She looked up at her captives and was able to see their faces for the first time. No, not captives, rescuers. The ones that had come to take her away from that small cramped room where she was subject to whatever they wanted. She looked into the icy blue eyes that seemed so familiar to her. Her eyes moved from blue to green, bright green eyes that twinkled with satisfaction. Big hard hands, gentle as anything, helped her sit up. More hands, smaller and softer, yet just as strong, helped her get off the ground. A wet cloth was wiped slowly across her face. She looked once again into the eyes of blue, watched warily as recognition, then pain, flashed in their depths. The face that belonged with the eyes, the eyes of someone who looked they'd seen a loved one die, showed no emotion. Slowly, the name that went with the familiar blue eyes clicked into place. Her lips parted and after a few seconds she was able to speak.

"Gibbs?" it was barely a whisper, yet he somehow managed to hear her. His face was no longer emotionless; it was now full of pain. His reply was no louder than hers, yet it made her knees collapse and darkness swirl round the corners of her vision as she felt safe once again.


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