Title: The Honor of Being the Bottom

Author: Selene2000

Pairing: Atobe/Mizuki

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Konomi

Summary: Ore-Sama always thought that his body was made to be adored, treated delicately and above everything, worshiped. The problem was that, unexplainably, Mizuki was thinking exactly the same.


Warning: Slash

Notes: This was written for a series of challenges in LJ for Halloween (supposedly, of 100 words). The thing was to challenge and be challenged. This short one-shot is the answer to missgini's challenge : "I want an Atobe/Mizuki in which you tell me about the discussion they have before going to bed in order to decide who is going to be the bottom(both of them want to be xDDD).

Traduction: Anlu

Beta: Loredi And Aviss

Who does nothing but post: Me, and I hope you like it

"You can't seriously want me to—" Atobe sighed, frustrated.

"But you can?" complained Mizuki with indignation.

"That's different," said Atobe sarcastically. "The body of the great Ore-Sama is made for the pleasure of men, to be worshiped and to enjoyed. However yours--" he looked at him with disinterest.

"Tsk, come on Atobe. You've got to admit it. You're not man enough to be on top."

Atobe growled. "It's not that, stupid. It's just that I refuse to be the one preparing you. I'm not that desperate."

"And I am?" complained Mizuki

This time Atobe's smile widened. "You, my dear Mizuki, are really desperate; otherwise you wouldn't wear those vulgar purple shirts."

"First of all, Atobe-sama," he said a little sarcastically, "it's lilac, not purple; and secondly what has that to do with anything?" said Mizuki indignantly.

Atobe smiled.

It's a call for attention. My attention." He added.

"Your attention?"

"Whose then? Isn't that the reason you're here? Naked. In my bed. You are fortunate the Great Ore-Sama has agreed to fulfill your fantasy--fucking me." (fucking with me seria tomarle el pelo)

"As far as I know, you're also here," Mizuki retorted, "Nobody's forcing you."

"Nobody's forcing Atobe to do anything, my dear Mizuki," he remarked. "So, tell me, why don't you want to be on top? Are you scared?

"S-scared?" he mumbled. "Scared of what?

Atobe shrugged. "Maybe you don't know how to put it in. You know, you never did score well against me in the court," he went on. "Maybe you are afraid."

"I do know how to put it in, Atobe. And way better than you. But I want to bottom, though I might have to think it twice, because you and your ego might crush me"

Atobe shook his head and laughed. "Mizuki-kun, my ego and I have decided to give you an opportunity, so you better feel lucky. Though, of course," Atobe smiled, "I insist the problem is that you are afraid, perhaps, that you migh t have an--accident? Are you man enough?

"Of course I am!" he groaned, grabbing Atobe's arm to bring him closer.

"Uhm--I'm not so sure Mizuki-kun," he whispered in his ear, lying down on the bed. "Why don't you show me?"

"And what will I get if I do that?" he asked, getting closer.

"The honor of fucking the Great Atobe?"

"Ummm, that might not be enough."

Atobe smiled. "The pleasure of having the situation under control?" he replied, bringing Mizuki over him.


"Hearing me moan your name?"

"My name? Always mine?"

"Mmm, that depends on how good you are," he purred "Are you good enough?"

"It might be better if I show you".