Famous Last Words


Demetri was always the famous lady's man in the Volturi. Good-looks, poise, courteous, and one of the most deadly killers our world held. He hates to love and loves the girls who love to hate, because they're just like him. Demetri's expert tracking ability leaves him expecting and knowing what lies ahead of him, and where to find it...like his recent mission to track down a hidden coven that was on the run from some unknown power. But what he didn't expect to find on this mission was one of his most life-altering, confusing, un-expected discoveries....

A girl.

For once, Demetri can't figure her or her power out. But will it matter when her past catches up with her, and death might be the only future she holds? She was running for a reason. Can Demetri defeat what she's running from?

All Vampire.


The darkness was like a solid wall as Demetri travelled down the damp, eerie, underground tunnel. His footsteps were quiet whispers as he ran at blinding speed down the stone tunnel, his eyes transfixed on the darkness ahead of him, and his cloak billowing around him. He peered through the tunnel with his hood up, as stealthy as a deadly spy.

"Hurry..." the word whispered through the tunnel, hanging onto the dampness of the air as it echoed around him. The quiet pitter-patter of the water drops, and a few scurrying rats somewhere along the bend were the only sounds that he could detect. Demetri knew this mission was important. He knew that if he messed this up, he would pay.

Ahead of him, the silhouette of a dark figure stood at the end of the tunnel, its head down.

Demetri flew forward, his razor-sharp crimson eyes taking in the dark figure. He didn't stop. He was prepared for the kill as he came closer, closer...

The dark figure didn't move.

Demetri let out a loud hiss as he stopped in front of the figure. They were standing in front of a wall. It was a dead end. Demetri's eyes narrowed at them, his mouth setting in a fine line of anger. It was then that he realized it was a trick, for the figure had to come from somewhere.

"Where are they?" he hissed, his accent almost British and menacing. His light brown hair was wind-blown and his eyes flashed crimson. The dark figure's lips tugged up at one side, smirking.

"Who?" a feminine voice rang out, amused and sarcastic. She was playing games. She liked playing games.

Demetri didn't like being played with.

"You know who!" he hissed, lunging at the girl and pinning her to the stone wall, a hand at her throat. The ancient slate walls cracked under the impact, sending out ribbons of black lines up and down the damp wall. The girl grinned at him teasingly.

"They're gone. Long gone." She answered, and Demetri's hard face softened, before full rage returned, and his fist collided with the wall of the tunnel, completely shattering the rock. Dust and rock flew around them in a storm as he made his way to the other side of the wall, where a large, empty room was. The corpses of some freshly-drained humans remained, but the coven of vampires that were hiding beneath the streets of Paris were long gone.

The girl laughed.

"You—you will come!" Demetri shouted, outraged as he grabbed a hold of her neck and dragged her away from the room.

"You're very funny. Fun to play with." She chuckled. Demetri's grip tightened around her throat painfully as he dragged her to the exit of the tunnel, where Jane, Alec, and Felix were waiting impatiently.

"What is this?" Jane hissed, glaring at the girl.

"They're gone. The whole lot. She's what remains." Demetri spat.

"Master isn't going to like this." Jane said. Alec stood by his sister silently.

"We'll have to bring her." Felix said. Demetri's grip around her throat continued to tighten to the point she was scratching at his arm to let go. She couldn't speak, and the absence of air was getting to her. Demetri grinned at the thought of presenting her to Aro, and what her punishment will surely be.

"I would love to be the torturer."

New Moon made me want to write about Demetri :) He was so hawt. I am officially Team Jasper AND Team Demetri. Review.