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Rose sat down on a white plush chair in front of a silver rimmed mirror as a few of her friends and cousins left the room. She carefully applied her lipstick not wanting to drop the tube onto her dress. The 21 year old looked into the mirror as she placed her hand on her stomach.

"Rosie?" The red head turned to look at the person who had just entered the room.

"Hey Dad," she said.

"Because I'm in love with you!" Ron stopped breathing as he looked at his daughter and the ferret's son who was now looking nervous as EVERYONE was watching them. Rose didn't seem to notice the crowd of people, some of whom had broken out into excited whispers. It was one thing to be invited to a Potter/Weasley party, but to witness something like this was a once in a lifetime event and worthy of the Daily Prophet.

"What?" Rose gasped softly, staring at her friend with wide eyes, the crowd and Ron straining their ears to hear. Scorpius focused his attention back on Rose sighing.

"I'm in love with you, I have been for years now," Scorpius confessed, shooting a nervous look at Ron. Ron stood there frozen not sure how to react to this. Apparently, the spawn of Malfoy and his Rosie had been friends for years now. Rose stared up at the blond young man in front of her, Hermione noted with a similar shocked expression to that of her father. Ron hadn't noticed that both she and Harry had their wands out, because neither of them could be sure of how Ron would take this, although both suspected it wouldn't be good, especially for Scorpius.

After a moment went by, and Rose still hadn't said anything her mouth and eyes wide open, Scorpius smiled sadly at her and turned to walk away; Ron noted a look of pain washing over the 18 year old's face as soon as his back was facing Rose. Something seemed to hit Rose as the expression on her face changed. She suddenly grabbed Scorpius by his arm, turned him around and kissed him. The crowd broke out into whispers once again with some giggles here and there as Scorpius wrapped his arms around Rose. Hermione and Harry both raised their wands in anticipation of Ron's outburst. They waited. Nothing happened. Ron stood staring at Rose and Scorpius kissing before turning and walking into the house.

Ron walked into the room his daughter was sitting in.

"How are you feeling?" He asked concerned. Rose smiled up at the red headed man.

"Are you expecting me to be feeling sad or something?" The young woman asked. Ron considered this.

"Maybe a little," he answered laughing a bit. Rose smiled then frowned looking down.

"I'm feeling a little bit of everything right now. Sad, happy, anxious, excited, scared, nauseous," Rose trailed off.

Ron nodded. "I was nauseous too, actually I'm feeling nauseous now," he said grinning when his daughter stuck out her tongue at him. She then looked at him, biting her lip.

"Do you want to know a secret?"

Hermione and Harry found Ron standing at the kitchen sink looking very pale. He looked at his two friends as they came in.

"Malfoy's son, the ferret's son, a Slytherin's son, a Slytherin, a Death eater's son," they heard Ron saying under his breath, in a nonstop chant.

"You two, you knew," Ron stopped his chant abruptly directing this sentence at them accusingly. "Hell, my whole family knew and no one told me."

Harry and Hermione looked at each other uneasy with this accusation.

"We just didn't know how you would react." Harry began.

"Actually we knew how you'd react." Hermione interrupted.

Ron snorted. "Oh really? What you thought I'd attack the boy? Because in case you haven't noticed he's still attached to our daughter."

Harry looked away, while Hermione bit her lip turning pink.

"I don't believe this. Any of it. My family keeps secrets from me. Secrets which have to do with my daughter. My daughter is in love with Malfoy's kid. Just great. Well I'm going to have to talk with him, because if he hurts Rosie, or is anything like the ferret is, I'm going to kill him." Ron said glaring at his wife and brother in law before storming out of the house. Harry turned to Hermione fighting back a laugh.

"How do you think he's going to react when he finds out Malfoy knew the whole time?"

Ron scowled. He couldn't believe Malfoy had known about Rose and Scorpius the whole time. Of course if he had walked into the house a minute earlier he would have heard George saying something about the lunch with the Malfoys when Rose was nine (note to self: never let George babysit any children ever again) and something about monkeys. Of course Victoire did finally tell him the story of Rose kissing Scorpius when they were three, and after that it seemed each of his family members had a story to reluctantly share about his daughter with him. He answered his daughter.

"Sure tell me a secret."

"Ok, but you can't tell anybody, not Mum or anybody. Scorpius doesn't even know yet." Rose said looking around for eavesdroppers.

"Nobody?" Ron asked smiling. They kept secrets from him; he'd keep secrets from them. Rose lowered her voice even further as she confessed her secret to her father.

Hermione sat in her seat looking around; Ron had said he'd bring her some tissues which she had forgotten to put into her purse, knowing she'd need them. She frowned; he must have stopped by to see their daughter, Hermione sighed. Hopefully he wasn't trying to sabotage things; he seemed far too calm about this. Hermione noted Victoire seated next to her husband, Teddy and Andromeda across the aisle, the blonde smirking to herself. Victoire insisted that because she had made her Uncle Harry take her and the others to see Teddy before he left for Hogwarts, that she was the one responsible for this event. The brunette's eyes trailed over George and Fred Jr. grinning at each other. She frowned, they'd better not be planning anything she would murder them if they pulled a prank. Hermione then noticed that Molly was watching them, eyes narrowed in suspicion and felt a bit more relieved. She knew Molly would straighten them out if they tried anything. A little further back Neville was looking around nervously from where he was sitting next to Percy who looked like he was whispering some sort of lecture to him.

Hermione was just getting up to go rescue her old school friend when she heard the first notes of familiar music begin. She looked behind her to see her glowing daughter and husband start to proceed down the aisle. Hermione sighed; she hoped Ron had grabbed the tissues or a handkerchief or something she could feel the tears starting to form.

"What are you grinning about?" Hermione asked her husband as he sat down next to her.

"What do you think I'm grinning about? I mean this is supposed to be a happy time right?" Ron asked his wife as Asteria shot them a look from across the aisle. Ron went silent as he watched the ceremony his daughter and Scorpius were in the process of. Molly was sitting behind them sobbing into her husband's shoulder. Hermione was still shooting suspicious looks at her husband. Ron smirked to himself. Hermione was going to be so mad, when she found out Ron knew about their daughter's pregnancy first. Hell, he knew even before the ferret did.

"You may now kiss the brideā€¦"