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'You need to stop fussing over me.' JJ groaned as Reid waited on her hand and food, she'd woken up to see him looking anxious and she had just smiled at him, in an attempt to calm him but it hadn't worked at all. There was something bothering him and she had no idea what it was, he was keeping it well inside, well hidden from her profiler mind to make sense of and that was annoying her slightly. 'I can do these things myself.'

'Just let me help.'

'Okay... if...' She said and Reid looked her in the eyes, not expecting that from her. 'You tell me what the hell's bugging you?'

'It's nothing.'

'Like hell it is Spence.' It was as she used that nickname that he looked her in the eyes and she knew he wanted to scream what was wrong at her. 'What is it?'

'I- I... I lied to the police about who I was to you... I... saw them carry you out and I, I panicked and told them I was your partner and they let me through and that was the best feeling ever, of getting to you as soon as I could.'

'So you told a white lie...'

'But I didn't want it to be a white lie! I wanted it to be the truth but it wasn't.' Reid said almost ashamed, running a hand over the back of his neck. 'I think I'm in love with you JJ.'

JJ felt her breath hitch as he said those words; she coughed to regain rhythmic breathing. 'You think? Because I want you to tell me you love me.'

Reid looked up and saw the look in her eyes. 'I know I love you.'

'Good, now kiss me.' She told him and he looked at her, originally stunned but then felt the need to be open to what she had just said, after all she had said it, she had presented the idea, he was going to follow through.

He sat on the bed, placing his hands either side of her, leaning down and kissing her the best he knew how, he had to admit, kissing JJ was easier than he had ever anticipated, he had worried that kissing the one girl he had loved from the first day of hearing her call him Spence instead of formally calling him Reid would be hard to make sparks fly but right there and then sparks flew. Igniting their own inferno, one that would burn brighter and brighter.

The End!

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