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I'm sorry if it isn't any good...
but ENJOY!


Chapter 1 - Devil's Fruit

The sea was crashing against stray rocks and sand was being dragged in and out by the sea.
The sky was calm and breezy until the black cloud from over the horizon had covered the whole beach. A young girl was struggling around on her one good leg, her hunt for food seemed impossible for her. Until she found a strange pink shaped fruit. It was a Devil's Fruit. She looked around for something more to eat instead of it, but there was nothing. She would rather have an strange power than being starved to death. She took a bite, it tasted alright, so she ate the rest. A sudden pain in her chest struck her and she collapsed on the sand. The black clouds began to pour their tears and a shadow moved around the trees.


"I'm so bored..." said Luffy hanging off the edge of the Thousand Sunny.
"I'm bored too..." replied Usopp as he began to poke Luffy for no apparent reason. For the past 9 days nothing had happened, ablostly nothing. So Luffy, Usopp and Chopper had resorted to poking as entertainment. "Nothing!" Luffy thought, then suddenly Luffy screamed with joy.
"An island, AN ISLAND EVERYONE!! AN ISLAAANNNDD!!" Everyone on deck turned to the side of the Thousand Sunny. Luffy ran over to Nami in a quick panic and dived down onto his hands and knees.
"Please Nami, let's goto this island! I won't ever steal stuff from the fridges!!" Luffy cried.
"But we could reach where we need to be in another day..." Nami said thoughtfully. Luffy jumped to his feet and began ran to the steering room.
"OK, OK! We'll go to the island!" Nami said quickly, because all she knew Luffy could do was break the steering.
"YAHOO! To the mystery island!" Luffy shouted with Usopp and Chopper.

Minutes later the Thousand Sunny was safe on the beach, but it was no normal beach. The sand was red like blood and the grass was coloured blue and yellow. Usopp had suddenly caught "I can't go on this island" illness he and Franky decieded to stay on board. After 10 minutes of working out why the sand and grass were these colours, a scream came from down the beach.
"What was that?" Zoro said sleepily, as he had been taking a nap by a pink tree.
"We better go see." said Sanji "Nami-chwan, Robin-swan stay here so your safe!" Then they ran off to the other side of the large rock.

On the other side of the rock was another clear beach, but there was someone on the beach.
Sanji, Zoro and Luffy ran to the body in the red sand. It was a young girl, she was covered in blood and had a large stab wound through her stomach. Her lifeless eyes were staring into the trees, which a path of footprints lead from her body to the trees.
"CHOPPER!" Luffy called "WE NEED YOU QUICK!" As soon as this call reached Chopper's ears,he was charging round the rock in deer form.
"What's wrong Luffy..." Chopper asked, but he had already seen the body. Chopper started to get to work on cleaning her up. Zoro had already gone off somewhere and Sanji waited impatiently as Chopper worked.
"Is she going to be alright!" asked Sanji "Is she gonna die!" was the same thing he had been saying for ages. But Chopper had had engough.
"SHE WON'T DIE IF YOU SHUT UP!!" shouted Chopper in Sanji's face. He was stunned silent and decieded to follow the foot prints from where her body lay. He followed them up to the edge of the trees until the were gone. They didn't look like human foot prints, they looked more like cat footprints.