Claire-chan: I'm writing a b-day series (again) for Colin. Yes.... (I'm a little late.....I haven't been paying attention. -.-U)

Tory: Who's it for?

Claire-chan: It's for Colin.....

Tory: forgot didn't was November 18.....

Claire-chan:...Thank you captain obvious...can you do the disclaimer please

Tory: Sure. This is from Off*Beat. And Claire-chan doesn't own the series.

Claire-chan: Thanks -smiles-


I've had many different kittens that live with me and ones I call my own yet the newest one has left me thinking if I should take him in. I've seen him once perched high by a window, looking at me as if to say, "Hello" Maybe I'm imaging it.

It's been a year and this stray has come to be my new shadow. This stray kitten that I call my own that a name. 'Tory' he called himself.

I have a new kitten that has been given to me. He always gets into my things and follows my shadow as I walk down the street. When I peer into his direction he backs away slightly as a precaution get use to my ever changing mood.

When I'd sad he curls next to me giving me support to go on with the next day.

My kitten has green eyes and red hair that is always soft. When I pet his hair his whiskers twitch in excitement.

When I'm doing my homework he's perched on the side of my desk watching me with curiosity. "Maybe you should be helping me instead of watching me." The kitten jumps off my desk pick up a book to start teaching me.

Every time I'm sick my kitten sits patiently on the edge of my bed watching me with his large green eyes. "Get better soon." I hear in my fevered state.

When I'm asleep I feel my kitten curl into my side as to make sure I'm okay.

I'm glad I've taken in such a kitten that has changed me for the better.

Claire-chan: Aww so cute!