Two public inquiries and a wedding or how to choose the appropriate pet name for your Vulcan

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Characters: Spock, Kirk

Words: 1,166

Fandom: Star Trek XI

Pairing Kirk/Spock

Rating: PG

Warnings: None unless you're on jury-duty.
Summary: Spock and Kirk go to Trial

Author's Note: Taking a little time to do something completely diffrent. I've been a fan since I was a kid, let see if it translates well for the new series.

TPIaaW 1: Legal Smeagol

James Tiberius Kirk flew down the halls His legs throbbed from the early exertion but he pressed on. The bulletin board outside the gathering hall announced that the assembled court was still in session. This was good because if he missed another hearing Spock was going to have his balls on a silver platter and his head in a jar.

And all of this before their Relationship even got started.

The Star Fleet wouldn t mind the untimely interruption; too much, so he hoped. He was the newest darling of Starfleet and the captain of their dazzling flagship the USS Enterprise; surely he could escape with one or two late entrances.

Skidding to a stop at the large doors the golden shirted young man took a moment to smooth out his clothes and run a hand through his hair before he stepped forward to face his fate. The doors parted with a hiss just as the assembled tribunal rose to its feet, the Admiral in charge striking the bell on the bench before him calling an end to the proceedings. Stopping short the Captain of the Enterprise smiled defensively as everyone turned to face him and his latest excuse.

"So good of you to come, Captain." Insisted Admiral Komack sternly facing him down.

Without missing a beat the roguish young man ignored the stares and descended the steps until he reached the defendant s table.

"Admiral, members of the Council; do forgive my absence. I was at the memorial paying my respects."

Inclining his head he slipped past the befuddled attorney to settle into the empty chair on the other side of his commander and similarly accused accomplice.

"You would do well to realize the gravity of the situation you are in."

"Oh I understand it completely, just haven t had the opportunity to pay my respects. I was so overcome, that I lost track to time."

Beside him Spock arch a brow, but said nothing staring ahead at the critical faces of their judicial officers. To his credit he didn t bother to remark upon Kirk s excuse or the apparent validity of that very statement. The council sat once more, faces stern as they began to go over what the Captain had missed in his unsubstantiated period of mourning. Ignoring them he leaned over to address his first officer.

"Spock, talk to me."

Glancing over however briefly the Commander of the Enterprise addressed his CO with mild detachment, instead commenting on the situation at hand.

" Your tardiness does not reflect well, considering your current record."

Quirking his lips at the officer, Kirk resisted the urge to laugh. "Tell me something I don't know."

"The charges are apparently at this moment unconfirmed-"

Shaking his head the Captain spared a glance at the council. "I know the charges, Spock. What are we looking at?"

"At worse, discharge-"


"Given a statistical analysis, at best a permanent ground assignment and separation." The Vulcan made a small frown, nearly undetectable, but Kirk had been looking for it. No matter what had happened he really didn t want to lose his First officer or his ship and he didn t intend to. Lifting a hand, he pressed it to commander s shoulder and looked back to the council.

"This court is now in session."

"Finally, I was worried I was going to have to wait."

The subtle shift of Spock s brow in displeasure was comforting. At least the Vulcan wasn't looking at him any different.

Clearing his throat the Admiral began again and Spock s fingers closed around Jim s wrist and he resisted the urge to wince. He probably should have been paying attention, but he was much more interested in the fact the Spock hadn t removed his hand. They were rather sensitive to touch weren t they, the Vulcans. Was Spock nervous?

"Captain Kirk, Commander Spock; as you are well aware, you have the right to ask for substitute officers if you feel that any of these officers harbor prejudice against your case."

Scanning the board quickly, Spock assessed the probability of such an event. Kirk turned his eyes meeting his partner. A slow nod and Kirk smirked at the grand jury.

"No need. "He declared confidently.

They had agreed before, well he d insisted and Spock had reluctantly agreed, he d handle the court. Sure Spock had their respect and a gift of words that was unparalleled in the entire Beta Quadrant, save for Uhura. However James Tiberius Kirk had a way with people, a very good way with people. He d faced more adjudicators than most men had girlfriends. He fair share of those as well, but a public hearing was neither the place nor the time to think of such things.

With their combined capacity there was almost nothing they couldn t accomplish. Wasn t that what the future Spock had said?

"Do you consent to Lieutenant Shaw as your prosecutor?"

Or so he thought

"Shit" he hissed softly his cocky smile fading minutely as he eyed the serious looking blond.

"Captain?" inquired Spock softly.

"Ex-girlfriend." came the officer s hissed reply.

Turning back to face the council Spock shifted his position, an action that was almost completely unnoticed by the men watching him, Kirk however was another story entirely.

"Will her involvement hinder the trial?"

Picking a piece of grass from his shirt he responded in the contrary. "Nah, I don t think so."

He smirked in her direction as the Commander addressed the men seated before them.

"We do."

"There is one thing though." Tipping his head towards his first officer the Captain pursed his lips

An eyebrow twitched ever so slightly.

"She's fucking brilliant, would give you a run for your money."

Spock turned towards the younger man, his face masking the irritation that was already rising through him.

The Admiral's next words cut through the silence.

"And to myself as president of the court."

Kirk was all smiles again, his elbow brushing against his accomplice. "Why Admiral, of course we do."

Tensing under the smooth fabric of his uniform, Spock son of Sarek closed his fingers over the arm of his current commanding officer, his grip near bruising.

Wincing in pain the man glanced in his direction a disgustingly affectionate smile plastered across his features.

"Captain, it is in our best interest that you take these proceedings seriously."

The endearing look did not fade from Kirk s eyes.

"Spock." He hissed back watching the men before him. "Do you trust me?"

The words came to the Vulcan s lips before he d scarcely had the chance to think about the question.


If anything that infuriating smile spread and he leaned closer.

"Good," he breathed in a pointed ear, "It keeps me honest."

Briefly confused Spock barely heard the council addressing them again.

"Gentlemen, how do you plea?"

Whipping back to face the Admiral and the members of Starfleet present, Kirk folded his hands behind his back and tossed them his best shit eating grin.

"Absolutely and totally-"

The room was silent as he tossed an arm over his Commander s shoulder.