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"Don't Tell Ron" ; Victoire and Harry

August 2009

"Cousin Draco!" Eleven year old Teddy Lupin jumped off his broom that he had been flying around the backyard of his grandmother's house and ran toward his older cousin. Andromeda turned to see her nephew standing in her backyard. Her eyes then shifted down to see the little boy peeking out from behind his father's legs.\

"Draco, whatever are you doing here?" The woman asked walking over. While relations between Andromeda and her sister's family had gotten better, things were still a little strained at best. Teddy on the other hand absolutely adored Narcissa, and Draco and really adored Scorpius since his birth three almost four years previously. Lucius (or Great Uncle Lucy to Teddy) had gone back to Azkaban and still had a few years of his sentence left. Teddy was now kneeling on the ground playing peek a boo with little Scorpius.

"I came to visit Teddy before he leaves for Hogwarts." Draco responded stiffly.

"Well that's very nice of you Draco" Andromeda said warmly. Draco's face relaxed.

"Teddy!" Came a yell shortly followed by a boy with dark hair. Teddy looked up.

"James!" he cried grinning. He got up and went over to the four and a half year old leaving Scorpius who went back to his father's legs looking at the newcomer warily.

"Don't run away like that James!" Came the voice of a young girl.

"Victoire" Teddy said his hair turning pink. The ten year old smiled.

"Hey Teddy" she continued walking over to Andromeda , Draco and Scorpius.

"Hi Andromeda. I hope you don't mind Uncle Harry brought us to visit." she said brightly. Draco raised an eyebrow.

"Potter's here?"

"He is Teddy's godfather." Andromeda said .

"Hi Hi!" came another girl's voice shortly followed by a small red haired girl.

"Hi 'Meda" The red haired girl came walking up to the group taking Victoire's hand. She turned to Draco.

"Hi I'm Rwose. I'm this many" The girl held up three fingers. Draco looked down at the girl in some surprise.

"Uh hi." he said.

"Just how many kids does Potter have?" Draco asked.

"I only have three, but today I have six." Harry said coming into view with a double stroller and another boy in his arms.

"Save the world then become a nanny?" Draco smirked. Harry shot him a look.

"Harry!" Teddy came running over and hugged Harry around the middle.

"Hey Teddy" Harry said hugging him with one arm. The other arm was holding a boy fast asleep who appeared to be taking after Harry very much in looks Draco noted.

"Teddy!" James called. Teddy went back to the four year old.

"So" Draco said after a moment of silence. "Who is who?" attempting to not look interested.

"Oh right. That's James my oldest who's four with Teddy. This is Al here who's three," Harry indicated the sleeping boy in his arms, "and Lily is this one here" he indicated the baby girl sleeping in the front seat of the stroller.

"I'm Rwose" The three year old girl said again.

"She's Ron and Hermione's daughter" Andromeda said. Draco raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

"And Hugo is their son, he and Lily are both a year old." Harry indicated the sleeping boy in the backseat of the stroller.

"And I'm Victoire Weasley. Daughter of Bill and Fleur Weasley and I'm ten." The ten year old girl said.

"Vicky come here." Teddy yelled over. Victoire left to go join the two boys leaving Rose behind.

"So that's your son I'm assuming." Harry said after an awkward silence indicating the blond boy still hiding behind Draco's legs. He was now peering at the strangers with some interest.

"Hi hi! I'm Rwose" The girl directed this at Scorpius. Scorpius glanced up at his father and then at Rose.

"Hi" he spoke softly. Rose beamed at him.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Scorpius" the boy said hesitantly.

"Probably trying to get his name right." Harry thought to himself.

" 'p is" Rose struggled "want to go on the teeter-totter?" she asked indicating the muggle toy that sat next to the muggle play set. Andromeda interfered before Draco could say anything.

"Go ahead sweetie." Rose took Scorpius' hand and led him over to the teeter totter. Draco turned from watching his son and his school enemies' daughter to see Harry biting his lip trying not to laugh.

"Potter." Draco said warningly.

"They make such a cute couple, don't you think Malfoy?" Harry said trying for a straight face. Draco growled.

For the next hour Harry kept an eye on James, Teddy and Victoire, Andromeda watched the babies

and Draco kept a close eye on his son and the weasel's daughter.

"Nooooooo!" Everyone turned to see Al struggling in his father's arms a look of confusion on

Harry's face. Al made it to the ground and ran across the yard to Scorpius and Rose who had just, again,

gotten off the teeter totter and stepped in between them. He faced Scorpius.

"No" Al said firmly before starting to push Rose away from him. Scorpius' face started to crumple

as his new friend was being taken away from him by this strange boy. Harry went running over to pick Al


"You know Uncle Harry you may have to explain to Al the concept of incest and why he can't

marry his cousin someday." Victoire said cheerfully. There came a snort, Harry wasn't sure who, just that it

was either Teddy or Draco.

Al fought his father screaming waking up Lily and Hugo who starting screaming. Rose went back

to Scorpius hugging him.

"I think it's time we better go." Harry said loudly over the three screaming kids. Victoire grabbed

James, "Bye Teddy" and began to walk toward Harry.

"Bye p' us" Rose said mournfully before kissing him full on the lips. A look of horror crossed

Draco's face. Rose ran to her cousins (and brother). Scorpius watched them go, his face pink and his eyes

wide in shock.

Upon entering his house Harry turned to Victoire. "Never tell your Uncle Ron about what

happened today."

"I promise" Victoire said solemnly.

Victoire kept her promise for the next 15 years.

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