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Annabeth's POV

I can't believe this is happening. This can't be happening to me. No, the accursed little stick has to be wrong. Stupid little pink plus sign, you hate my life! I groaned and fell on my bed, burying my face as deep in my pillow as I could without suffocating.

"How can this be happening to me Thals!?" I flipped over and propped myself up on my elbows, looking at my best friend who was sitting in my computer chair with her knees tucked under her and a thoughtful look on her face. She had come over this morning to spend the night in my dorm with me because I finally had some free time and I had no intention of being lonely this weekend. She came bearing cheesy b-line romance movies and junk food expecting a good time but what she got was this mess, me. I was in the bathroom throwing up when she came and about an hour later she convinced my to take a pregnancy test because she thought I was experiencing morning sickness and that stupid stick just had to give me a pink plus sign saying, yes, I was indeed pregnant. And so as the stick declared dooms day on me Thalia had put on a pair of my shorts, grabbed my sword and sat in a chair mumbling, "Oh gods, oh gods…this is worst than the Titan war…Athena is going to kill Percy and I'm going to have to become an Aunt and I'm going to have to deal with weird cravings and mood swings and-gods the mood swings!" over and over while cradling the sword. That had thankfully passed and now she was just tracing the stars on the black blade and murmuring something I couldn't hear.

"I don't know Annabeth, didn't you guys use protection?" She cast me a worried glance and I fell back again, staring at my ceiling covered in drawings of buildings, glow-in-the-dark stars and pictures of my family like Percy, Thalia, Nico, Grover, Percy's Mom, my Dad and the twins. Though at the moment I found myself glaring at Percy's picture. It had all started with that stupid picture.

………..Two Weeks prior to the pregnant stick of doom………

"Percy just sit still and let me take a picture of you!" I yelled for the sixth time, gripping my camera and forcing my smile to go away so I could appear to be serious. Percy laughed and kept jumping around his cabin. I was sitting on his bed asking my boyfriend very rationally to let me take a picture of him so I could have something to remember my last day of camp by. But he kept insisting that this was not going to be our last day, and he refused to make it our last day. Yes that's right; my 18 year old boyfriend, savior of western civilization, was throwing a temper tantrum. All I wanted was a blooming picture and he wouldn't let me have it, he kept racing around the room, jumping off his dresser on Tyson's bed and then doing it again so I couldn't get a clear picture. And I was frustrated as it was because Mr. D had cut camp sort a week this year just so he could get rid of Percy and I faster. So Percy's theatrics were not helping!

"Percy-" He stopped and glared at me, pointing Riptide at me in pen form.

"No Annabeth! I refuse! They can't make me, this is a dictatorship and I. Won't. Take it! YOU HEAR ME, I REFUSE!!!" He kicked a shoe box that contained sea shells he and I had collected over the years and starting running around again. I sighed. This was going to require different tactics. I pulled my hair out of its pony tail and slipped my sun glasses on and leaned back, tactfully crossing my legs and looking sweet.

"Maybe I can persuade you to let me have my picture?" That got him to at least stop running around and pause before jumping off his dresser for the millionth time. Ha! There is no way he can resist me in short shorts! If only I were wearing some…..I glanced down at my ripped up, stained jeans and cut off sweat shirt. Why hadn't I changed this morning when I woke up from falling asleep with these clothes on? That's right, I was hungry and I wanted breakfast.

"What do you mean…." He acted like I was asking him if he wanted to choose mystery A or mystery B, both of which could kill him.

"How about this, I'll give you a kiss if you let me have my picture. Sound like a good deal?" He jumped down from the dresser and came to sit by me, picking up my camera and flipping it over to look for something.

"Tempting….." He mumbled. I almost have him.

"Percy," I scooted closer, grabbing his chin gently and pulling his eyes to meet my own, "Please?" His will crumbled, I saw it in his eyes. I had won. The camera dropped, engulfed in the gray bed spread and I was being lowered onto the bed as well by Percy, with a tail of warm kisses to follow. I was taken away by Percy, to our world we had found the first time I kissed him, a world no one but us could enter. He turned my body into a river of lava, slowly moving though me but leaving a burning path where ever it touched. Percy's hands moved into uncharted territory, inching up my spine and taking my shirt with it. I wasn't sure what I was doing, I felt drunk, drunk with love, the worst kind of drunk. The one that really just paralyzes the brain. I know that I had a ravenous, an un-lady like hunger for him and him alone. All I wanted was him and as soon as I had his pants off, that's exactly what I got.

……………..Present Time………………

"But that's not what I got, I got a freaking baby!" I screamed at the picture I had got of Percy after our….togetherness, with his shirt off and him lying under a sheet sleeping.

"What?" Thalia asked, I forgot she hadn't been involved with my flashback therefore was just subdued to a random outburst.

"Nothing." I said grumpily and sat up, looking around the room. My armor, a leather jerkin, hung on the wall by a shelf that held Astra, my helmet made for me by a fallen friend, a few books, and a tennis shoe with a missing twin. I usually kept my sword hung up next to my armor but Thalia had it right now, also a gift from a friend. My computer desk was being over run with books and piles of half finished work, somewhere under that though was Daedalus laptop. My bed, laden in grey silk quilts and sheets, took up most of this room and piles of books and random objects filled the rest of the room. My dorm was small; just enough room for two people but only occupied me and my stuff.

"I'm screwed."

"Yes and that's what got you into this mess."

"Thalia that's not funny!" I threw my pillow at her to emphasize the not funny part. She sighed and came to sit by me, putting my face between her hands and staring at me seriously.

"Look, what's obviously been done has been done and can't be undone, so there is no use whining about it. Of course you could carry on like you have or you could man up and take on your problems like a big girl. Which one do you choose?" I mumbled my answer.

"Well okay then, we have a boyfriend to break-I mean, er, tell certain things to," She paused, "I bet you ten bucks he's gonna pass out." I snorted and pulled away from her so I could glare properly.

"You know you know you're not making this any easer Thalia." She smiled and patted my head.

"That's what I'm here for my pregnant friend, now call him up so I can video tape this to show the baby. I want it to know that its father is a little girl. Let me call my film crew….Nico, yeah, time to put plan prego into action-no not the sauce you idiot!!!" This is the worst day of my life.

"I hope you both die a slow and horrible death." I mumbled as I walked up the stair case to Percy's apartment.

"Naw, my dad would never let me die painfully and he would never send me to the field of punishments either so." Nico said cheerfully from my left. He was dressed in his usual, tight shakers pants (Thalia had got him into those) some rock band t-shirt that was Nirvana today and checkered shake shoes. His hair had grown a little since last I saw him, it now fell over his eyes and hid his ears completely, and he had gotten taller than Thalia and me, and now, at age 16, he had chin straps hanging on his hard set jaw. Another one of Thalia's ideas.

"And my dad would never let me die painfully let alone be sent to the punishment place in the Underworld so you're out of luck Annabeth." Thalia chimed in from my right. I glanced at her, one of the reasons I had invited her to come stay the weekend with me was because I hadn't seen her in a good month. She had been on some quest with Nico when I was spending my last few weeks at camp half-blood so I never got to say goodbye. She looked considerably different too. Her hair, still midnight black, was a bit longer, now the longest layer just barely brushed her shoulder. She wore silver makeup to make her blue eyes seem more vibrant, not that she needed that. Before we had left she had changed back into her black cargo pants and a white blazer Nico had drawn a picture of a skeleton with a sword and shield on, she looked like a punk rock star, which I'm sure was her intent. Not that I cared I just wondered what people thought when they saw my little close knit adopted family, the tall son of Hades with his shaker apparel and his arm around the laughing daughter of Zeus in all her punk glory and then me, the blond in jeans and a collage sweat shirt rolling her eyes at the couple who were laughing because she had to tell her boyfriend they were expecting. Yeah, I bet we looked like the most normal of all teenagers.

"I hate you both and I hope you go to Hades." We rounded the corner to the floor just under Percy's. Nico started to say something but I go him off,

"You I hope go to Hades dead after I kill you with six tortures hours of Hanna Montana and Elmo and….and Percy's singing." I glared as Thalia laughed and Nico "hmp"ed me.

"Now that is just uncalled for smarty." He said scooting closer to me when a little girl coming out of her apartment stuck her tongue out at him. I stepped back and let him run into Thalia.

"No it's not Corpse Breath, not when you are planning on video taping the most humiliating moment in my entire life. I hope your father can find a way to punish you…..maybe he can take away all you rights of seeing Thalia….ha! That would get you…I'm gonna have to talk with that creepy dead ruler, does he have unlimited texting?" I was talking to myself at that point but Thalia and Nico had stopped walking and were staring at me like I had just threatened to kill their first born or something.

"You wouldn't dare." Thalia had some how looked scared under all that makeup and layers of bangs.

"If I had a cell phone I would…..however I don't, so can we get on with this terrible day, lets hope it can worst somehow, like my mother appearing right when I say the words 'I'm pregnant'. That would just be great." They looked at each other and I caught Nico saying, "I think she's lost it," which would be true at this moment but I wasn't willing to admit it. We walked the last flight of stairs and I got the honor of knocking on the door. The sweet voice of Sally Blofis rang out in a bell like, "Coming!" just before the door was opened, but not by Sally. You had to look down to see who it was. A waist high toddler with cinnamon colored hair and soft brown eyes smiled showing that she was missing a front tooth and was happy to see us.

"Hello Thea, how are you?" Thalia said from behind me to Percy's half sister. She burst into giggles as a response. I bent down on her level as she held up her arms and chanted, "Nanabet!" over and over again each time getting louder, and picked her up. Nico pulled a sucker he had bought on the way here out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Here you go kiddo, don't tell your mommy or she'll hit me with her broom again." He whispered tickling her chin. She giggled and buried her face in my curls.

"I heard that," Sally said from the doorway with her hands on her hips and a smile of her lips, "Nico diAngelo what have I told you about giving Thea sweets before her bedtime? Now she is going to be up all night and do you know what its like trying to get a 2 year old hyped up on sugar to bed? No I don't think so! No cookies for you!" Sally nodded swiftly and turned away with Nico following her yelling, "WHAT!? But I love cookies, SALLY PLEASE I'M SORRY!!!" Thea giggled.

"Silly Neto." She said weaving her sucker stick in Thalia's hair from behind my shoulder. Thalia smiled and grabbed Thea's little hand, lifting her arm up and tickling her ribs. Thea started squirming in my grip and giggled so loudly it echoed through the hall.

" 'Top it Talia! 'Top it, 'top it!!!" Her high pitched giggling was accompanied with Thalia and my own laughing, we become so busy with playing with Thea that we hadn't noticed Paul standing in the doorway laughing as well until Thea yelled, "Daddy!" She jumped out of my arms and scrambled into her fathers. She very proudly showed Paul her cherry sucker and said "Neto" which was the only way she knew how to explain that Nico had gave it to her. Paul smiled.

"That is very good sweetheart. Here let me hold it for you while you go get your juice from your mommy, okay?" Thea perked up and dropped from Paul's arms to run into the kitchen. Paul wiggled the sucker in the air laughing to himself.

"Nico just never learns does he? Yes well, I bet when he is deprived on Sally's cookies he will." He winked and walked away leaving the door open for Thalia and me.

"I hope you have one as cute as Thea Annabeth, I just love little kids!" I sighed. She just had to bring that up.

"Don't worry Thalia, you are so getting what you deserve for this. You and Nico will be going through what I am right now in a little while and then you'll have your own little kid running around!" I clapped my hands sarcastically as she paled. I left her in the entry hall to go find Percy, passing Nico as he begged Sally on his knees for cookies and Thea laughing at him. Percy was asleep in his bed, his shirt covering his buzzing alarm clock and the blankets covering his face. Typical Seaweed Brain would be asleep. Quietly I walked over and sat on the bed next to him then slowly peeled the covers away so I could see his face. Some one cleared their throat. I turned and saw Nico and Thalia looking at me through the cracked door, Thalia giving me a thumbs up and Nico was turning on the video camera. Curse them. With a sigh I turned back to Percy, I can't believe I am doing this. My life sucks.

"Percy," I whispered pushing on his shoulder, "Percy you invulnerable loser wake up! I have something really important to tell you-stop smacking me! Wake up!" He groaned, rolling over and pulling the blankets with him. I didn't not come all the way here just to get the back of Percy's stupid sleeping head. I grabbed his ankle and pulled him off the bad. He hit the floor with a satisfying thump.

"Annabeth! What!? Do you know how early it is!?" He yelled at me, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. I sat back, sitting Indian style on the bed and glowering at him.

"Yes, it's nearly 1:00 in the afternoon genius. And I don't care if it was 3 in the morning I need to tell you something." He growled at me, he actually growled.

"What is so freaking important that you had to come all the way here to wake me up for?" I waited until he had put his shirt on to answer.

"I'm pregnant." My voice came out a little more quiet and feeble than I wanted it to. Percy stopped, froze in mid-pose as he was putting his belt on. He stayed that way for about five minutes not moving, or even breathing for that matter, before he finally spoke,

"You're what!?" I cringed. He almost sounded mad. Oh gods what if he is! Oh no, why didn't I think about that!? What if he is going to hate me forever because of this? Maybe he never wanted children and now I am giving him exactly what he didn't want. I felt tears coming. What if he broke up with me because of this? Okay I was definitely crying now. The salt burned my cheeks.

"I-I'm pregnant. You know, with a freaking baby," I had curled up against the bed rest while I was talking and buried my face in my knees so I could cry without him watching me, "You do know what it means when someone says their pregnant right!?" I couldn't see through my haze of tears so I'm not sure what he did but I felt something warm on the back of my head and, like a cat being pushed in the paw to retract their claws, I lifted my head.

"Yes of course I do Annabeth." He was being so gentile I couldn't help but retreat to the safety of his arms, where I could cry and know my tears wouldn't be judged. He started stroking my hair and hushing me, I wondered why it was he was being gentile after what I just told him.

"I'm sorry Percy," I whispered in his ear in-between my sobs, "I'm so sorry." He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me away from him, looking very sternly in my eyes.

"Now you listen to me daughter of Athena, you are supposed to be smart but then why are acting so stupid," His face softened only a little when he wiped my tears away with his thumb, "Annabeth, you have no reason to be sorry. Sure, maybe we aren't ready to parents, and maybe I was planning on being a little older before we had a kid but don't be sorry. Think of it this way, things could be worst." I laughed in a strained way.

"What could possibly be worst Seaweed Brain?" He smiled and gathered me up in his lap, pretty soon he wouldn't be able to do that.

"Well, you could be having Nico's baby."

"HEY!" Nico yelled from the doorway. Percy looked behind him as Nico and Thalia came into the room, Nico glaring and Thalia blushing. They came and sat on the bed across from us, Nico tucking the camera in his coat pocket.

"Come on man, who would not want to have my baby?" He said as he put his arms around Thalia's waist and resting his forehead on the back of her head.

"Me." Percy and I said at the same time. Thalia laughed. Nico didn't.

"Pshhhh, you're both just jealous 'cause my baby would be flippen sexy and yours isn't. Whatever, be jealous." Thalia shook her head.

"Nico are you insinuating something with all this baby talk?" She asked and he went into blushing mode.

"OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! Nico wants to-"

"Shut up Percy!" And Nico blushed even more. Well, the only thing to do in this situation would be to laugh, which is exactly why I pointed and laughed. Especially when Thalia started to blush and Thea came in asked "Talia" why she was burning. Just to good.

"Shut up Annabeth at least I didn't get pregnant!" Thalia yelled once she couldn't take the teasing anymore. I probably would have called her a "bad name" but something worst happened.

"Say what now!?" Sally yelled from the doorway. Thalia froze.

"Oops." She mumbled.

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