Harry Potter and the World Above
By: Tellemicus Sundance
#01—Return of the Champion

Allie watched from her perch at the fruit tree's roots as the visitors flew away on those flimsy pieces of wood. Normally, she'd be ecstatic at seeing them finally leaving, but the fact that they had her dear friend flopping behind them, unconscious and tied up, put a serious damper on her good mood. In fact, the sight of them taking her friend away in chains actually deeply enraged her. This was why she quickly found herself following after them. Her hatchlings may still be very young, but she knew that they'd be rather safe here within the fruit tree's roots. As much as she didn't want to admit it, now that they'd gotten a good feeding and a chance to somewhat establish a pecking order with each other, they could more or less take care of themselves…in case anything happened to her and she didn't come back.

Following their scents through the jungle was quite easy since they were so distinct against the backdrop of the normal jungle scents. However, they had flown so fast through the air that their scents got distorted and drifted, weakening them. But it was easy for her to guess where they were headed just based on which direction they were flying. Plus the fact that, unlike her friend, they didn't belong in this world, thus they'd want to hurry back theirs as quickly as possible.

Even as she was traveling back towards where she'd come from, Allie couldn't help but to wonder how things had come to this. She was, in many ways, very different from others like her. She had known this since she was a mere hatchling herself, but the fact had only grown since she'd befriended that strange creature she found by the river and who later healed her. Any other dinosaur of her species, male or female, young or old, would've just eaten the boy the moment they found him and been done with it. But she didn't.

She was curious. She wanted to know things. She wanted to understand and experience things. This is what set her apart. But the thing that really accented just how different she was was the simple fact that she could think, question, strategize. She could find answers to problems that her mother couldn't. She could guess how a certain type of dinosaur would react in a given situation and could formulate an entire plan based on that. This trait was something she quickly found she shared with her friend, who's constant presence only helped to expand and increase her own. She was growing intelligent. And it was a trait that she knew had been passed down unto her hatchlings. That was how she knew they could and would survive.

Allie's departure from the jungle world was as quick and silent as the predator she truly was. She'd reach the surface within hours, then she'd get right back on the hunt to find her friend and bring him home again.

28 November 1994
Monday, morning

The scene of that of gripping tension, considerable unease, and more than understandable confusion. Fleur stood in front of her Headmistress, the Headmasters of Hogwarts and Durmstrang, and the Triwizard Tournament judges, having just recited a shortened version of her quest to retrieve her golden egg. Suffice to say, that the revelation of a jungle world filled with dinosaurs hidden deep underground caused quite a stir among the Professors and ministry wizards. Not even Dumbledore's ever-present eye-twinkle was present in his expression as he considered everything he'd heard carefully.

"Most impressive story," Karkaroff drawled, earning glances from all present. Fleur narrowed her eyes when she saw the obvious disbelief in his sneering expression. "Now, what really happened in that forest, little girl?"

"That's enough!" Crouch interrupted before Fleur could respond. "Her story matches what the Weasleys have said in almost every instance. We are here to determine how many points she has earned from this 'extended task'. Not to start pointless arguments over substantial evidence of—"

"Fine, fine!" Karkaroff snapped. Holding up his wand, he absentmindedly cast out a large 0. "For not getting her egg in time, letting a stupid beast beat her to it, and having to play hide-n-seek in a forest for several days? She gets a zero from me." Despite her anger at his dismissive tone of voice, Fleur rolled her eyes. She hadn't expected anything better from the man, although he did kinda have a point.

As if in contrast, Madam Maxime cast out a large '10' with a slight smile of encouragement to her student. The large woman didn't seem to feel the need to explain her reasons, which were probably for the exact opposite reasoning of Karkaroff. By the end of the session, Fleur had accumulated a rather underwhelming score of 29, putting her firmly in last place.

"While I'm deeply regretful for the inconvenience, Ms. Delacour," Dumbledore said, bowing his head slightly. "I do hope that you'll be able to recover and continue participating in the Tournament in short order." Looking at Madam Maxime, he said, "Perhaps it's time for her to return to her chambers, Madam?"

"Of course," Maxime acknowledged, more that eager to leave the room and the other Tournament officials behind. They had been grating her nerves for the past two hours as they grilled Fleur for details on her egg search and encounters in the jungle world.

Moving over towards her school champion, Maxime examined the young Veela closely. The once-proud young blonde seemed oddly detached, not even blinking an eye at her rather unfair score. And maybe it was Maxime's imagination but there seemed to be a rather strange…glow (for lack of a better word) about the girl that hadn't been there before. What had happened in the Forbidden Forest to have so drastically changed the young woman?

Before she could reach her and escort her out of the room, Fleur suddenly stood from her seat and gave a pointed stare at the English wizards. "Where is Harry? What's to become of him?"

"Harry?" Dumbledore asked, a very strange sharp look appeared in his gaze at he focused on the girl.

"The boy," Fleur clarified. "We named him 'Harry', for something to call him. Where is he? I want to see him."

"I'm afraid that that's not possible," Dumbledore said, his face changing from sharp focus to resigned annoyance. "He's in very deep trouble for various crimes he's committed and he's to face his punishments as according to the Ministry's decision. And I'm afraid such matters do not concern you."

"That's not fair!" Fleur snapped out, earning confused and sneering looks from the various wizards around her. "He doesn't even know our ways! He hasn't lived among people for years! He's practically forgotten how to speak English!"

"It doesn't concern you, girl," Crouch snapped angrily. "You'd do well to remember you are in England now!"

"And you'd do well to not threaten my student and Champion!" Maxime snapped, much more angrily as she drew herself up to her full and considerable height, towering over the men imperiously.

"Calm down!" Dumbledore said in a loud voice forcefully. Having subtly used his magic to induce a submission to his 'suggestion', Dumbledore kept the small sigh of relief from leaving him as the overly aggressive parties did indeed calm down. "Now, Madam Maxime, Barty here does speak the truth that Harry's situation is no longer of concern to Ms. Delacour. And, Crouch, Madam Maxime is also right that we have no business in threatening representatives of France whom are guests of ours for the duration of this Tournament. Now, let's be civilized and depart in peace."

Before Fleur could interject that she had every right to know about Harry's situation, Maxime had grabbed ahold of her shoulders and moved out of the door to the small classroom they'd been in with relative ease. Once they were out in the hallway of Hogwarts, Fleur found herself facing a sudden onslaught of blinding camera flashes, causing her to see spots almost instantly. Then the reporters struck, some speaking French, others in German or Slavic tongues, but most and the loudest were in English. All demanding answers and exclusive interviews with her on what she could only assume was her misadventure in the world beneath the forest, which was one of the fast-spreading rumors.

(Author's Note) Wow, it's amazing just how much a new movie can inspire someone to come back to something they'd lost interest. You guys can thank HTTYD 2 for my recent surge of inspiration. And while this is admittedly an even shorter chapter than the last one, I'm finding that posting these short chapters are actually helping me to move the story along better than my previous long ones. If only for the simple fact that I'm not spending as much time on them and can work with my muse-bursts better than trying to prolong them.

I have no idea when the next chapter will come out, so don't hold your breaths for it. Though, considering the new ideas that are bouncing around in my head now, it may be somewhat sooner now.