw tears running down her cheeks. Roxas's face saddened at once upon seeing this kind of sad emotion on Aerith's face. He couldn't bear it, so he only hammered on the glass harder and shouted louder, "AERIIIITH!"

The young brown-haired woman blinked when she heard this sound and turned her head slowly to look at the window. Her eyes were deceiving her... She just knew it. She saw her little Roxas standing in the window sill, wearing a torn up and dirtied wedding dress and looking outstandingly happy. What a vision she was having and Aerith couldn't help but smile, happy to see an image of Roxas looking so gleeful.

Roxas was confused; was Aerith thinking Roxas wasn't really there? He had to try more.

"Aerith! It's me! I'm really here, Aerith!" Roxas called, smiling widely. "Open the window!"

Aerith's smile slowly faded as she heard Roxas's voice, his words flowing freely in her ears.


"Yes, Aerith!" Roxas called. "It's me! Roxas!"

Aerith's eyes widened much wider and she shuddered as she rose to her feet, "R-Roxas!" Sprinting towards the window, Aerith hurriedly, with shaking hands, opened the window, an enormous smile appearing on her face as she stared down at the tiny little boy standing on her window sill.

"Oh...oh Roxas!" Aerith gasped. Placing her palm down, Roxas quickly climbed onto it, wrapping his arms around her thumb and nuzzling it sweetly. Tears immediately came to her eyes and swam down her cheeks. She cried out in delight as she watched Roxas kiss it...

"I'm here, Aerith," Roxas smiled. "And I missed you."

" have wings, Roxas!" Aerith suddenly noticed. She looked astounded to see lovely wings sprouted from Roxas's back, little golden sparkles falling from them every time they moved.

"It...well...I suppose it turns out..." Roxas said, scratching the back of his head. "That I'm...a fairy..."

"A fairy!" Aerith exclaimed. "My Roxas... was a fairy...all along?"

Nodding, Roxas said, "I-I know! I was...astonished to find out myself! I found out by...another fairy..."

Aerith blinked, tilting her head curiously to the side, "Another fairy?"

"Yes, Aerith...I...I need to tell you everything that's happened," Roxas said with a sigh.

As Roxas began to talk, Aerith had to sit down to hold herself together as Roxas told her every detail from start to finish, that he had been secretly meeting with the prince of the fairies every night for weeks and fell in love with him. That he had gone outside and got kidnapped by a bat named Xemnas, was assaulted by him and then rescued by a bluebird named Demyx. He met a dove and a sparrow named Namine and Sora, Roxas becoming instant friends with them. He explained how he had gotten abducted by a lecherous beetle, taken to hypnotizing rave and was assaulted again. Roxas told Aerith about Tifa, a nice but also very rude mouse who had saved his life but then almost ruined it by introducing him to Riku, the rich and greedy rat. Roxas went on to say everything that Riku had done to Roxas, bringing Aerith to more tears and wishing she had known and that she could've done something. But Roxas lightened the mood by saying he turned down Riku at the wedding and escaped safely and then was reunited with the love of his life, Prince Axel in the Realm of the Fairies where he found out that he was a fairy himself and obtained wings of his own. Roxas's story had lasted nearly all day.

Aerith sighed heavily once Roxas had finished telling her everything, the brunette wiping her eyes and smiling a bit, "Oh, Roxas..."

"W-What?" Roxas asked curiously. "What is it?"

"You don't see it?" Aerith giggled. "Your a fairy tale. Do you remember the stories I used to tell you every night before you'd go to sleep?" Roxas nodded. "Good and bad things happen in those stories...but they always end good... Your story is pure magic, evil, and love... You're a fairy, and your tale has been a great one."

Aerith slowly brought Roxas closer, and she slowly placed the most delicate kiss she could kiss a top Roxas's little head. The blonde stumbled a little but smiled up at Aerith, "Aerith? You know...I'll come and visit you, right?"

Aerith sighed, knowing that this was going to come eventually. After hearing all about Axel and that they were in love, and definitely now that Roxas was a fairy himself...there was no stopping the blonde's desire to marry Axel and live with him forever.

"Yes..." Aerith smiled. "I'll look forward to those visits everyday, Roxas." Aerith sniffled and wiped at her eyes again. Standing up, she strode over to the window sill again and placed Roxas upon it. Her eyes glanced outside of the window, looking around for any signs of the fairy prince, and with a gentle gasp she saw the striking image of a handsome red-haired fairy sitting on a rose, dotted with drops of dew. Axel smiled at her and nodded his head.

Aerith smiled back before looking back down at Roxas, "Okay you...go out and have another adventure with your prince charming!"

"Good-bye, Aerith!" Roxas called as his wings carried him outside. Waving his hand, the blonde soared off into the distance, Axel joining him hand-in-hand. "I love you, Aerith!"

Aerith waved, tears trickling down her cheeks as she watched the gold and crimson sparkles fade into the now rising moon.