Title: Magical Romance

Genre: Romance/DramaRating: T, may get up to R

Pairing: Adorable Pair; Akutagawa Jirou, Atobe Keigo....more pairings on the side including Dirty, Silver, Alpha, some Perfect, Pillar, Dream, the list could go on

Summary: The young muggle Jirou gets a letter that changes his life : I own absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Disclaimer: I own neither Harry Potter or Prince of tennis. This doesnt even become a true crossover till the last chapter...sigh

The Akutagawa family was just your everyday normal Japanese family. A middle class family with three children and a acceptable income. Doting upon their youngest, hardest on their middle child, and allowed freedom to their eldest. They were mainly hardest on their middle child for they feared the boy would never amount to anything. He was always sleeping--lazing about the house like a cat. Thankfully the boy had got accepted to Hyoutei academy. His parents would never live down the shame if he hadn't. Their eldest son was an alumni from Hyoutei Junior High and their youngest was Hyoutei bound. It was only Jirou they had to worry about.

The 11 year old blonde sat at the table looking over the pictures for his new uniform. His mother continued to spew about how lovely he would look in it and how he would be a heartbreaker just like his father had been. His father, of course, continued to go on about how Jirou would make connections that would last him a life time. It was mostly thanks to his connection to the Akimiya family that kept him in a comfortably paid job. Now Jirou needed a connection like that. Especially since Kaji, their eldest, was dating the daughter of the Mida family. Everything was paved for Jirou.

A light tapping from the front door temporarily ended the spewing as their mother went to answer the front door. The light brunette woman returned to the sitting area holding a parchment and laughing lightly to herself. She gave the note to her husband--a medium height, blonde haired, green eyed male--who to laughed.

"It seems like someone has sent you a prank letter Jirou. Most likely some form of club initiation at Hyoutei. Already making connections…" Akutagawa Kyou cooed handing the letter to his second son. Jirou accepted it reading it over.

"Read it out loud," Yuka, their youngest and only daughter, cheered. She was curious to what club wanted her brother.

"Dear Akutagawa Jirou-kun, we are proud to inform you that you have been accepted to Kyoutoku School of Sorcery. Enclosed is a list of all necessary materials needed for the upcoming school year to begin on August 2nd. Please be advised that the train will leave Shinjuku on July 30th at 11:45 sharp. Please do not be late. We eagerly await your arrival. Best wishes."

"Whats on the 'supply list'," Kaji asked with a laugh. Jirou flipped to the second parchment and began reading out loud. "Please take note that first years are NOT allowed a broom. You will need the following: a wand, a full set of robes for day use, a pewter caldron, Defensive magic year 1, Potion making for beginners, Standard book of spells volume 1 and 2.….."

The entirety of the Akutagawa family was thrown into a fit of giggles at these strange letters. This club was going to the extreme for their initiation. "Due to your muggle born status a Kyoutoku advisor will arrive at your place of residence to escort you the day after tomorrow. Please be prepared to leave at 10 a.m." he finished reading. Even while his family found this funny, a part of him was wishing that there really was a school of magic somewhere.

The day the letter specified came all to quickly in Jirou's opinion. He had been waiting for this day, praying that it was no prank and he was really being whisked away. But as the clock approached 10 o'clock he finally resigned to the fact that it was all just an elaborate joke. It hurt a little to know that. He'd even gotten dressed and normally he wasn't awake at 10. Sighing he walked downstairs for breakfast, his sister giggling at his childish antics. She couldn't believe he actually thought the mail was real.

A small popping sound from outside interrupted their silent breakfast. Kyou groaned about teenagers setting off fireworks so early in the morning. Soon after the doorbell rang, Akutagawa Suika going to answer it. She froze at the sight that greeted her beyond the door. A brown haired man stood there in purple robes looking about. "Are you lost sir?" she asked with forced politeness.

"My name is Sakaki Taro, I'm here to escort one Akutagawa Jirou."

The entire family jumped up at this announcement, all of them running to the front door. Sakaki caught sight of the blonde immediately. "Very good. You are dressed. Do you have your letter and list? It will be necessary. Also I would recommend your parents giving you some muggle money, we can exchange it for our money at the bank."

"M-my letter is upstairs?"

"Go on, go get it," Sakaki ordered. Jirou ran upstairs as fast as his legs would carry him, grabbed the letter and ran back downstairs waving it about. Kyou smiled leaning towards the oddly dressed man. "Look," he whispered. "I know how these initiations work, I was a Hyoutei man myself, but my son can be quite gullible so don't play this joke up to much." After he gave this note of advice Kyou grabbed his wallet handing a few bills to Jirou. "Have fun son."

"Thank you, otou-san," Jirou smiled, stepping outside the door. Kyou wrapped his arm around his wife pulling her close. "Our son is already making good connections."

Sakaki led Jirou down the street towards a bus stop. "Due to the headmaster's urging we will be using muggle transportation. I requested side-along apparition, but he worried about you getting splinted being inexperienced and what not."

They boarded the bus, Sakaki repositioning enough money for both of them.

"Anou….is this all a club joke or something?"

"Club joke?"

"Well because you know, Hyoutei is such a well off school and whatnot…"

"What is Hyoutei?" Sakaki asked.

Jirou giggled. Everyone knew Hyoutei Academy. Either this was all will or this guy was really outside the loop.

When they arrived in Shibuya Jirou was confused. Being here reinforced the fact that this was all just a prank. "Come along," Sakaki said, grabbing hold of Jirou's hand and pulling him into a small café. The patrons within looked up, nodding in his direction before going back to their previous business. Jirou had to do a double take when he saw a stout man with a cup of coffee. The coffee wasn't odd, but the fact that it was stirring itself was. Sakaki pulled the gawking boy down stairs into a basement looking area. He came across the door and began rapping it. "Moonlight Alley is on the other side. Stick close to me."

Jirou marveled as the door jumped--literally jumped--out of the way admitting them inside somewhere Jirou never knew existed below Tokyo. Every which way he looked there were things he could never imagine. Small brooms whizzing around the front of a shop. A shop with lots of animals, especially, owls had a sign that was moving. The pictures on the front of books moved, strange things appeared in jars, people appeared out of no where--this was real. It was all real.

Sakaki pulled him along to a large granite building. They didn't enter, no, instead they veered off to the left where a window was alone, a little man sitting behind it. "Please place muggle money in the draw below," he sighed, turning a wheel to push the draw out. Jirou hesitantly placed the money his father had given him inside the draw. The draw closed, a bright light shined, and the draw reopened revelaing a bag of coins. Jirou took the bag, opening it and peering inside it. It was all coins.

"The big one is a galleon, the silver one is a sickle and the small bronze one is a knut. This is the wizard currency used around the world. Understood? Muggle money has no use here," Sakaki informed him.

"Thank you!" Jirou smiled.

"Have a great day," the man said overly sarcastically. Jirou frowned before running to catch back up with Sakaki. Sakaki grabbed the blonde's hand pulling him into what appeared to be a dress shop. A brunette woman appeared from behind a rack of robes smiling at them. "Hold on one minute. I had a special order to attend to," she said placing the robes down. "How can I help you, little brother?"

"Izumi, act professional for once."

She frowned, making her face more stone. "Right, right," she said lowing her voice to match her brothers. "What can I help you with?"

"Do not mock me, nee-san."

"Not mocking," she laughed. "Now seriously. What can I do for you?"

"This one needs robes," he answered pushing Jirou forward.

"Oh my!" she squealed, pulling him up onto a step stool. "You are absolutely adorable," she cooed, circling him. She grabbed a black draping robe off the mirror and placed it over him to immediately beginning to pin it to his measurements. "So who is your family? Anyone I know of?"


"He's muggle born," Sakaki answered her.

"Ah, so no one in your family is magical, at all?"

Oh, so that was what muggle meant. Jirou had been wondering. It meant non-magical people.


"Don't worry, a lot of kids at Kyoutoku are muggle born. If anything I would say England, Japan, and America has the most muggle borns in their schools. Being muggle born is nothing to be ashamed of. Hold out your arms."

Jirou did as instructed. "So there are lots of magic schools?"

"Oh dear yes. Kyoutoku here. Hogwarts in England. Beauxbatons of France. Nightriver in Ireland. Durmstrang in Bulgaria. The Magic Academy of America. To name a few. Alright, all done here. I assume Taro will be taking your to Murimura's to get a wand? Come back in after you finish getting your supplies and you robes will be ready," she informed him, helping him to remove the needle covered garment. Jirou thanked her before making to follow his professor across the way to Murimura's wand shop. Sakaki excused himself saying he needed to get something from the shop next door.

A young looking black haired man peeked around a shelf at the sound of the bell. "Welcome, I'm Murimura Seiiji, wand maker and owner of the establish."

"But you look no…." older than 20, Jirou finished in his head--not wanting to be rude.

"Don't mind. I am much older than I appear."

"Oji-san, you seemed to have marked these new wands wrong," a petite VERY feminine looking boy called.

"Ah, this is my nephew Yukimura Seiichi," Murimura introduced, eye scanning Jirou. "Seiichi, bring me a 10-inch, balsawood, hippogriff feather core."

"Hai," Seiichi sighed, grabbing the ladder and pulling it along the shelves till he found the spot needed. He climbed up grabbing a box and coming back over to them. "I would have chosen a shorter wand for him."

"Who is the professional here?" Murimura asked, unwrapping the wand and handing it over to Jirou. Jirou took it with out a word, the thing feeling like no more than a stick in his hand. Kind of like a stick he used when he was a child to play Samurai. Unconsciously he flicked his wrist sending a red spark into a nearby chair, giving said chair a nice new round hole. Jirou immediately handed the wand over to Seiichi who repackaged it.

"Actually I think I have just the wand," Murimura mumbled walking off to scour his shelves. While he uncle was busy having an episode, Yukimura decided to make small talk. "You're a muggle born, aren't you?"

"Is it that obvious that everyone keeps pointing it out?"

"Only because you look a bit wary , like you don't believe any of this is real."

"Oh, well I-I'm still trying to process the fact that I'm….."

"A wizard? Yeah, it's kind of hard for muggle borns to believe at first," Seiichi smiled kindly.

Murimura came back holding a box close to him. He unwrapped the wand holding it out to Jirou. "6 and three-quarters inches, white oak, unicorn hair core."

If it was white oak, why was the wand a light brown? Jirou wondered. Regardless of its color he took hold of it, instantaneously he felt an odd surge of power run through his body. It was hard to explain, but he felt as if the wand was a part of him.

"Well I'll be. Out of all the wands I have ever made that one had to have been the pickiest of them all, then again I gave up trying to sell it about 20 years ago. I always wondered if I would ever be rid of it. I never imagined it would choose a muggle born as it's wielder--no offense."

Jirou's hand felt empty when he had to return the wand to it's box and pay for it. Murimura gladly handed over the box. "Seiichi, why don't you accompany this young man over to Flourish and Blotts."

Seiichi nodded before motioning Jirou to follow him.

"What's Flourish and Blotts?"

"It's one of the biggest book distributors in the wizardry world. There are shops all up and down Asia, Europe, and I believe in parts of Africa. Oh yes, you know my name but…."

"Gomen nasai. I'm Akutagawa Jirou."

"Jirou-kun," Seiichi smiled. "What house to think you be in?" he asked as they entered the store.


"Yes, Kyoutoku is split into four houses each named after the season it's founder favored. There is Haru, Fuyu, Natsu, and Aki. Standard spell books are upstairs."

Jirou followed him contemplating the other's boy question. If he had to pick one based on his favorite season it would have to be either Winter or Spring. "Anou…."

"Allow me to explain each house," Seiichi added, pulling a book off the shelf and handing it to him. "Haru is usually for your courageous, strong-willed members. Odd considering Spring is usually represented by flowers and rain. But the Haru House is actually quite formidable in Quidditch."


"A wizardry sport. After finish getting your spell books, I'll find you a book on Quidditch. Anyways, Fuyu, well their not exactly the nicest wizards you will ever meet. Fuyu is really appropriately named due to the cold as ice personality of most of it's pure-blood students. Hatsu is the smartest and wisest of the school. Hatsu have been the school reigning Quidditch champions for five years now. Their the house for anyone wanting to excel academically as well as athletically. I'll be in Hatsu for sure, my entire family has been in Hatsu house," Seiichi explained, looking over the books in Jirou's arms to make sure he remembered every book correctly.

"How about Aki?"

"I do not mean to be rude, but Aki House is generally made fun of. Their like the rejects of the school. Not smart enough to be in Hatsu. Not cold enough for Fuyu. Nor strong enough for Haru. They are just there. Average grades, average Quidditch skills, nothing special about them at all. Oh, here. Dragon's Fury, they are a good Quidditch team to read about and this one has lots of pictures," Yukimura said grabbing the book. Jirou followed the other first year back downstairs so that he could pay for the books. The clerk witch beamed at him happily wrapping his books. She cooed at how adorable he was before handing the parcel over.

"Where did your guide go?"

Jirou looked around before pointing to the shop from which he could see Sakaki inside. "The potions shop, right there."

"Ah, Sakaki-sensei, well we can go wait for him in the Owl shop," Seiichi suggested pulling the blonde along into the owl shop. The owls within hooted happily at the sight of them, some even spread their wings hoping to impress them into buying them. Except for one owl that hid from them under it's wing, casting a glare as they passed. Jirou back tracked to this owl, looking him over. He was a very pretty little bird. That was silver in color, it's bright blue no wait lavender….it's eyes changed colors. That was the most sugee thing Jirou had ever seen. He'd never seen an animal's eyes change colors like that. Perhaps it's eye color changed with it's mood.

"I'd back away from Yuki-chan if I were you," the woman behind the counter called. "He's a volatile little thing. Doesn't trust anyone. I found him a few months ago, just lying in the snow wing all injured and what not. It took me three hours just for him to allow me to heal that wing. Now all he does is sit there all brooding and snap at anyone who gets to close," she informed him. Jirou turned on the bird.

"Don't you want a home?" The bird looked at him for a moment before giving a low hoot in the negative. "So you just want to stay here and watch all the other owls get homes?" Yuki-chan gave looked a shrug before closing it's, now, yellow eyes in a fake sleep. "How much for him?" Jirou asked.

The woman's eyes widened considerably. "Yuki-chan?! If you can get him to come with you, I'll give him to you for a galleon."

Jirou reached out a finger to stroke his beak only for the bird to jerk back and bite his finger. "Itai! That wasn't very nice," Jirou cried, placing his finger into his mouth. "Yukimura-kun, can you hold these for me," he asked handing the parcels to the other who was watching in amusement. Jirou reached out and quickly grabbed the bird holding it's wings to it's body. It wiggled in his firm hold trying to get away.

The worker laughed out loud when Jirou began to cuddle the owl like a baby, rocking and gently back and forth. It was the funniest thing she had ever seen. She was even more surprised when the owl gave in and just laid there, even allowed the young boy to stork his underbelly. After a moment the blonde put the bird on it's perch before holding out his arm.

"Come here, Yuki-chan," he called and the owl actually did--landing gracefully on the boy's bare wrist. Yuki was very cautious not to dig it's claws in.

"Well I'll be," she smiled. The boy definitely had some kind of healing magic flowing through him. "Let me get you a cage."

She returned moments later with a paper lined cage, she held the door open allowing Jirou to place the small owl inside. Once Yuki was secured inside his cage, Jirou began rubbing his wrist. The claws still hurt with nothing to protect him. The witch even gave him a complimentary care book for his new owl and a bag of owl treats all for only five galleons.

Jirou bid Yukimura good-bye before joining back up with Sakaki. They finished Jirou's shopping--even got him a traveling trunk--picked up his robes and stopped for a frozen treat. After which, Sakaki returned Jirou home with a promise of seeing him on the 30th, which was a mere 10 days away. His parents looked at him oddly as he entered--rather they looked at his owl oddly. They shook their heads thinking kids were into the strangest things these days. Temporarily he left Yuki downstairs while he dragged his trunk up to his room. When he returned Yuki was glaring at the Akutagawa family with ruby red-eyes. Grabbing Yuki he ran back up to his room quickly closing the door.

He opened the cage door allowing his owl to explore his room if it so chose. Eagerly, Jirou grabbed the largest parcel from inside his trunk and ripped it open. He pulled out his new robes and quickly changed into them. He loved them so much, they even had a little pocket for his wand within. Speaking of, he dove back into his trunk extracting the box that held his wand. Without hesitation he unwrapped it, throwing the box arbitrarily into the waist bin. He held it out, examining himself in the small mirror of his room. This was all absolutely unbelievable.

Placing his wand down onto his nightstand carefully, he changed back into his regular clothes and decided to sift through the rest of the items within. Excitedly he flipped through his spell books and potions books. He couldn't wait to try the stuff it held within. Why, wait? Picking up his wand he flipped through his spell book looking for a simple spell he could try. Oh, here was one. A spell that repaired things. Looking up he looked at his favorite alarm clock that had oddly broken when he had been mad at it for waking him. No, it didn't break. It just stopped. Pointing his wand at the clock he said the spell it indicated. "Reparo!"

A small light shot into the clock before it began ringing out. Jirou now remembered why he had wanted it to break in the first place. Turning the clock off, by hand, he returned to flipping through the books. Never in his life was he able to stay awake till dinner, but he easily did. When Kaji came to get him for dinner Jirou was thoroughly engrossed in Quidditch Biography: The Dragon's Fury. They were a really good team in Jirou's opinion. Though he hadn't seen any others play except for their opponents. There were three detailed play by plays of their three latest matches. The moving pictures were quite effective in keeping Jirou's attention. Needless to say the ten days before July 30th passed quickly as he threw himself into studying everything wizard he could get his hands on. Early on the morning of the 30th his parents drove him to the train station still thinking their son was in on some exclusive Hyoutei thing. He gave both of them and his siblings tight hugs before grabbing his trunk and Yuki's change and looking for the elevator specified. They giggled at him, as he walked off. They would wait here for him to return after he realized this was all a Hyoutei prank.

Jirou wondered about, trying to figure out where he was supposed to go. The elevator that his letter specified had been shut down a really long time ago. It couldn't be the right one. "Excuse me, dear. Are you going to the platform," a kindly female voice asked, tapping him on the shoulder.


"You are attending Kyoutoku, correct?"

"Uh…yeah, but I don't know how…."

"Oh. Oh, I see," she chuckled. "Don't worry about it. My little Ryou is going for his first time as well," she beamed, pushing the long haired boy on her side forward. "Both his brothers attend Kyoutoku as well. Satoshi, Ryuuga you two go on ahead," she told the other two dark brunettes. The two walked forward and right through the elevator door. Faintly Jirou could hear the machine beeping as if it was fully operational. "I'll be going through with Ryou, he's a little nervous."

"Okaa-san, it's lame to have my mother go with me," Ryou scowled, apparently hating to be treated like a child. "I'll go through with blondie," he said motioning to Jirou.

"Oh, alright. Be safe."

"Come on," Ryou scowled, motioning for Jirou to follow him. Jirou hesitantly followed Ryou through the elevator door. His eyes shut tight as he felt his body pass through the doors into the still, appearing to be, brand new elevator. With both of them inside the elevator began descending far past the numbers that read on the screen. Ryou didn't say anything to him, so they stayed in silence until the elevator reached the bottom revealing a large silver train that read 'Kyoutoku Railway' on the side in glittering blacks and golds. It was gorgeous. Ryou ran off, boarding the train. While Jirou walked through the crowd and towards a not so crowded door.

A blue-haired glasses wearing boy came over and helped him pull his trunk aboard before walking off down the train. Jirou pulled his trunk along with him looking for an empty compartment. Normally he liked company, but he didn't want to seem ignorant around the other children that probably had more magic knowledge than he did. Finding an empty compartment he slid the door open and clambered inside. After securing his trunk under the seat, he placed Yuki in the seat across from him. Ryou entered the compartment soon after not even asking if Jirou minded. Soon after him a red-headed boy entered, securing his trunk under the seat and pulling out a book on Quidditch before plopping down next to Jirou.

The train pulled out of the station on it's long journey to Kyoutoku in Hokkaido. "Um…I'm Akutagawa Jirou," he introduced himself.

"Mukahi Gakuto," the red-head muttered from behind his book.

"Shishido Ryou," the brown haired boy saluted, while his other hand twirled a piece of his hair.

"What are you reading?"

"It's a book on the Quidditch world finals in the past decade. Last year we lost to Korea's team and lost out on the world cup," Gakuto answered, flipping the page.

"Is this owl glaring at me," Shishido asked, extending a finger towards him. Yuki snapped dangerously at Shishido, his ruby red eyes sliding to yellow.

"Yeah, he doesn't really like anyone but me," Jirou shrugged. In ten days the bird made all kinds of noise to annoy Jirou's family. It was only when Jirou let him out to fly about was he content or when Jirou stroked him affectionately. An elderly came by pushing a trolley of snacks asking if they wanted anything. At the bright colors Jirou immediately jumped up to spend the last few galleons and sickles he had in his pocket.

He happily ate his candies deciding to avoid the Every-Flavored Jelly Beans when Gakuto and Shishido explained that they were really EVERY flavor. He enjoyed his licorice wands, and chocolate wands, and chocolates frogs and everything else that was covered in chocolate. Soon after filling himself with sugar he found himself sleepy and quickly dozed off against the window.

"Hey, you need to wake-up," Shishido called, shaking Jirou's shoulder. Jirou muttered in his sleep before finally deciding to rouse. His eyes opened to see the other boys changing into their robes. "We're coming up on the school you need to change," Shishido told him. That woke Jirou up, he was more than happy to get changed--tucking his wand securely inside his robes. He was wary about leaving Yuki alone for someone to take to his room, but he at least left a note so they knew to be EXTRA careful with the owl.

Jirou followed the two other boys out of the compartment and down the rows outside to the station. The older students walked off through gates into a small village, while all the first years were ushered down a secondary path. A path that gave way to four paths, each definable to its name. The big-busted woman, or rather professor stood waiting for them.

"Hello wonderful new witches and wizards. I am Hanamura Aoi your Herbology professor. Well I'm not going to waist time with introductions. Laying behind me is four paths, each one leading to a different house. Pick which path you choose to walk and head down it. If it is the correct path for you, you will emerge in the main dinning hall. If you choose wrong you will be lost, but don't worry, you'll find the right path eventually," she laughed. "Obviously, the paths are clearly marked to their house," she pointed, shivering slightly from the snow coming from Fuyu's. "Off you go."

The students looked around trying to figure out where their professor had just disappeared to. She was just going to leave them out here alone?

"Hey, mudblood, why don't you try walking down Fuyu's path," a couple of boys laughed as they made their way towards the winter wonderland. Slowly but surely student after student went down the path of their choosing. Jirou walked straight towards Fuyu if only to spite the jeering boys. The snow crunched between his feet as he walked. A little ways ahead there was a silver haired boy talking with a blue haired boy and they were walking confidently down the path as if they knew this was where they belonged. The boys in front of him were still jeering at him as he followed, that was until they disappeared all together. One after one students that had chosen this path started disappearing--lost on the wrong path. Jirou looked around to see five other students still walking down the path, himself included.

The snow stopped falling as they approached a set of brown doors, Jirou stopped looking about. The blue-haired boy tapped his friend on the shoulder and pointed back.

"A mudblood in Fuyu, ahn? That hasn't happened in over 300 years," the silver haired boy said, gaining Jirou's attention.

"What's 'mudblood' mean?" he asked innocently.

Shishido leaned over to whisper in his ear. "It means dirty blood, it's a really bad insult for a muggle born."

"Oh," Jirou said, happiness not broken. "Then I guess I will just have to clean my blood," he laughed with a large grin. He was use to being teased, so these boys were not going to get to him. The doors opened allowing Sakaki to step out and stare at them. "Only six this year," he said proudly. "Last year there was 11 Fuyus, quite disappointing, but this number is acceptable. A muggle born in our midst, this shall make things interesting," Sakaki mused, opening the doors and ushering them in. Once again Jirou found himself awed by everything that was wizard. He found himself to be in, what looked like, a feudal palace or at least the dining area of one. Four long tables sat just above the floor with open spaces for new students. Even if the floors were tatami mats they were allowed shoes, if only this once. The other students entered each going to the school table which they belonged.

Jirou followed the others to the table of students you all had light blue and white donning their robes. To the right was a table of students their colors a dark blue and white, to their left was another table their colors yellow and black. The last tables students wore a dark red and white, apparently this school like lots of white. Slowly Jirou sat between Shishido and Mukahi looking up at the long table to which the teacher sat behind. He wasn't use to sitting in the traditional manner, but surely he mother would be happy that he was.

A prim brown-haired woman came up to the teachers informing them of something before coming to stand before the room. "Be silent, please," she called gaining everyone's attention. "My husband, the headmaster, is busy at the moment so I will be speaking tonight," she announced with a slight edge to her voice. "I am Echizen Rinko, your History of Magic professor. Your trunks have already been taken to the appropriate rooms and the prefects will lead you down the dorms after dinner. Please note that first years have a curfew of 9:30, no first year should be found wondering the halls past this time. Classes will begin one week from tonight, you'll find your schedules in your rooms. Anything else? Oh yes, the entirety of our school is underground, while you are allowed to be out on the grounds please exercise caution about where you wander. If that is it, please enjoy your dinner," she smiled.

Jirou couldn't help himself, like a fair few students, as the food magically appeared on the table. He wasn't the only one either that eagerly dug into the delicious looking dinner. As he ate he looked around the hall they were sitting in noticing how it was decorated to mirror the current season of Summer. Soon it would be fall and Jirou was eager to see if the leaves of the indoor trees would change and fall as well.

With dinner complete the first year Fuyus found themselves being led further and further down beneath the school. For the hundredth time Jirou found himself gasping at the things the school held, like the samurai armor that spoke to them when they approached and allowed them entrance into the expansive dorms. The room they walked into, was a large common room complete with couches and chair and tables and books and….it was just sugoi. The prefect led them down the hall that was marked 'boys'; the only first year girl in Fuyu followed the second prefect. The hall was a series of sliding doors each with a shining gold name plate that had their names engraved upon them. After explaining necessities like candles and bathroom and classes he dismissed them to their rooms.

Jirou walked to his door, fingers tracing the characters of his name. Sliding the door open he still found himself floored. The room wasn't large but big enough. A full sized bed set against the wall, a desk on the wall to his right, one window stood next to the bed just a little ways away. He didn't understand why there was a window when they were so far underground, yet when he opened it he understood. They were underground, yet they were not underground. The upper level served as protection against muggles, the entire school was underground. It's vast landscapes, it's beautiful glistening lake. Jirou did not want to close the window and go to bed for he feared, if he did, he would wake up back at home and find himself in a Hyoutei uniform. Reluctantly, after some time, he went to bed praying that when he reawaked he would still be here.


A WEEK!! A week had passed and he was still here and now he had classes; actual wizard classes. Running upstairs for breakfast he kept re-reading his schedule. He entered to see breakfast already laid out on the table, grabbing a chair he sat down and started eating as fast as possible. One thing he had learned was that normal tables replaced the traditional ones the entire year. The low tables were only used at the beginning and ending of the year, the rest of the year it was normal brown wood tables and chairs.

"You know eating faster won't make classes come any faster," Gakuto told him taking a seat to his right.

Jirou slowed down his eating to stare at Gakuto with puffy cheeks. Gakuto had a hard time holding back the laugh that threatened to spill over. Grabbing juice, Jirou took a swig to swallow before pointing behind Gakuto and whispering. "That blue-haired Oshitari guy is looking at you again."

"Like I care. He and his cousin annoy me," Gakuto huffed.


"That Kenya guy over in Aki, he's been staring at me a lot too. I think they are plotting something and I don't like it."

"Hey, look at the time, we have to get to History of Magic," Jirou cried grabbing Gakuto's hand. Said boy was left reaching desperately for his unfinished fish as he was pulled out of the dinning hall. Even though Jirou had been excited to start classes he found himself falling asleep during Rinko-sensei's long introductory lecture. Not that he didn't care about History or whatnot but she could have made it more thrilling than just words.

"…is that understood, Akutagawa-kun?" she called, causing everyone's head to turn and look at him. Jirou sleepily raised his head. "Half-length, famous wizard, foreign or not, due next class," he mumbled sleepily effectively stunning his professor. With one class down Jirou dragged his feet on up to Transfiguration. He dared not fall asleep during this sensei's introductory lesson, because Ryuuzaki Sumire frightened him with her threats to sit on him if he did fall asleep. Third hour found him staring at a old man who looked like he was ready to die at any moment, but Oji was actually quite learned in the art of Defense. Fourth hour was really kind of pointless to Jirou and the kind professor, Inoue Mamoru, did not press him. It was common knowledge which students were muggle-born and which weren't. At least Inoue-sensei could turn to a couple of students for assistance in certain areas.

When Lunch came around Jirou found himself vastly disappointed. Shishido berated him with a 'what did you expect on the first day of lessons?' "Look, cheer up, after this we have a flying lesson and then we a Charms Lesson. You'll actually get to use your wand."

"I guess," Jirou sighed.

After lunch Jirou found himself standing to an old broom away from his only two friends. A silver-haired boy stood to his right. This boy he learned was Atobe Keigo the only son of the infamous Atobe family, a pure blood. The boy on Jirou's left was a honey-haired Haru that also was a pure-blood. "I'm Fuji Syuusuke," he smiled.

"Akutagawa Jirou."

"Ah, the token muggle-born of Fuyu. Well perhaps we can be friends," he smiled even more kindly. Jirou gave a nod as their instructor stepped out onto the glass. She was young, incredibly young, she looked like she had just graduated herself. "I'm Meino Nanako, and on the urging of my uncle I will be giving flying lessons. It's very easy really, just place your dominate hand over the broom and say up, that's it."

Immediately calls of 'up' echoed around him. He tried it and the broom did not move at all. To his right Atobe already had his broom in hand as did Fuji. Concentrating all his energy he said the word as forcefully as possible and the broom made contact with his hand. Atobe scoffed at him in quite a condescending manner.

"Okay, the next part is a little harder. Not everyone is a flyer, so don't worry. Once you have mounted your broom kick off firmly from the crowd and hover just slightly before touching back down. I understand not everyone will be able to do this on the first try. Don't worry, just keep trying," she encouraged. As instructed Jirou swung his leg over the broom but didn't make any movement to attempt flying. Already the natural born fliers were hovering above the ground, even getting permission to fly about the small courtyard they were in--Atobe and Fuji among those natural flyers.

"Is something wrong, Akutagawa-kun?"

"What if I can't do it? Fly, I mean."

Meino-sensei chuckled softly. "Every witch and wizard can fly, but just like muggle driving, there are those skilled at it and those who can merely do it. So give it a try, you made find yourself pleasantly surprised."

Cautiously Jirou pushed from the ground his feet hovering mere inches above the ground before he came crashing back down. He could hear others laughing at his failed attempt, but it wasn't a failure to him. "I did it!" he cheered. "I actually did it!!"

"Good job."

For the remainder of class Jirou hovered above the ground, flying around the perimeter of the courtyard. He didn't want to chance going higher like the other students in case he fell. That would hurt.

By the end of the day, Jirou felt he might have found a talent. Remaining awake all through Potions, he found the idea of mixing items to make new items enthralling and was eager to do the homework. Admittedly, he was happy to be here.

Happy as he was a month quickly passed, as did two months, all to quickly it was Halloween--the dinning hall now decorated in the fall scenery. Jirou was pleased to see that the trees indeed did change colors and their leaves fell. What upset him though was the number of letters students around him received from home. If he sent a letter would his parents read it? Were they angry at him for not attending Hyoutei? Were they scared that they had not heard from him? These are the thoughts that flew through his mind as he returned to his room and sat at his desk, quill poised.

Okaa-san, Otou-san

I know you are either extremely angry with me or worried sick.

But you don't have to worry, I am safe at school--not Hyoutei, but school.

I'm studying hard and have already friends, actual friends.

Really, I'm enjoying myself, so please don't worry or strangle me when

I return him. I'll write you again next chance I get. You don't have to write

back, for my postal service is a little picky. Hope everyone is well.

Love you lots,


Rereading the letter, Jirou could not help but muse how his mother would complain about his calligraphy and order him to take a proper calligraphy class. Yes, calligraphy should definitely be the main focus at wizardry school, Jirou laughed. Rolling the letter once it had dried he made his way upstairs towards the wing that housed the owlery. It was only eight o'clock so he would have plenty of time to return to the dorms before curfew. Jirou was surprised to find, when he entered, Yuki-chan nipping affectionately at a treat--his eyes their normal crystal blue.

He was even more surprised to see it was Atobe Keigo holding the treat. How could Yuki-chan like the boy who scoffed at Jirou at every turn? The boy that sought to make Jirou feel inferior for being muggle-born. "Yuki-chan," Jirou called, the owl immediately coming over to his master. Atobe looked up at the call. Jirou ignored him opting to instruct Yuki in his task of taking the letter.

"You sure you can make it? My home is all the way in Tokyo." Yuki snipped at him as if Jirou was insane for even suggesting Yuki couldn't. "Be safe, then," he said, giving his owl a treat before allowing him to fly off into the night. This would be Yuki-chan's first delivery and Jirou found himself apprehensive.

"That rambunctious owl is yours?" Atobe asked.

"Of course he's mine. Goodnight, Atobe-kun," Jirou answered then made his way away. He didn't want to stay in that narcissist's presence to long. What if he was contagious? Jirou did not want to catch a severe case of narcissism.


"Checkmate!!" Jirou cheered gaining the attention of several Fuyus around him. Oshitari stared at the board in disbelief. Playing chess with the mudblood had merely been a ploy to make fun of him for being ignorant and yet, he won. How had that happened? Oshitari searched the board again, but all the pieces were in place, his king was trapped. He had to know. "How? How did an amateur?"

"You explained the rules," Jirou yawned. "I just followed them."

"I still don't understand how you beat me."

Jirou picked up a small black piece from his own side. "Because you're a pureblood."

Everyone was now listening intently. "So?"

"You purebloods think everyone is below you, like me, like your pawns. Their your servants, meant to merely protect your higher ranks and are completely disposable," Jirou prattled off. "Because you underestimated the power of the pawn you paid no attention to them until they had your king trapped and checkmate," he smiled lazily. Oshitari pushed his glasses up to once again examine the board. Jirou's Queen nor King had been moved from it's starting position. The boy had relied solely on the pawns, rooks, and knights. It was quite a feat.

"I feel upset that Christmas break is upon us, I would like to play you again after break," Oshitari said.

"Okay," Jirou shrugged. The following day found the dorm emptied out except for three exceptions that were not heading home for break, Jirou being one of them. What was he supposed to do now? No Shishido. No Gakuto. Just him. Deciding sleep was his best option, he turned in early cuddling beneath the sheets. Late into the night Jirou found himself shivering uncontrollably. The house elves had neglected to tend the fires in Fuyu dorm due to the lack of students and as such it had become incredibly cold beneath the earth. Climbing out of bed he made his way down the hall looking for any source of warmth. There was only a small flicker of warmth coming from one loan room. Paying no heed to the name plate he slid the door opened and wondered inside. He was incredibly tired after all. The boy that owned the room lay sleeping tucked comfortably under thick blankets. Jirou pushed at him slightly. "Hey, it's cold. Can I share? Good," he muttered not waiting for an answer and just climbing in. With the warmth caressing him he fell directly back to sleep, mindless of the body next to him. When he awoke he did not want to move. It was warm in the bed, cuddled up to the nice big warm pillow that was the shape of a human. The pillow the was much warmer than the room, that almost seemed to be alive. Jirou's eyes snapped up, and slid slowly upward to stare into the icy blue eyes of his pureblood tormentor.

"Comfortable, ahn?"

Jirou sprang away, bowing rapidly. "Gomen nasai, I-I was just cold an-and…."

"It's fine, just get out," Atobe ordered. Jirou did as instructed, running straight back to his own room. They would never speak of what happened, NEVER!! Though truly the first time had been accident, the second time had been on purpose. It was to chilly in his own room to be able to sleep and Atobe's was the warmest room. That being said he returned to the room this time Atobe fully awake sitting in bed and reading a book. Eyes not even leaving the book he lifted the edge of the blanket as a silent invitation to the blonde. From that point on, it became a mutual agreement that Jirou would return every night that way he would not freeze to death.

On Christmas morning he couldn't believe he had present. Not as many as Atobe, but still, five was better than none. The first present was from Gakuto, who had given him a large poster of The Dragon Fury's Quidditch team, despite the fact that Gakuto didn't care for the team. Shishido had also gotten him something, another poster with an album from a wizardry band called Nightmare. Fuji had bought him a special made wizard camera so that the pictures would move when developed. Yukimura, even though they did not talk much, bought him a gift as well--chocolates and another Quidditch book. The last present was the one that stunned him. It was from his mother and inside was all his favorite home cooked winter treats along with a note. 'You are more than grounded when you return home young man.' Jirou smiled at the note, for he knew his mother would not hold to that upon seeing him. But he couldn't help but wonder how this got here. Had Yuki brought it back? Or did someone else's owl happen to bring it? Curious, very curious.

With the holiday over, classes started back up. Shishido and Gakuto questioned him about he did without them around and he merely shrugged. He was not about to tell them he shared a bed with Atobe Keigo. He was embarrassed enough as it was. Jirou thanked them for their gifts and also thanked Fuji and Yukimura for theirs. The two boys looked at him astonished.

"You just talked to Yukimura," they said. Jirou shrugged, telling them about how he had met Yukimura during the summer and they were acquaintances. What was the big deal?

"The big deal is: he, that Sanada guy, and this other guy Yanagi all made the house Quidditch team. First years, NEVER get on House teams," Gakuto told him.

"Well they did," Jirou shrugged like it was no big deal. Apparently, however, it was a very big deal as Fuyu versed Natsu for the Quidditch cup. The three first years were small in compassion to the larger third, fourth, fifth, and so on years. Natsu was already the favorite and Jirou could see why, they were good from what he heard. However, now everyone was doubting their chances considering they had a first year as keeper and two first year chasers. As the quaffle was released Jirou, as well as everyone, saw why these first years were on the team. They were incredible. They way they handled the quaffle and their team work was extraordinary, far beyond the level of eleven year-olds. Even with the better seeker Fuyu still lost, unbelievably, with a score of 160-150. TEN POINTS!!! Those chasers were certainly amazing and it was watching them that made Jirou want to play Quidditch more than anything.

Though before Quidditch came more important things like school finals. He sat all his finals with confidence. Everyone thought because he was muggle-born and slept a lot that he would do horribly, but look at that! Top 10! Oh yeah! Along with Atobe, Yukimura, Tezuka, Fuji, Oshitari, Yanagi, Sanada…he was among some of the smartest people in the school and that made him feel good. Among all those purebloods and half-bloods, he, a lowly muggle-born, beat out more than 70 percent of the first years. Hey, just because he slept through classes didn't mean he wasn't paying attention or soaking things up. But the glory was being top was clouded by another fact. Final results meant the school year was ending and all to soon Jirou found himself packing his things back into his trunk. It was fleeting. He didn't want to leave, yet he also wanted to see his family.

Dinner that evening was delicious--though it would have been more delicious had he been staying at the castle. The next morning he boarded the tray, Yuki glaring at passersby with his normal ruby red eyes.

On the train Shishido and Gakuto offered to buy Jirou sweets. "For missing your birthday," they said. Even Jirou had forgotten about his birthday, what with all the Quidditch and finals and such. He was now a full 12 years old and he hadn't realized it.

When they arrived back in Tokyo, Jirou now hyper and full of sugar, they walked through the broken elevator back into the muggle world. They were talking lightly to each other, Gakuto trying to convince Jirou that Yoiyami was a better Quidditch team and Shishido telling Jirou he better listen to that album, even though he had already listened to it THREE times at school.

"Akutagawa Jirou!" his father's stern voice called. Jirou froze turning to look at the stunned happy faces of his family. His mother ran up to him, embracing her middle child in a tight hug.

"You have a lot of explaining to do young man."

Indeed he did.

-Year 1 Owari-