Spoilers for 5x10 'Abandon All Hope…'

E/O word: tense

Word count: 100

A/N: I know I've been gone for awhile. Writer's block. When I watched the last episode though, I had to post something. It was so damn sad, and I admit that I actually cried. :(



So ends the day, with the Harvelle girls final stand.

Ellen held her daughter close, gently rocking to soothe the endless shivering. Jo tensed one last time before falling limp, leaving tears of denial to streak down Ellen's cheeks as she was left to whisper words of comfort to a now empty shell.

Shh…it'll be okay…Mommy's here…

The doors burst open, the low growls and snarls of invisible hellhounds filling the air. Her hand tightened around her daughter's, finding comfort in the bomb's ignition switch.


Heated breath beat against her hair.

I'm coming, baby.

And she pressed the trigger.