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Part Fourteen: Journey's End

"I am like a book, with pages that have stuck together for want of use: my mind needs unpacking and the truths stored within must be turned over from time to time, to be ready when occasion demands"



She knew now just why it was she had felt like she needed to conserve her energies. And yet, 'rewiring' Donna, as she had called it, was not as draining as she'd thought it would be. It was delicate work though, that needed her full attention. That being said, it was done by the time the New Doctor returned.

It was truly bizarre, looking at this man. He looked like her husband, but he wasn't her husband. She felt no connection to him – his mind wasn't linked to hers. It was a trifle unsettling.

"There we are, all repaired!" New Doctor was saying, as he checked the walls of the TARDIS.

Martha couldn't fault him; he'd done a good job. She looked at him curiously. "You look like him, but you're not him, are you? You're... something new." She said, tilting her head at him, suddenly fascinated.

Martha didn't know it, but to Donna and the New Doctor, she looked exactly like the Doctor when he discovered something new and unknown to him.

"I look like him, same memories and everything," he gave her a sly wink, and Martha suddenly realised that this New Doctor remembered what she looked like naked! Her hands flew to her cheeks, which felt like they were on fire, she was so embarrassed. "But no, I'm not him." He admitted and she found she couldn't look him in the eyes.

He chuckled, and turned to Donna. "I like blue," he said, pulling on his jacket. "What do you think?" he asked her. Martha consoled herself with the fact that he was at least decent enough not to press the matter, and was giving her time to collect herself.

"You-are-bonkers!" Donna shot back, and he looked offended.

"What's wrong with blue?" he demanded. Donna just rolled her eyes at him and went to look at the scanner. Then she frowned.

"You know, if I touched the hand and caused an instantaneous biological metacrisis, then you grew out of me. That must mean that you're part Doctor and part me. Part human. I kept hearing that heartbeat... it must have been you – you're a complicated event in time and space, it must have rippled back, converging on me... but why me?" Donna stood tapping her chin whilst New Doctor stared at her, open mouthed, in shock.

Martha, for her part, wasn't surprised at all. Rewriting Donna's DNA had awakened her Time Lord mind, allowing her to make connections, to see the universe the way the Doctor did. The tiny bit of celestial she had given her merely made her body able to withstand the onslaught of her powerful new mind, and all the extra information it contained.

Martha met Donna's eyes and grinned, her friend had the Doctor, well, New Doctor on the hop and it was a pleasure to be here to witness it.

"Is there something you ladies would like to tell me?" he asked, leaning forward and resting his hands on the console.

After receiving a nod from Donna, Martha explained.

New Doctor was humble enough to admit that it hadn't occurred to him that the metacrisis was two way, so he also hadn't considered the consequences to Donna. Rather than be angry that they had acted without speaking with him about it, he was pleased that a possible tragedy had been averted before it had even had a chance to consider occurring.

"So then, what are we going to do?" Martha prompted them. New Doctor moved to join Donna at the scanner, glancing at Martha. His eyes met hers for a second, and then flicked down to her baby belly.

"Everything, alright?" he asked, and she felt a bit sorry for him. She wasn't his wife, and they weren't his babies, but he must have felt a bit like they were. He had all the Doctor's memories, so he knew her pretty much as well as the Doctor did. She wondered if some part of this New Doctor loved her too.

He must have guessed what she was thinking, or at least some of it, because he turned to face her, and spoke. "There's bits of me I got from Donna, and bits from the Doctor. But there's also me in here, someone new. I do care deeply for you, Martha, and for the babies. So, if you need anything, if there's anything I can do – you will tell me, won't you?" he asked earnestly, and she smiled.

"Sure, of course I will. But everything's fine. These two aren't due for at least four or five months yet, so don't worry – okay?" He smiled and nodded.

"OK. Well then, let's get to work, shall we?"

The Doctor

He had spent most of the last several minutes on auto-pilot. He could not give the Daleks any hint that he knew the TARDIS had escaped – escaped with his wife and sister still on board, and alive.

When Jack did his thing and escaped, he felt yet another spark of hope burst into his hearts. He'd been thinking it was all over, the selfish man in him hadn't wanted to save the universe, because he'd believed a universe without his family was a universe not worth saving. Foolish and selfish, yes, but some might say, understandable.

Now he and Rose were in something called The Vault, and were in holding cells activated by Davros.

"Even when powerless, a Time Lord is best contained." Davros had said.

The Doctor had taunted him about still being scared of him. When Davros tried to take a trip down Memory Lane, the Doctor had taunted him about being the pet of the Daleks. Seemed as though even if Davros had created them, the Daleks thought they were superior to him.

"So very full of fire, is he not? And to think, you crossed entire universes, striding parallel to parallel, to find him again," Davros said to Rose.

Rose was looking at the Doctor now, but he could not interpret the look on her face. He wasn't altogether sure he wanted to, either. As far as Rose knew, Martha was dead. The Doctor's wife, the woman who stood between them, was dead. Rose was already in a delicate state after the cack-handed way he'd told her about Martha, she was likely not thinking clearly.

Did she wonder if things would change, now that Martha was gone? Only, Martha wasn't gone – she was very much alive. Gods, he was probably doing Rose a disservice by thinking like this. He was being spiteful, because his wife was right – part of him did want to punish her, for building and using the Dimension Canon. He also wanted to make sure she never had a reason to try again, either, since once this was over; she'd have to go back to Pete's World.

"Leave her alone." He told Davros, still operating on auto-pilot.

"She is mine, to do as I please." Davros told him.

"Then why am I still alive?" Rose wanted to know, and despite himself, the Doctor was proud of the way Rose looked Davros right in the eyes.

"You must be here – it was foretold. Even the Supreme Dalek would not dare contradict the prophecies of Dalek Caan." Davros explained.

It was the same Dalek who'd made an emergency temporal shift when faced with the Doctor in Manhattan. The Doctor had seen him on the scanner earlier, but Caan's madness was even more apparent now that they were in the same room.

"So cold, and dark. Fire is coming. The endless flames..."

The Doctor explained to Rose who Caan was and why he had lost his mind. Davros claimed that Caan had seen Time and knew what was going to happen in the future.

"This I have foreseen, in the wild, the wind: the Doctor will be here, as witness, at the end of everything. The Doctor, and his precious Children of Time...and one of them will die!"

"Was it you, Caan? Did you kill them? Why did the TARDIS door close? Tell me!" he shouted, hoping that he would be throwing Davros off the scent. His old enemy would expect him to be angry about the death of his friends, and would be suspicious if he wasn't.

"Oh! That's it! The anger, the fire, the rage of a Time Lord who butchered millions! There he is." Davros whispered the last part, clearly enjoying himself. And while he wasn't too pleased at the reminder of what he had done, the life he'd made on the TARDIS with Martha and with Donna, had gone a long way towards healing him.

Rose had begun it, she'd made him better. But Martha, their children and the sister he'd found in Donna had completed it. That's not to say what he'd done was right, or good. It just was, and he was starting to accept that.

Davros thought he had hit a nerve – he hadn't. He'd hit a bruise which was yellowing, almost gone.

"Why so shy? Show your companion, show her your true self – Dalek Caan has promised me that too."

"I have seen, at the time of ending, the Doctor's soul will be revealed." Caan cut in.

"What does that mean?" the Doctor asked.

"We shall discover it, together." Davros promised, and the Doctor felt like rolling his eyes at him. "Our final journey. Because the ending approaches, the testing begins."

"Testing of what?" the Doctor wanted to know.

"The Reality Bomb," replied Davros.


They were shaken about roughly in the TARDIS, and when they managed to find their balance, she, Martha and New Doctor looked at the scanner.

New Doctor said it was the twenty seven planets, creating a single string of z-neutrino energy, compressed –

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, horrified. She noticed Martha looked confused, while New Doctor simply looked grim. She hastened to explain. "Electrical energy holds all atoms together, the Daleks clearly have some weapon which transmits a signal which cancels that electricity out – it makes the atoms disperse. They're going to use the twenty seven planets to transmit the wavelength right across the universe, destroying everything, absolutely everything. Remember what Rose said?"

Martha gasped with alarm. "The stars are going out! Oh, Christ!"

There was silence for a moment as the three of them contemplated this horrific truth.

"But that's it! Davros said he made the Daleks out of his own cells, if we could somehow shift it back to him –" New Doctor began.

"Then it would backfire and instead of wiping out the universe, it would wipe out all the Daleks. We'll need a z-neutrino biological converter!" Donna said.

"Way ahead of you!" New Doctor declared, pulling up some grating from the floor of the TARDIS and pulling out a trunk.

The Doctor

Seeing his old friend, Sir Alastair Lethbridge Stewart on a comms screen was bad enough, but hearing what he was threatening to do, with something called the Osterhagen Key, was even worse. Still, he knew that his friend was trying to help.

When another signal came through, the Doctor wasn't quite sure what he was expecting. Part of him suspected it would be Jack. What else did he think the immortal man would be doing, other than trying to scupper the Daleks any way he could? But the Doctor wasn't at all happy about who was with him. Nor was he happy that Jack had wired a warp-star into the ship and was threatening to detonate it.

He couldn't help it, it made his hearts heavy. These people were willing to die, to kill – for him. It weighed him down, it –

"And the prophecy unfolds..." Davros said grandly.

"The Doctor's soul is revealed! Ha, ha, ha! See him, see the heart of him!" Caan called out madly.

"The man who abhors violence, never carrying a gun, but this is the truth Doctor, you take people and fashion them into weapons–"

"Please do shut up, you're really boring me, you know," Martha's voice cut into Davros' speech. The Doctor looked left and right, trying to see her. She wasn't there to be seen, however, she told him silently that she was projecting, through their connection. She was still safely hidden in the TARDIS.

"Daleks! Trace that signal!" Davros ordered, but looked extremely perturbed when he heard Martha's laughter.

"Signal! You think in such technological terms, so limited, so small. It's to be expected, I suppose. Now, Davros, do be a good boy and be quiet while the grown-ups are speaking." Martha said, and the Doctor could see Davros' mouth moving, but no sound was coming out.

The Doctor felt a brief spike of worry for the power she was using, but she assured him that it was fine and that the TARDIS was helping.

"Good, thank you. So, you claim that this man fashions people into weapons. Well, quite frankly, that's a load of bollocks. The Doctor teaches people to be everything that they can be. He gives them choices, he says, you don't have to put up with this – you can fight, and you can win. That no cause is lost if there is but one fool left to fight for it – no wait, that's from Pirates of the Caribbean. Anyway, at one time, he might have believed that the fact his friends are willing to lay down their lives to defeat you was all his fault. But he knows better now, or at least, he should."

There was a pause, and then the Doctor felt as though she was speaking directly to him. Rose and Davros' faces, along with the people on the screens proved that they could still hear her, however.

"We spoke about choices, Doctor. Your friends are not choosing to kill, for you. They're choosing to die, for their planet. And for their sons, for their daughters, their friends, their families – for themselves. A wise man once wrote: Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

She spoke silently into his mind this time. "So no more feeling sorry for yourself, Doctor. You know I'm right – I'm seven months pregnant and have lost the ability to bullshit, along with the ability to go for more than forty five minutes without having to pee, though I expect you didn't want to know that last bit. Hold on, my darling. We'll be there soon." And with that, Martha's voice was gone.

Her presence was still there, in his mind, but he could tell she was focussing on something else, so he let her be.

Davros had, unfortunately, regained the power of speech now that Martha had withdrawn her powers. But he seemed rather floored at the moment, and looked like he didn't know what to say.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Dalek had no such problems, and transmatted Alastair, Jack, Mickey, Jackie and Sarah Jane into the vault. They were told to get on their knees, and did so, as several Daleks came over to guard them.

"Doctor! Who was that! Where is she? Caan said all the Children of Time would be here!" Davros demanded and the Doctor shrugged.

"You think I can tell her what to do? We're not tied at the hip you know. She could have sent that signal to you from Earth." He explained, and Davros looked at him suspiciously.

"Daleks, trace that signal," he ordered. Then he went back to grandstanding. "Ah, the prophecy is in place. The Doctor and his Children of Time all gathered as witnesses. Supreme Dalek, the time has come. Detonate the Reality Bomb!"

The Doctor pleaded with Davros, but to no avail. He knew Martha and Donna were coming, but no idea what they had planned, or if they would even arrive in time.

Davros was laughing manically. "Nothing can stop the detonation! Nothing, and no one!" He cried.

And then they heard it, the wheezing and groaning noise. Everyone in the room heard it, and nearly everyone knew exactly what it meant.

The TARDIS was materialising.

"Impossible!" Davros breathed, clearly more than shocked this time.

When the door opened, and the Doctor saw – well – himself walk out, he really didn't know what to think.


Projecting her voice into the Crucible had been child's play, thanks to the TARDIS. But when they materialised inside the vault where their friends and family were being held, Martha had a bit of a dilemma.

Stepping outside the ship would be deliberately putting herself in danger, something she'd promised not to do. But if Donna and New Doctor were right, and reality itself was at risk, surely they should use every resource they had?

New Doctor had run outside before Martha had been able to make a decision. Donna had been close behind him. When Davros zapped Donna, suddenly the strands connected in Martha's mind. With the help of her sons' burgeoning connection to time and space, she could see what would happen.

She could keep her promise and stay in the TARDIS, because Auntie Donna was going to save the day.

The Doctor

As he saw the copy of him and then Donna fall, he was in two minds about whether he wanted Martha to come running – well maybe not running – for Martha to come out of the TARDIS next. When she didn't come, he started to worry.

"Have a little faith, sweetie. Everything's going to be fine, just fine..." He heard her voice in his head, trying to soothe him, but he was finding it hard to follow her instructions. He began to get a little annoyed, surely she should do something, reality was at stake here – which meant their boys were in danger, no matter what.

"I don't need to, it's all in hand. Just wait, oh ye of little faith!" she scolded him, but as the count grew closer to zero, he grew increasingly more frantic.

"Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one..." An alarm blared out in the vault, and the screen Davros had brought up disappeared.

"Mmm, closing all z-neutrino relay loops using an internalised, synchronous back feed reversal loop. That button there!" Donna's smug voice rang out into the vault.

"Donna, you can't even change a plug!" the Doctor protested, completely flabbergasted.

"D'you wanna bet, Time-boy!" she shot back at him, but he was no less confused.

"You'll suffer for this!" Davros threatened, but Donna wasn't fazed. She just looked at him with contempt.

Davros pointed at her, clearly planning to zap her again, but Donna pulled a lever and said, "Oh, bio-electric dampening field, with a retrogressive arc inversion," causing Davros to zap himself, instead.

"Exterminate her!" Davros ordered the Daleks in the vault, but Donna was back at the controls.

When they tried to shoot her, nothing happened. "Weapons non functional!" they cried, and Donna laughed.

"Ooh, macrotransmission of a k-filter wavelength, blocking Dalek weaponry in a self-energy blindfold matrix?"

"But how did you work that out?" the Doctor asked, "You're –"

"A Time Lord. Well, partly." The other him cut in.

"What do you mean?" The Doctor demanded, getting slightly annoyed.

"Later." Donna informed him, "Holding cells deactivated!" She cried. "And seal the vault!" Action suited words, and the two Doctors and Rose were free.

Martha had entered the room by this point, but he'd only just noticed her, leaning nonchalantly against the open door of the TARDIS. She gave him a jaunty wave when he looked her way, and before he knew it he had sprinted across the room and swept her up into his arms. Sadly, they were interrupted.


"Well don't just stand there, you skinny boys in suits! Get to work!" She called, and the two Doctors ran over. They joined her at the Dalek terminals, and she was pleased to see them waiting for her orders. Now, this was the way things should be!

"Stop them!" Davros called out, but she was ready for him.

"Aaaaand, spin," she said, twiddling some buttons, and causing the Daleks to do just that – spin out of control. "Aaaand, the other way," she added, making them spin in the opposite direction.

"What's that?" Her original Doctor asked. Martha, who had moved to stand beside her, just laughed and patted her on the arm.

"What did you do?" New Doctor wanted to know. Donna leaned forward.

"Trip-stitch circuit-breaker in the psychokinetic threshold manipulator!" she explained.

"But, that's brilliant!" New Doctor praised her.

"Why did we never think of that?" Original Doctor wondered.

Oh, the poor, poor men, so nice but dim. "Because you two, were just Time Lords, you dumbos, lacking that little bit of human, that gut instinct that comes hand-in-hand with Planet Earth – I can think of ideas you two wouldn't dream up in a million years! Oh, the universe has been waiting for me! Now let's send that trip-stitch all over the ship!"

They set to work properly then, since the Daleks had been neutralised for the moment. They activated the Magnatron so that they could send the planets back home. Davros tried to stop them, but Jack had been to the TARDIS to retrieve his guns, and handed one to Mickey, who was now guarding Davros. The three of them started sending back planets like nobody's business.

Rose and the others approached them at that point, asking just what the hell was going on. Donna explained: "He poured all his regeneration energy into his spare hand, I touched the hand, he grew out of that - but that fed back into me! As far as Davros knew, I was just another human, so when he put me out, I was able to get to the controls, and well – you know the rest!"

"A human being with a Time Lord brain," the original Doctor marvelled. "So unique the timelines were converging on you," he said, and Donna smiled.

"Well, yes. But you know as well as I do that a human-Time Lord metacrisis is unstable. It would have killed me, eventually. So the lovely Martha he stepped in, worked her magic, and hey presto! I'm the Doctor-Donna-Martha!"

"Just like the Ood said, remember?" Martha reminded her man. "They saw it coming."

"So, there's three of you now?" Rose interrupted them, and Donna decided to keep quiet. It was strange, but having heard so much about this woman, now that she had met her, Donna didn't know what to make of Rose Tyler.

While Donna had 'inherited' the Doctor's mind, she didn't receive his personality at the same time. She didn't know what it felt like to be in love with Rose. She only knew that Rose had been told two universes could be destroyed if she tried to come back and Rose had done it anyway. Donna didn't approve of Rose's choices even before she had inherited her new knowledge. And since now she had an even greater understanding of the danger the Dimension Cannon could cause, she was even less inclined to be sympathetic.

Oh, for sure, she did feel sorry for her. To have been torn away from the man she loved must have been devastating. But on the other hand, she had her family, and a chance at a whole new life. She had opportunities in Pete's World which she never would have had in this one. Donna couldn't identify with a person who wouldn't seize the chances they were offered and preferred to live in the past. She didn't think Rose should have got over it straight away, but from what she knew it had been years for her, Donna thought she really should have moved on by now.

Her internal musings were interrupted at that point.

"But you promised me, Dalek Caan. Why did you not foresee this?" Davros interrupted their happy moment, but if he was expecting an apology from Caan, he wasn't going to get it. All he got was more manic laughter.

"Oh, I think he did. Something has been manipulating the time lines for ages, getting Donna Noble to the right place at the right time." Original Doctor said. Clearly, he'd been suspecting something.

"This would always have happened, I only helped, Doctor." Caan told him.

"You betrayed the Daleks!" Davros accused.

Suddenly, Caan didn't sound so insane. "I saw the Daleks. What we have done, throughout Time and Space. I saw the truth of us, Creator, and I decreed: no more."

The Supreme Dalek was clearly stronger than the others, and managed to descend into the vault. He tried to exterminate them, but only succeeded in destroying the Magnatron.

"We've lost the Magnatron! And there's only one planet left, oh, guess which one? But we can use the TARDIS –" The original Doctor shouted, and dashed off into the TARDIS.

New Doctor

While his counterpart was taking care of things inside the ship, he and Donna were still working away. "Holding Earth stability, maintaining atmospheric shell," he said, but Dalek Caan's voice carried quietly across the room to him.

"The prophecy must complete." He said, simply.

"Don't listen to him!" cried Davros.

New Doctor felt a chill run down his spine.

"I have seen the end of everything; it must surely happen, Doctor." Caan insisted.

"He's right. 'Cause with or without a Reality Bomb, this Dalek Empire's big enough to slaughter the cosmos! They've got to be stopped!"

"But – I – I guess you're right. Is there no other way?" Donna asked, coming to stand with him, looking up at him with pain filled eyes.

"You can't change Daleks, Donna. You know that." He replied and she nodded. They reached for the controls together. "Maximising Dalekenium power feeds! And, blasting them back - !"

Explosions went off around the ship, they could heard them above and below. Three Daleks which had been pushed into the corners earlier exploded and were no more. The other Doctor must have felt the blast, because he came running out of the TARDIS.

"What have you done?" he demanded, though from his face it was obvious he already knew.

"Fulfilling the prophecy." New Doctor replied firmly. He could tell his counterpart wanted to shout at him, but deferred on it, preferring to guide his wife safely into the TARDIS.

It was an odd thing, to look at Martha and remember the other him lying in her arms, watching her sleep, making love – it was very strange. He, himself, loved Martha, but not in that way. Perhaps there was enough of Donna in him to temper those feelings, but when he looked on Martha, it was like looking at his brother's wife. Which made his intimate memories of her all the more disturbing. He would have to find a way to block them, to make himself forget. It was something the other Doctor had done plenty of times, and shouldn't be too difficult.

New Doctor ran into the TARDIS with the others, wondering what Fate would have in store for him next.


She watched from her seat near the scanner as the others ran in. Her husband looked as though he wanted to go outside and try to save Davros, and yet he stuck resolutely to her side. Once everyone was in the door was closed and the Doctor set the TARDIS moving.

"But what about the Earth? It's stuck in the wrong part of space!" Sarah-Jane called from across the console. Martha hadn't met her before, but knew who she was thanks to her connection to the Doctor. She was hoping that once this crisis was over she might be able to get to know this woman on her own terms.

"I'm on it!" the Doctor called back to Sarah-Jane. "Torchwood Hub! This is the Doctor! Are you receiving me?" Over his shoulder, Martha could see the faces of Gwen and Ianto as they appeared on the screen, likely through the subwave network they had been using earlier.

"Loud and clear!" Gwen replied, and then asked, "Is Jack there?"

"Can't get rid of him!" He looked over at Jack for a moment and asked, "Jack, what's her name?"

"Gwen Cooper." Jack told him.

"Tell me, Gwen Cooper, are you from an old Cardiff family?" The Doctor asked. Martha blinked at the non sequitur.

"Well, yes. All the way back to the 1800s, why?" Gwen replied, clearly as confused as Martha.

"Thought so, special genetic multiplicity, funny old world. I'll explain later," the last part he'd added silently to Martha. "Right, Torchwood, I want you to fire up that Rift Manipulator and send all the power to me!"

Another face appeared in the screen. "Doing it now, sir!"

Martha glanced at Jack and was slightly surprised at the warm smile on his face. It was clearly a reaction to the sound of this new person, which meant that whoever it was, was very important to Jack. Sensing a story, and maybe a bit of gossip too, Martha mentally made a note to ask him about it when all this was over.

Martha watched silently as her husband and their friends banded together to literally tow the Earth back to its normal position in space and time. She kept out of the way, sitting on the flight seat, revelling in the smiles of everyone as they flew the TARDIS. She could feel how much her husband was loving this, seeing the Control Room so crowded with friends and family.

When the time came to say goodbye, Martha knew some would be more difficult than others. The first person who asked to be taken home was Sarah-Jane. She asked to speak to the Doctor outside, alone, and Martha unabashedly listened in through their shared connection.

"You know, when I saw you last, you seemed so lonely. Even though you had Rose and Mickey with you. But now, I don't know. Something's changed, and I reckon it has everything to do with the very pregnant lady in there. Care to share?"

Martha could feel the jumble of emotions that went through her bondmate in that moment. He felt, embarrassed, excited, nervous and proud, all at once. As he explained the situation to Sarah-Jane, and accepted her heartfelt congratulations, Martha turned her attention back to the people still in the TARDIS.

Donna was on the phone to her family, letting them know she was OK and making sure they were too. Two people Martha recognised from the Doctor's memories, Jackie Tyler and Mickey, were having a hushed conversation nearby. Feeling no qualms at all, Martha eavesdropped on that too.

"I'm going to miss you, more than anyone," Mickey was saying to Rose's Mum. Martha didn't need to listen to the rest of the conversation to know what Mickey was trying to say. This was his original universe too, she knew that. And she guessed, correctly it turned out, that he was planning on staying here instead of going back with Rose and Jackie.

He ended up leaving with Jack, though Jack himself didn't get to leave before the Doctor deactivated the teleporter in his wrist computer.

Then it was time – one last trip, destination: Dårlig Ulv-Stranden – better known as, Bad Wolf Bay.

And Martha had no idea what to expect with this one.