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My whole body arched as I screamed when the plug buried inside of me buzzed to life. The tip just nudged my prostate, and my knees collapsed, driving my cock straight across the floor. I bucked, trying to find friction, but the varnished wood beneath me did nothing to help.

Then it all stopped. I distantly remembered the sound of a laptop being booted up, and I then understood that I was going to be left here for a long time. While my lover worked. Shit. It was going to be a long day.

Torment chapter 2:

Periodically he would turn the butt plug on to vibrate. Sometimes for seconds, sometimes minutes. But always driving me mad with desire.

After almost an hour of this torture, he stood and walked over to me. I was in a sweaty, panting heap on the floor, now completely desperate to come. We both knew that that was not an option any time soon.

I was pulled into a kneeling position, and since the ring gag was holding my jaw wide open, his cock was shoved straight in. I gagged instantly, but the two hands held me firm in place. Just as my vision started to flicker I was tugged off and allowed to take a couple of deep breaths before I was pulled back down his length. A rhythm was found and I soon had come spurting down my throat. I swallowed as best I could with the gag in, but a mix of come and drool spilled out of my mouth as he withdrew, and it trailed down my chin and neck.

A hand in my hair pulled me up, and I was guided towards the desk. I knelt down in the foot space between his legs and he sat down in the chair. He moved the chair forward, and I was directed back onto his cock.

It was a tight fit under the desk, but I was relatively comfortable, and luckily his cock was now limp so I didn't gag. He went back to work above me, and soon enough his cock slowly began to fill again. I did my best to gently suck it back to life.

A hand reached down and fingers threaded loosely through my hair. The fingers gently needed my scalp and I relaxed as much as possible.

The next half hour or so was passed in a daze, and I was just dropping off to sleep when the plug buzzed to life inside me once again. Shit.

I screamed, but it was muffled by the now rock hard cock that was still in my mouth. He hand in my hair tightened and my mouth was held still. I could just breathe around him because he wasn't as deep as he could go. The combination of my sporadic screaming and attempts to suck brought him off fast.

He must have finished working for the time being, because he picked me up and guided me to the bed and settled me on it. I fell asleep almost instantly.

I came round slowly. I shifted, and I found out that I was bound face down and spread eagled on the bed, each limb stretched to each corner. A few tugs told me that I wasn't going anywhere any time soon, and I grinned sleepily into the sheets. The gag had been removed.

I was drifting in and out of sleep when two hands spread my butt cheeks apart. The plug was still inside me, and it was gripped firmly and twisted. I yelled and bucked as it was pulled free. My hole twitched - after hours being stretched, the feeling of emptiness was strange.

I had no reprieve though, as I found out when his cock was slowly pushed into me. I could feel each inch glide in, painstakingly slow. I tried to hurry him, but the bonds would not let me.

When he was fully in, he didn't wait got me to become accustomed to his sheer size, he just began to thrust in and out, in and out.

I moved as much as possible, bucking backwards and squeezing him with my muscles. My efforts paid off when a hand reached underneath me and stroked my cock.

"Please, Yassen, please... let me ... come." I managed to gasp out a plea.

"Don't come yet" He growled in my ear, the first words he'd said in hours. I whined, before nodding hesitantly. His fingers moved down to the hated cock ring and nimbly flicked it open.

I tensed, and it took all my will power not to explode then and there. Especially as Yassen had been powering into me the entire time. I kept up a stream of begging, although most of it didn't make any sense.

It seemed like eternity before I finally heard the words "you can come" whispered to me just as I felt him shoot inside me. Immediately I stopped holding back, and for several minutes I bucked and writhed in my bonds.

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