Title: Valentine's Lust

Rating: Hard R/NC-17

Pairing: duh....Atobe and Jirou

Summary: When Atobe comes under the influence of a lust potion Jirou is left to take the 'punishment'.

Disclaimer: own absolutely nothing. Will always wish i did though.

The four girls stared at the lavender rose potion in success. It had taken three months to complete this potion. Three long grueling months to make it just right with the correct potency. Now they had it. A lust potion. A lust potion to use on the object of their desires: Atobe Keigo.

They had already agreed as to who would get first dibs on him. Next they would have to sneak down to the kitchens and place it in his morning tea. He would be none the wiser. The morning of Valentine's day they confounded the house elves before finding the cup of tea that was Atobe's. It took no time at all to locate the fine silver cup he drank out of every morning.

Excitement in their eyes, they poured the potion in watching it's color swirl, becoming one with the dark brown of the tea. By tomorrow morning they would all have the bragging rights of losing their virginity to the hottest guy in school.


Atobe picked up his tea immediately smelling something that was a little off. He cast a look around noticing four girls staring at him in anticipation. That was it, wasn't it? A love potion. No, a love potion would have given off the scent of the one he loved. He knew Jirou's scent well. This was no love potion. It had to be a lust potion. Lust? If he drank this his body would be quivering with insatiable need. He wouldn't be able to stop until the potion's effect wore off--normally for a 12-14 hour period. His only concern would be if this had similar properties as a polyjuice potion or love potion. Adding ones essence to get desired effect.

"Jirou." He sipped the tea as to not alert the girls.


"A lust potion. It's properties. Does it consist of the maker's essence." He hated asking for help, but he never study such trivial things as fake affection potions.

"Not that I'm aware of. As far as I know, once someone drinks a lust potion their libido will increase almost fifty fold. Completely insatiable. Their lust can only be taken out on the object of their desire. Say if a womanizing man drank it, he would be having sex with every woman he could get his hands on. And vice versa."

"Interesting," Atobe mused, taking a little bigger drink. His lust would be targeted solely on Jirou. If he were to take this potion in full, Jirou would be in for one hell of a ride. He was almost half way through his tea now. The potion was starting to boil his blood. "Could you handle ore-sama's libido in the event ore-sama ever consumed a lust potion?" Sip. Sip. Sip.

Jirou giggled sipping at his own drink. "I'll worry about that if the time ever comes."

He took the last drink of the tea, setting the empty cup down. "It's coming now."


A Haru sauntered over to the Fuyu table, straight up to Atobe and running a suggestive hand over his shoulder. "I can help you with that," she whispered.

Jirou looked between the girl and his boyfriend's slightly shaking form. So that was why Keigo had been asking? Some girls had slipped him a lust potion and he actually drank it. 'Oh shit, I'm in trouble,' Jirou thought just before Keigo grabbed him into a deep tongued kiss. It was desperate. Pleading. "Ore-sama needs you….now!" he growled in an almost animalistic tone.

"O-Okay?" Jirou stuttered, unable to refuse. Atobe grabbed Jirou's arm pulling him out of the dinning hall and down towards Fuyu dorms, leaving behind many stunned faces. It was a long journey down to Atobe's dorm room. The potion was taking full affect, leaving no room for complaints. Leaving no room for Jirou to breath. Every few feet Atobe was pushing his lover against the wall, kissing him longing, grinding against him just as desperately.

By the time they had finally reached Keigo's room there was no time for discussion. No time for silencing charms. No time for protest. Atobe merely threw Jirou over his desk, unclothed their bottom halves, and plunged into the tight heat. Jirou cried out slightly at the lack of preparation, but otherwise said nothing. Keigo plunged into Jirou's body, over and over. Harder and harder. He wanted the blonde writhing beneath his fingers. Wanted his lover to clamp even tighter around him.

Jirou gasped in quick completion. Inner muscles clamping around Atobe causing a long release. Keigo sighed in semi-relief, but it wasn't enough. No where near enough. He pulled out, turning Jirou over and lifting the petite body to sit across the desk before plunging back in. This felt even better for the first time. Jirou's hole loose and cum slicked, ready to receive him again.

Jirou cried out, arms going to loop around Atobe's neck to pull the pureblood into a heated kiss. With a gasp he broke away, head falling against the wall as Keigo gripped his thighs, pushing them apart. Plowing into Jirou's body senselessly. Atobe's body felt normal now. Sweaty. Heated, but normal. Jirou moaned out in bliss, jerking himself. The desk shaking beneath him with Keigo's brutal thrusts into his body.

"Kei-go…" he whispered with a second orgasm. The tightening of his inner muscles sent Keigo over the edge again as well.

Atobe collapsed against his small boyfriend, kissing Jirou's neck lovingly. The burning was starting again. His erection growing again with need. "Jirou…we…..I can't stop. My body…"

"Keigo," Jirou whispered, soothingly stroking his lover's hair. "Its okay. I can take it. I love you, remember?

Now…" he pushed Keigo away from him slightly. "Go lay down on the bed and let me attend to your lust."

Atobe did as his younger lover instructed, stripping completely as he went. Jirou did the same, stripping the rest of his clothes off before climbing over his boyfriend. He came up to sit on Keigo's torso, Keigo's cock rubbing against his ass teasingly. They already went two quick rounds, now it was time for some slow play. Besides Jirou knew something Keigo didn't.

Lifting up slightly Jirou placed the head at his entrance, sinking down on it playfully. Keigo groaned in desperate want, hands itching to shove the bodily sheath over himself again. Jirou sank down a little further before pulling off completely. He was always the one begging for it. It was Keigo's turn to beg him. Then again, the lust potion was in full affect. If Keigo didn't get what he crave he could very well just rape Jirou. So there were the goods and the bads in this teasing game.

Deciding it best not to risk the raping Jirou placed Keigo fully inside his body. Sitting there. Waiting.

Atobe sat up, grabbing Jirou around the neck to pull him down for a kiss. His lower half thrusting deeper into Jirou's tight passage. "You don't understand how bad….nnh…ore-sama needs this."

Jirou pushed down hard. The thrusts going no where put up, further into his body. "Yes, I do….the potion was still…ahh…on your lips when you kissed me….ohhhh…..in your mouth as well. The small amount got into my mouth…..mmmmm….not as potent….Kei….but my body is still craving this."

Those were the magic words in Atobe's ear. He gripped Jirou tightly, flipping them around so Jirou laid on his back--practically folded in half--Atobe plowing into his body at full speed. Jirou reached back gripping the bed's frame trying to steady himself as his body was shaken with sheer force. "Ahhhh….deeper!!" he screamed involuntarily. Keigo was already pounding him impossibly hard and fast, yet he was still begging for more. Their third orgasm came slower this time, not as much flowing out of their bodies.

Atobe's arms shook under him. He collapsed to Jirou's side as to not crush the petite boy. They needed a rest. If only a small one. He spooned into Jirou's side, running his hand up and down Jirou's arm. Jirou was obviously under the potion's control. His body shivered under Keigo's touch, his back arching, ass pressing against Keigo's groin.

Against their wills their arousals reawakened. Orgasm would become painful soon. There was no way they could do this for twelve hours. There was just no physical way. Unless….

Atobe groaned at the thought. Using his wand for such things as holding their orgasms in. Jirou had once told him about a muggle device that did the same thing called a cock ring. Vulgar muggles to come up with such a thing. But there was no other option. They would need something. "Give me my wand," he whispered in Jirou's ear.

Jirou looked at him skeptically for a moment before scooting the edge of the bed and leaning over to retrieve said object. This, of course, gave Keigo a perfect view of his ass. His hole loose and ready. Cum slicked. Cum leaking down his thighs.

"Ahhh…" Jirou gasped, almost falling over the edge. He had not been expecting Keigo's tongue to enter him like that. Now Keigo was holding him, eagerly lapping at his insides. "Kei-Keigo…..yo-your wa-wand…" Jirou said through badly contained moans. Atobe took his wand, casting the necessary spell on both of them to keep them from coming till they were ready. With the spell in place he pulled Jirou back up on the bed and fucked him with renewed vigor.

Behind wasn't enough. With the spell in place Atobe took Jirou from every angle imaginable. He needed this his body craved it. He was close to literally throwing Jirou around just to get the maximum pleasure, but Jirou wasn't complaining. He wanted this just as badly.

"I-I ne-need to….to…" Jirou tried to plead after the fifth(?), sixth(?), maybe seventh time Keigo fucked him with no completion. Relinquishing the spell white come shot out of their spent bodies simultaneously. Jirou's splattering the bed sheets while Keigo spent endlessly into his lover.

Jirou collapsed. His body exhausted beyond all means. "Kei-Keigo…." he gasped, snuggling into the side of Keigo's body. "I-uh…I don't know if I can take 10 more hours of this…."

Atobe scoffed. "You'll just have to, won't you?"

"Mm-hmmm….rest now, though," he yawned, falling into a light sleep. He slept for a good hour and a half before Keigo was on him again. Driving into his body from the side. It still felt good--it was sex--but his body was aching. Aching beyond all means of the word. The small amount of potion Jirou had received had worn off. But he could take this. He loved Keigo. He would do anything for him.

When day finally turned to night and eight o'clock approached Jirou feared he would never walk again. Thankfully the lust was dissipating now. He would continue to suck Keigo till it was completely gone. Keigo pulled at his hair, thrusting into his mouth as he bobbed his head, trying to bestow maximum pleasure upon his boyfriend. "Jirou…." Atobe groaned, thrusting up into Jirou's mouth and spending himself deep in Jirou's throat. Jirou swallowed before coming up to kiss his sweat covered lover. "Is it over?"

"Un. Its affects are all but gone. Are you okay?"

Jirou nuzzled into Keigo's neck, biting his perfect skin lightly. "I don't think I will ever walk again."

"I'm sure the nurse can heal you up some."

"But not completely…." Jirou lamented. Keigo gave a small rare smile, kissing his Jirou on the forehead.

The next morning Keigo brought his bed ridden boyfriend breakfast. He was forced to explain what had happened to the blonde, therefore revealing his relationship in full with the mudblood. The teachers apprehended the four very disappointed girls and gave them a month worth of detentions. They agreed to let Keigo attended to Jirou in anyway possible the blonde needed.

Even though he couldn't walk and missed a couple days of classes. All in all, in Jirou's opinion, Valentines Day hadn't been that bad. Besides Keigo was spoiling the hell out him now.