Author's Note: This is my first RENT fanfiction and I hope you enjoy. Feedback, both positive, and negative, are welcome.

Title: Biggest Heart

Warning: I will try not to make this too OCC, but since this is my first RENT fanfiction, I cannot make any promises. I will try my best.

"Come on," Angel said, her smile wide with excitement.

"Where are we going?" Collins laughed impatiently as Angel grabbed hold of his hand and began to drag him down the sidewalk, "Angel?"

"It's a surprise," Angel grinned mischievously. Collins couldn't help but smile; his Angel had a hold on him that he could not explain. Sure, he had only met her last night but lots had happened since then.

"Seriously," Collins persisted, "Where are you taking me?"

"You'll see," Angel sang, her voice light and airy with her own amusement. After she skipped down the hall, Collins in tow, she stopped in front of an apartment building, "We're here."

"What is this place?"

"Home. And I am going to take you inside."

Collins looked up at the tall building for only a brief second before Angel grabbed hold of him once again and pulled him inside.

"This is where I live," Angel announced as she waved her arms around the lobby, "Come on. Home is on the twentieth story."

Collins tried not to look too surprised. Angel skipped over towards the elevators, pushed a button, and waited. She could hardly contain her excitement. Collins was different from most men, so gentle and quiet. She liked that about him. The elevator doors creaked open and she led him inside.

Once the elevator tinged, and the doors opened, Angel was practically bursting with joy as she hurried towards her door. Collins had to jog to catch up.

"Ta-da," she grinned as she opened the door, "Home. It isn't much but I like it."

Collins had to disagree. The apartment was more than 'much.' It was nicely furnished with the most stand-offish furniture he had ever seen. It was so…Angel. Anyone else would have thought it tacky and overdone. But it fit.

As Collins followed Angel into the living room, a small puppy bounded from around the corner. Angel squealed with glee, bent down, and scooped the puppy into her arms.

"Who is this little fellow?" Collins asked, scratching the puppy behind the ears.

"This," Angel announced, "is Akita."

"Akita-Evita?" Collins asked, dismayed, "I thought you said that she died."

"Well…" Angel blushed, "I couldn't hurt her. I had to make her disappear some other way. Besides, I think she's happier here, aren't you darling."

"You have the biggest heart, Angel. I swear."

Angel smirked, "That's not all I have that's 'big.'

Collins laughed with excitement as he chased her towards the bedroom. Akita barked, clearly amused by the scene.

"Damn dog," Collins rolled his eyes.

"Be nice," Angel scolded.

"Or what?"

"Or there won't be any fun for you," Angel smirked, before Collins pounced, grabbing her, tossing her to the bed, and covering her in kisses.

"Wanna bet?"