Title: She Fell

Author: Ashantai

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Rating: G

Spoilers: Pilot, AJBAC

Summary: Max reflects on the first sister she ever lost.

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She had a beautiful face.

Soft blue eyes taking in the world quietly, always shining with wonder.

A delicate, peaceful smile turning the corners of her lips up so frequently.

Smooth cheekbones angled outward, raising upward to gently cradle her eyes.

A gorgeous, loving face for a gorgeous, loving sister.

Zack's second-in-command; his most trusted.

She took the initiative that night and picked up a gun.

She protected me from them when they wanted me dead.

I was flawed. She loved me anyway, so she drove them back.

Her back was to me as she led us all, holding the gun out, unafraid.

(unafraid because she wasn't there in the woods that day we found out what death was)

I looked up at her from between Jondy and Zack, where I was safe.

I looked up and I saw her back, her strong yet delicate shoulders, her weapon ready.

From behind I saw her chin lift slightly as lights turned on us.

We were bathed in brightness, blinded by it. She had lifted her chin because she could not see.

She could not see. She couldn't aim at anything. She was helpless; not a threat.

A sound cracked through the bright, silent hallway, a crack that made me jump.

The gun dropped useless from her hands, slid toward me across a cold floor.

I stared at it, its evil, its cold metal, and didn't pick it up. Swore never to pick one up ever again.

Her beautiful face, its soft blue eyes and smooth cheekbones, was set in surprise. Pain. I raised my eyes.

Lydecker emerged slowly from the light, the embodiment of our all our fears and pains and uncertainties.

He looked angry, disappointed. Sad, also, though I was too afraid to register it then.

He had shot her. She hadn't been able to see; she hadn't been a threat.

But he'd levelled his gun at her in spite of that, fired anyway.

Everyting and nothing happened at once; fear and pain came together in one blinding flash of sound and light.

He meant to make her an example. He made her a martyr instead.

In that second as the shot cracked through the air, we had all frozen in place, even Zack.

We all stood there, frightened and angry and so unsure of anything and everything behind and in front of us.

In that second as the shot cracked through the air, my heart stopped, then raced, then broke...

And she fell.