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Tony rushed out of the elevator, sitting down at his desk. He looked at his watch – he was only ten minutes late – surely Gibbs wouldn't find out. He breathed a sigh of relief when he didn't see anyone in the bullpen except Ziva. Apparently she hadn't noticed him either; she didn't look up from the computer screen at all. Tony sat and sighed in relief – nothing was worse than coming in late during a case, especially since Bec was here. And Bec always seemed to bring trouble.

"Nice of you to join us Tony."

Damn, he thought, as if Ziva wouldn't notice.

"Hey, I'm only ten minutes late!" he countered, putting on the charm.

"Yes, I am sure Gibbs will see it that way," she replied, the shadow of a smirk on her face.

"Well he won't know unless you tell him, Zee-Vah." Tony elongated her name, knowing that secretly she loved it and hated it at the same time. He got up out of his desk and perched himself on the edge of hers.

"What makes you think I won't tell him?" Ziva said, getting out of her seat and standing in front of her partner.

"The fact that if I die you'll be stuck alone with the Probie."

"And we certainly couldn't have that, Tony," she teased stepping close enough to whisper in his ear, "you'd be too jealous."

She pulled back and he stared into her chocolate orbs, deliberating his response.

"You used three contractions in less than two minutes," he breathed, opting for the safe choice of words.

"Yes. I. Did," she purred as they both moved forward, bodies touching.

Bec walked out of the elevator, bopping along to the music playing in her ears. She started to walk into the squad room but stopped, shocked at what she was seeing. Tony and Ziva were standing practically nose to nose, bodies pressed up against one another. Bec knew Gibbs wasn't far behind her, so she decided to intervene.


The pair jumped apart and Bec chuckled quietly. Tony looked around the room, his eyes finally coming to rest on Bec who was making her way slowly towards him. She laughed louder at the look on his face; never had she seen someone so disappointed. She pulled her earphones out of her ears as she sat down at Gibbs' desk, and watched as DiNozzo came up to her.

"Bec, what was that for?"

She resisted the urge to laugh again. Tony sounded really pissed, and his voice sounded more like a hiss than a whisper. She looked around for Gibbs, and when she didn't see him she leaned into the senior field agent and answered his question.

"I was saving you from Gibbs' wrath. Would you've liked it if he walked in instead of me?" She leant back then spoke at normal volume. "Besides, that whole 'backing me into a corner' thing in the elevator yesterday wasn't exactly the nicest thing you've ever done; and I felt like being a bitch."

Bec smirked at Tony, enjoying the stunned look on his face. She clasped her hands behind her head and waited. It was a while before Tony could speak again.

"But... why?"

Bec looked around for Gibbs again, then she looked up at Tony, a look of total seriousness on her face.

"Cause I didn't want Gibbs to spot you. Just cause he has a rule against you and Ziva dating doesn't mean I do. I couldn't care less," she said, standing up, "next time though, take it to the men's room or something."

She walked towards the elevator again but stopped in front of Ziva's desk, waiting until she'd looked up. She nodded her head toward the elevator, watching Ziva's face pale a little. Then she continued her walk, sensing Ziva walking behind her. They stepped into the waiting elevator together and Bec waited until the doors closed before hitting the emergency switch, effectively plunging them into darkness. She turned to face Ziva, and crossed her arms.

Then she waited.

Soon, Ziva broke the tension filled silence.

"Look, I did not mean to tell them! They just happened to be standing behind me when I realised." Bec shrugged, unimpressed.

"It wasn't your secret to tell, Ziva, but I forgive you. Besides, there are more pressing issues." Bec frowned, wondering how best to word her question, "now that you've figured out where I'm from, do the others know that you know everything else that they don't know I haven't told them?"

Ziva frowned slightly as she figured out what Bec meant before replying, "no, I do not think that they do."

Bec just stared at her, scepticism written all over her face.

"Are you sure they don't know?"

Ziva glared at her, and Bec shrugged in response.

"You could've let something slip." Ziva's eyes narrowed.

"I did not let anything slip. They only know what you've told them," a thoughtful expression crossed her face, "who else did you tell?"

Bec's face went blank and she flipped the switch, setting the elevator moving again. Ziva looked at her curiously.

"Where are we going?" Ziva asked, curiosity evident in her voice. Bec met her gaze, then looked at the silver doors in front of them.


And with that, she fell silent as the elevator quickly descended, the doors opening to reveal Abby's lab. Bec left Ziva alone in the elevator, rushing to get out. She strode quickly and silently to the lab but stopped just short of the doorway and leant against the wall. She looked back at Ziva and nodded for her to come with her. Ziva noticed that her confidence from before was gone as she stood next to her outside the lab. Bec leant in close and whispered in Ziva's ear.

"The only other person I told was Abby."

Ziva looked confused and uttered, "then why are you not going in?"

Bec leant in closer before answering, "because Gibbs is in there with her."

Ziva couldn't see the significance of that at all; in fact, she looked more confused than before. Bec rolled her eyes.

"They're talking about me."

Ziva's brow furrowed and she looked around the corner into the lab. Neither Gibbs, nor Abby's lips were moving and no muffled sound was coming from the lab.

"But they're not saying anything!" Ziva said in a harsh whisper, looking again just to make sure.

"No. They're signing," Bec replied with a sigh.

"You know how to sign?" Ziva said looking at Bec with a surprised gaze.

"My best friend was deaf, remember?"

Ziva nodded. She remembered when she first started training Bec, how she would sign as she talked. Bec looked around the corner, her eyes narrowing as she watched.

"Ok, it's time to stop this conversation."

Bec strode into the lab, clearly pissed, Ziva right behind her.

Both Gibbs and Abby stared at them in surprise, neither of them expecting anyone else down in the lab with them. Gibbs looked between Bec and Ziva, glaring slightly at the both of them, noticing Bec's angry expression. He noticed that anger wasn't the only emotion on her face. It was definitely the most prominent, but there was another there and he couldn't quite figure out what it was.

"Bec, Ziva, what-"

"I needed to speak to Abby, and Ziva just happened to be in the elevator when I made the decision," Bec said coolly, cutting her uncle off.

Ziva looked between Gibbs and Bec, noticing the glares that were being exchanged were almost identical though Bec's glare was maybe marginally more menacing than Gibbs'. Then it changed, Bec's gaze was no longer angry, but challenging.

"That is, if I'm allowed to."

Gibbs glowered at her for a moment longer, then turned and marched out the lab. Ziva followed him, throwing Bec an apologetic glance over her shoulder. They heard the ding of the elevator that signalled that the others were gone, but neither of them spoke, Abby waiting for Bec to explain why she came down here in the first place.

Abby watched as Bec's glare slid slowly off her face, only to be replaced with hurt and betrayal so deep, that Abby just wrapped her up in her arms. She felt Bec stiffen, then pull away slightly. Abby let her go.

Bec stood in front of the Goth, completely lost for words.

"You and Gibbs… you were-"

"Bec it's not what you think!" Abby said cutting her off.

"Really, cause that's definitely what it looks like," Bec replied, blinking back tears.

"Bec…" Abby said moving forward to engulf her in a hug but the young girl stepped back, not allowing it.

"Are you sure you're allowed to do that? You know seeing how untrustworthy I am."

Abby stared at her feet nervously. Bec could obviously sign and the conversation she had just had with Gibbs was definitely not one she would have liked the young girl to overhear.

"You know, it's really not my fault that all this stuff keeps happening to me," Bec said, anger and a hint of bitterness in her voice, "I mean, it's not like I asked for Patrick or Sharnie or Mossad or any of it to happen! How is it my fault that my life is just one royal screw up after another? And now Gibbs has the gall to say that he doesn't trust me? What-did-he-expect-me-to-do?"

"I don't know Bec, I honestly don't know," Abby replied quietly, dreading the next words she had to say, "maybe you should uh… leave now."

Bec gaped at Abby, stunned by what she had just told her. The Goth was always the friendly supportive one, the only one who could defy Gibbs and get away with it. If she was following his orders, the rest of them wouldn't hesitate to ignore her.

"Right, yeah, comes with the whole 'untrustworthy' territory, got it," Bec stammered for the first time in ages. Abby stared at her sympathetically, sensing the poor girl was lost for words.

"So I'll just uh…" Bec spluttered and turn around still shocked. She made her way over to the doors unable to believe that Abby had told her to leave.

Just before she walked out of the lab she turned, looked Abby straight in the eye and said, "I really thought you'd be there for me."

And with that she walked out of the room, ignoring the hurt look plastered across Abby's face.

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